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DIY Skin Care Recipes


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76 thoughts on “DIY Skin Care Recipes”

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  2. Hi Jenni,

    I chanced upon your blog and i find it interesting.
    I am just about reading up on simple home made recipes for skin care that i can start with and i had a couple of questions:
    1/ I have an acne prone skin and oil doesn’t go too well on my face. Is there a face wash/cleanser recipe you can recommend?
    2/ Do you have any home made sunscreen recipes too?


    1. Rashmi-Hi! Thank you!
      I actually shy away from homemade cleansers that contain soap and water. I’m iffy on pH and preserving them. I do have a couple of cleanser recipes though but none particularly suited for acne prone skin. I would check out buying a cleanser from Juice Beauty or Eminence if you don’t want to oil cleanse. Oil cleansing sounds like a bad idea for oily skin but it actually is excellent. You might want to reconsider.
      I do not do homemade sunscreens because I can’t test the actual spf. There are many oils that have a spf and using titanium dioxide can help block sun rays but it’s just too risky for me to suggest a recipe then have you all go out and get burnt!!

  3. Thanks Jenni, for the reply!
    I tried Burts cleanser (orange) which was oil based and my skin had a bad break out and is still healing even after 4 weeks. Hence, i have been petrified about using anything oily on my skin.
    But thank you so much for your clarification. Cant wait to try out some recipes!

    1. I believe the reason why you may have breakouts after using Burts oil cleanser could be 1.incorrect usage: you did not steam your face or wipe the oil off enough times
      2.the types of oil in the Burts cleanser: appropriate oils for oily/acneic skin are olive+castor oil mix, whereas others like coconut oil, for example are too heavy.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hi Jenni,
    Do you have your own anti-aging recipe combining vitamin c and hyaluronic acid?
    Been seeing articles about the amazing benefits which they supposedly have to get rid of wrinkles etc. One youtube video blogger even adds DMAE. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Bronwyn! I have heard about hyaluronic acid but I’ve never worked with it. I love the results of vitamin C but I dislike using it because it’s sticky so I just haven’t done much with it in a while. Do you mean that you would combine the two for a serum type product? I will look into using hyaluronic acid and see if I can source a quality form of it! I haven’t heard of DMAE. I would love if you would point me in the right direction on youtube! Maybe I could just put vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in the search bar? Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Hi Jenni,
    Not sure if the Vit C, Hyularonic and DMAE are combined in one serum or 2-3
    Apparently the DMAE helps reduce dark lines and spots?
    Youtube blogger with some ideas you may be able to play with and refine in your own special way!

  6. Hi Jenni! Your blog has come to my rescue. I have already started to use different essential oils in my daily regime as guided by you. I wanted to know if you could help me with a problem of hair fall. I have tremendous hair fall and over the last few years the density of my hair has reduced to the quarter of what I once had. I have a little dandruff and a few breakouts on my scalp. Please help me out. You are my last hope after all the dermatologists that I have tried. Thanks.

  7. Hi Jenni,

    I love your blog. I always played around with using essential oils to make my own natural remedies for things like dandruff and for friends of mine who have undergone chemo and need something for their skin and scalp. I appreciate all of the things that I am learning from you! I tried your vitamin C serum. I don’t really like the stickiness of it. Is that the glycerin? If so can I use some other ingredient like some sort of carrier oil?

    1. Dara-Thanks! That serum, while it does a lot for the skin, it just doesn’t feel good on the skin. No, it’s the actual vitamin C that makes it sticky. Glycerin helps to cut some of the stickiness but once you add vitamin c powder to a liquid it just feels uncomfortable. You can mix anything with the vitamin C as far as I know. I’ve even seen other bloggers suggest water. I would experiment and see if you find a better base. Good luck!!

  8. I love your beauty recipes but I wish they were put into categories like balms, serums, lotions etc. It would make navigating and searching a lot easier, just a suggestion 🙂

  9. Hi
    I was wondering if you could set me on the right track as to how to go about starting a natural skincare routine. Will natural products that are made at home work to penetrate deep in the skin? I’ve heard so many stories, that drugstore brands are not effective to really penetrate deep into the skin. The medical skincare products have some effective results but are every expensive. What have been your results using products made at home? I have questions like exfoliate, how many times a week? Some same everyday others say once a week. Vitamin C is very good for your skin, but when you buy a drugstore product its not high quality. I’m 53 , I have age spots, need to get a glow on my skin again. What should I be using? Could you help me with certain homemade recipes. Wrinkles and crows feet also. How often do you do masks?

    1. Hi Brenda! Everyone’s skin is different but I can tell you, I have had loads of feedback on my recipes where people are telling me their skin has never looked better. Skin care doesn’t have to be super complicated and most of the time when you simplify and clean up your routine, your skin really responds.
      As far as exfoliating-it depends on what you are using. If it’s gentle-I would exfoliate 2-3 times a week. A more aggressive exfoliator should only be used a few times a month-it all depends on the product.
      Vitamin C is very unstable and I believe you are right-there are a lot of gimmicks out there when it comes to vitamin C. In my Vitamin C Serum, I advise you make a new batch weekly in order to ensure freshness and potency.
      I mask weekly-depending on the mask, you can do more.
      To get the glow back in your skin you need to exfoliate and make or find a really go moisturizer. I suggest you look into Juice Beauty’s Apple Peel Set-it has everything in it you would need! It will kick start your skin, give you that glow back and get you back on track. It will last you about a month-After that, if you want to diy I can point you in the right direction. Hope this helps!!!!

  10. hi! I love your site and all the DIY recipes! I currently live in Brasil so sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how to get some of the products. Regardless you already helped me a lot with that organic honey/coconut oil mask. I have acne-prone skin triggered by stress. It has been something I have been dealing with for over 10 years. Anyways I was wondering if u have a homemade body deodorant recipe to pass along! Under my arms my skin is very sensitive so I have a hard time finding the right kind of deo. Please note I live in a beach city, so lots of sunshine. Hopefully there is something that could work considering I am out in the sun a lot. I sometimes get worried about certain essential oils and skin reaction due to sun exposure.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi! Thank you!! I have several deodorant recipes. One contains baking soda and if you are sensitive, it could irritate all though you can substitute the baking soda with arrowroot. Go HERE for that recipe. I also have THIS and THIS recipe which are both liquid spray recipes. As far as oils and sun exposure go-just avoid any citrus oils and you’ll be fine!

  11. I have seen “crepe skin” cream infomercial. Looks like it works beautifully. Any idea of the ingredients so maybe we can make something natural that would be comparable? (Jane Seymour was the spoke person)
    Thank you

  12. Love that every recipe is natural or organic. I am a cancer survivor . I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible. I will absolutely be trying a lot of your recipes. And purchasing products. I also have started buying organic foods and I am going vegan. Even if my husband won’t . I feel so much better eating vegan. And using natural products. Hope you have a kind and wonderful day.

  13. Hi jenni
    I just came across your blog and i was wondering if you recomend a skin care routine for a 14 year old with sensitive, combination skin, as i am still trying to find the right skin care recipe/product for my skin.

    1. Hi Kamryn! I recommend you look into oil cleansing. It’s great for sensitive skin and balances your skin which is key with combination skin! I have several posts on it and a couple of DIY recipes too. Go HERE first and then search “oil cleansing” in my sidebar for more! Hope this helps!
      I also suggest a DIY toner and a light moisturizer. Go HERE and HERE for those.
      If you aren’t for sure about DIYs look into Juice Beauty at Ulta or on Amazon. I love them, they are organic and I have had great results with them!

  14. Hi! I was just wondering if using diluted lemon juice on your face every day before moisturizing is 1. Safe for my skin and 2. Gives the same brightening effects of a vitamin c serum? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Crimson-I’m not sure on either question. I believe it in order to work it couldn’t be very diluted and in order for it to be safe, it would have to be very diluted. Lemon juice could burn and irritate so you would have to be very careful. In my opinion I wouldn’t do it.

  15. It’s great to see that you prefer to use and create natural skin care products rather than buying the expensive ones. It’s so helpful to everyone who wanted to have healthy looking skin without using any chemicals. DIY products are great because you’re free to choose the ingredients to use depending on whatever that suits you. We’re looking forward for more post like this in the future.

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  17. Hi Jenni,
    I just by accident found your site. Very interesting.
    What can you recommend for severe hot flashes? I have tired everything.

    Thanks for you help!

    1. Nancy-Oh no! Ugh with the hormones! The only thing I can suggest is peppermint oil. It is so cooling. You could make a spray that might really help to cool you down. I would get a 2 ounce glass spray bottle, fill it with witch hazel or even just distilled water and add about 15-20 drops of peppermint oil. Hope this helps! Hopefully your hormones will regulate themselves soon!

  18. I have been hand crafting my own signature soaps, and skin creams for over 20 years. I decided to make a phenomenal face /hand/ body cream and here is how I did it:

    Oils Used:
    1. Olive Oil
    2. Jojoba Oil
    3. Apricot Kernal Oil
    4. Almond Oil
    5. Frankencense Essential Oil
    6. Bulgarian Rose Oil
    7. Liquid Aloe Vera
    8. Cypress Oil
    9. Vitamin Oil
    10. Emulsifying Wax 3/4 ounce
    11. Neo Defend 1/2 Teaspoon
    12. Essential Oil Of Lemon ( or your preferred favorite essential oil -add enough to scent)

    The oils should be 24 teaspoons or two 1/4 cup measures of combined oils. Melt the oils in a double boiler. Then allow to cool until warm. Add your essential oil and neo defend to the aloe vera and mix well. After the oils have cooled, blend into the aloe vera with short spurts of a stick blender. This is a luxurious cream that is so light and fluffy you cannot use enough of it. It is great as a face cream, very delicate, and all over body cream, foot cream, and great hand cream. My idea was that I did not want to have to make several creams that I really did not need but to combine as many oils as possible to get the ultimate cream. This one has it all, girls, so enjoy !

    Blessings to all,

    1. Jan…………I get the 24 tsps or (2) 1/4 cup measures or 1/2 cup total of combined oils. How much Aloe Vera? How much EO or Fragrance Oil of choice?

  19. Hi Jenn.
    I just have one simple question. When I get my brows, chin, above and below my lips (practically my entire face) waxed or threaded, it bumps up really bad. Is there anything to use to prevent this?

    1. Cathynette-This is very common with threading and waxing. I spritz my skin with witch hazel after I wax and try REALLY HARD not to touch my skin for a long time after. Your skin is probably sensitive and might now respond well to this type of hair removal if witch hazel doesn’t help. Have you looked into shaving? I have a post HERE. One more thought-you might try applying a facial oil after you use a toner or witch hazel. Your skin might just need some extra TLC!

  20. Hi jeni!
    I’m a huge fan of your website! I happened by it by chance and you have been inspiring me ever since. I’m trying to go completely natural with my products for some time…there is one product that I love but I’m not sure what chemicals are in it and I was wondering if there was any way to recreate it. It’s by origins and it’s called VitaZing. I would love some help!

    1. Sophie! Hi and thank you!! That is one complicated product. There is just no way at this point that I would have the knowledge to recreate something that contains such a huge list of ingredients. Origins is one of those companies that has omitted a lot of popular yet harmful ingredients but with an ingredient list full of things we can’t pronounce I’m guessing they’ve added in lesser known yucky ingredients so you’re right, it would be better to recreate it. It is so full of good ingredients as well but I do not have a source for the main ingredients they list that give the product it’s “zing”! So sorry! I am researching working with extracts and have a source so stay tuned. Extracts would probably be the closest we could get to some of these ingredients!

  21. so glad I found your wonderful website just absolutely full of interesting things and clearly explained I really do think you have done a very good job and well done to you for a magnificent recipes etc kind regards

  22. Hi Jennie…………….I refer to your recipes quite often when I want to make something new for myself, my husband/friends/family.
    Quickie question #1………….some recipes call for both the water and oil mixtures to both be at 130 degrees. Others way 160 degrees. Is there a reason why?
    Quickie #2…………I made your Creamy Body Moisturizer and feel for my own preferences it may be a little more oil based that I’d like. I’d like to get the ratio of water to oil from 2:1 to more like 3:1 or 5:3 and see if that works for me. Can the moisturizer be remelted (to 130 or 160) and a new amount of water heated (to 130 or 160) and successfully have them re-emulsify?

  23. Hello, is there an ingredient that you recommend that would make candelilla wax emulsify better? I am seeing something about demineralized water. Also, I purchased natapres as a preservative to be used with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, how do compare this with neodefend?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Allyssa-What are you trying to emulsify? An oil mixture or a water/oil mixture? In my experience, I’ve had no problem using it for balms but I think it’s impossible to use it as an oil/water emulsifier.

  24. Hi Jenni!

    I was wondering if you have every posted a cheat sheet with harmful ingredients that are typically in skin care products? Things to avoid versus things to look for? Thanks!!

  25. What type of serum or oil to use for freckle and tag skin ? . I am new to your website and loving it. Be ever so greatful for your advice and help.kind regard Sograh

    1. Sograh-Hi! Vitamin C serums are great for sun damage. Skin tags can be removed using frankincense or oregano essential oil. I don’t make my own vitamin C-I prefer to get mine from 100% Pure or Mychelle Dermaceuticals. You can get essential oils from if you are in the U.S. Good luck!

  26. Hi Jenni
    I read and following ur website and I wanna ask from u which ph strip is a best for serum ph check to buy.thx Nazira.thx and regards

  27. I am wondering about a skin routine in the morning. Start with a clean face- HA serum, eye cream, moisturizer n then makeup? I break out easily. I suppose everyone is different depending on skin type.

  28. Hi Jenni,

    I’m looking for after shaving cream recipes with clove essential oil – it was on your recipes list but i couldn’t find it no more!!! please, can you add that recipe again? My son got very sensitive skin and that cream was just unbelievable!!! Thank you very much in advance!!!

  29. HI Jenny,
    I just stumbled upon your site in hopes to help my 2 year old daughter who suffers from what I believe to be eczema. I have tried so many things for her including making my own creams but nothing seems to work. We have very very hard water. We had it tested last year and our numbers were off the charts. They consider that you have hard water when the readings are at 100 or above and ours was 890. We do have a water softener installed but I have come to realize that I think the hard water has completely stripped her skins ability to protect itself from anything. I am just trying so desperately to find away to replenish her skins protective layer so she is not having to itch 24-7. Do you have any suggestions on a specific lotion recipe or anything that might help her? It would be so greatly appreciated. In the mien time I will be trying out some of your recipes. So glad I found your site. Thank you so much

    1. KayDee-Hi! I’m so sorry your 2 year old is suffering. I just posted about my issues with dermatitis which is very similar to eczema. A product people keep bringing up is a cream by MooGoo. They are an Australian company but they have a US website. I’ve used their products and love them and think I need to try their lotions. Also, eczema is likely a fungal issue. Is she on probiotics? Yogurt? I would add those if you haven’t already. Also, add oils to her bath. Like olive or almond oil-this could relieve her some. Good luck!!

  30. Hi Jenni,

    Recently my husband switched from disposable razors to safety razors in an attempt to reduce the waste we generate as a household, and during that research we came across the number of chemicals almost all our daily use products have. In an attempt to revamp our lives one step at a time, we plan to first target something we use almost 10 times a day. Handwash! do you have any recipes I could use for the same?

    Note: We live in India. So a lot of ingredients which might come naturally to you, could be a little tricky for us. However, I’d still like to give it a shot!

    Side Note: You maintain a lovely blog. Looking forward to numerous conversations 🙂

    1. Anuja! First, thank you so much! That is awesome to take charge of your personal environment and body. Seems shocking that we have to be so proactive when it comes to our daily products. I do have a super easy hand wash that saves loads of money and chemicals! Find it HERE. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!

  31. I have recently started making my own moisturizers and lotions. I’m getting better at it but still learning. I recently made a facial moisturizer that I like but it’s starting to, not move well on my skin. I don’t know if it “dries” on my skin, it just doesn’t blend in as well. What do I need to add to my moisturizers so they will remain smooth and absorb nicely?

    1. Theresa-Hi! I’m not sure but my first thought is glycerin. I know this will give you a nice slip. I have added it before but usually skip it. I would add about 1 tsp. to the water portion of your recipe. Too much will be sticky.

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  33. Where to start?
    First of all thanks for sharing, sharing is the only way to learn.
    I live in Mexico City and honestly haven´t found many natural DIY beauty blogs in spanish.
    I was amazed and happy to find this!
    So thank you.
    Second, you have a huge variety of products and I love it. There are some things that I can´t find really easy down here but I’ll try.

    And finally…congrats and keep posting and sharing, thats a virtue not many have.

  34. Hi Jenni,

    Do you know if hyaluronic acid and hibiscus work together? I have been making a serum with hibiscus (making a tea with dried petals) and HA. Will those 2 actives be okay together or do I need to add something else? I also add some aloe.

    1. Loraaine-I don’t see why not! I would just be careful with preserving it. Leucidal Liquid is what I like with Hyaluronic Acid serums. You can find it at Lotion Crafter.

  35. Jenni,

    How often do you use masks in your skincare routine? What do you recommend for oily acne-prone skin that also suffers from redness?

    1. Alicia-It depends on the mask but once a week is a good rule of thumb. When I’m really good, I get 2-3x but they’re different masks. I’d do a clay mask 2-3 times since you’re acne prone and red. They can reduce inflammation, redness and detox. Plus because they draw blood to the surface of the skin, it helps the skin heal! Are you wanting to DIY a mask or buy one? If DIY, THIS one is a good one. I love Nugg Beauty masks. They are individual pods so they’re really fresh. You can find them on Amazon. Hope this helps!

  36. Hey Jenna. For several years I have used a simple moisturizer I make with Coconut Oil, beeswax, Vitamin E oil and Frank & Myrrh EO’s. I love it but I am finding that it is too heavy to put on on the morning as it takes a while to soak in. Could you recommend one of your recipes that would be moisturizing yet soak in quickly? I have normal skin and no issues with break outs etc. Any input you could give would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Christy! Coconut oil can be tricky on the face. I find that it just sets there and doesn’t penetrate well. I would look into replacing the coconut oil with something like jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or rosehip seed oil and keeping with your other ingredients. THIS recipe is one of my favorites and as long as you use very little, should not be heavy. Hope this helps!

  37. Hi Jenni,
    Since I don’t see my name listed in the comments, I’m writing my concern again. I wanted to make the DIY Body Lotion that you had on one of your recipe pages. I notice that the headings for the actual recipe is different than you title it in your entire list of recipes. There is no recipe that is called “DIY Body Lotion.” I’ve selected other lotions with different name links thinking that maybe you just shorten the name inside the recipe, but I cannot find that one again. HELP!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and I, and two other friends, truly enjoy making them.

    1. Sherri-Sorry you had to write your comment 2x and I’ve taken so long to respond! I have to approve each comment in order to weed out mean people and I’ve been on a break.
      Maybe you’re looking for THIS recipe? I’m not very good at duplicating the names exactly on this list of recipes. I’m sorry for the confusion! It could also be THIS recipe which is a little newer.
      Thank you for your kind words! Hope you find the recipe you had in mind!

  38. I came across your page on PMS cream looking for vaginal estrogen DIY cream. I’m going to try this recipe and wondering if you could make a vaginal cream for women in menopause? I will let u know how the PMs cream works. I had to use Midol for years until they added histamine. Then I switched to BC Powder. My periods were crazy heavy and then I discovered vitamin B12 and my periods went normal to none and I think I put myself into menopause six months later. Now I’m dealing with hot flashes and urine issues that estrogen should help with. My research thought me vaginal estrogen is good to use and doesn’t cause blood clots like taking oral estrogen. Praying your PMS cream works!!!

    1. Deanna-I’m in your boat-I wrote this post a while ago and now I’m in perimenopause and trying to figure it out! I hope this recipe helps. Thanks for sharing about B12-that’s interesting. I’m on a progesterone cream and have had some relief with it. I’ve been researching other natural supplements to add to it though. I’ll for sure share if I find something that helps. Keep me posted!

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