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DIY Green Tea Cucumber Spritzer

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DIY Green Tea Cucumber Toner

Green tea is one of nature’s most powerful tools for our health, inside and out! What I love about green tea is that it has a BOAT LOAD of antioxidants! We need antioxidants in order to fight free radicals. Free radicals age you prematurely. They come from pollution, stress, bad habits, lack of sleep etc. So bring on the antioxidants! How about we make a DIY Green Tea Cucumber Spritzer! It’s simple, effective and smells amazing!

Another alluring quality of green tea is that whether you drink it or apply it, it helps protect your skin from UV damage! It’s smart to up your green tea during the summer months to help support and protect your skin when you’re out in the sun!

Green tea is also fabulous for water retention inside and out.

Read this post to find out more about the power of drinking green tea!

I like to experiment and explore different anti aging goodies at Lotion Crafter. This is where we can find ingredient staples like hyaluronic acid, coQ10, Wrinkle Defense Complex, botanical extracts and much more! I decided to try out their green tea extract since it is considered certified by ECOCERT Greenlife as well as naturally preserved. Not to mention it’s possibly a very effective addition to any water based DIY. 

According to Lotion Crafter:

Green Tea Extract is an active of diverse advantages, primarily due to the content of Polyphenols and Methylxanthines. The Polyphenols are responsible for the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, they have the ability to inhibit collagenase, the enzyme causing degradation of collagen and the vascular endothelium. The Methylxanthines promote vasodilator response, and prevent the lipid accumulation into the adipocytes. Green Tea Extract also protects against UVB damage. Applications include anti-cellulite treatments, sun-protectors, anti-wrinkling formulations, irritated and sensitive skin products, and hair care products that improve strength and gloss.

Green tea extract has an impressive concentration of catechins and polyphenolic compounds. This extract can help reduce free radical activity in the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes! Methylxanthines stimulates skin’s microcirculation and therefore positively influences the tone and health of the skin.

Green tea extract is high in anti-inflammatory properties. It is also high in collagenase-a collagen-reducing enzyme that breaks down collagen. Since green tea extract helps to inhibit collagenase, the topical use of green tea helps to promote the health and quantity of collagen. In one clinical study is was shown that the skin had measurably more elastic tissue content after continuous application of a product containing green tea extract!

DIY Green Tea Toner

DIY Green Tea Cucumber Spritzer


  • Add all 3 ingredients into a 2 ounce glass spray bottle. Check THESE pretty spray bottles!
  • Be sure to shake very well or the green tea extract will settle at the bottom. I like to shake each time to make sure the extract is evenly distributed. 
  • Use morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing.

I love using botanical extracts in my DIYs. The problem is is that most of them are only water soluble so that leaves us with a limit to the DIYs we can add them too. 

I’ve been using this spritzer for a few weeks and love it! I added a cucumber witch hazel to get double duty on the anti inflammation action of the green tea extract but it is not 100% necessary. Regular witch hazel will work as well. 

I also decided to throw in a bit of aloe vera gel due to it’s skin calming properties. Aloe Vera Gel is a lovely ingredient even on its own. Go HERE to read more!

This is a very easy DIY to make with minimal ingredients. 

Hope you enjoyed this recipe! 

xx, Jenni


DIY Green Tea Toner

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

7 thoughts on “DIY Green Tea Cucumber Spritzer”

  1. This spritzer is awesome, Jenni! Aloe vera, witch hazel, and green tea are all amazing ingredients. I’ve never used cucumber witch hazel before so this will be a first for me. Green tea products were also a revelation for me, it soothes really well and offers great protection from all the stressors we put our skin through on a daily basis. Thank you!

  2. Hi Jenni, when I clicked on the link you have for purchasing the green tea extract at Lotion Crafter, it said it is sold out, that you could leave them your e-mail to be notified when it is available again. I read your post today, 5/8/20, a day after your post was put on your blog. Just thought you should be aware of it. I have looked for green tea extract in the past and it’s really hard to find, so if Lotion Crafter is out of theirs, that is disappointing. FYI. 🙂 Thanks for the post, though, … Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth-I checked to make sure they had the green tea in stock before I posted-ugh! Luckily-Lotion Crafter does have a quick turn around when they sell out and they ship crazy fast.

  3. I did a search on Amazon. Gaia does sell a green tea extract, organic. I am not sure how it compares to the one from Lotion Crafter. Other brands do too, don’t know about their quality, but understand Gaia sells good quality products. Do you have any thoughts about it? If you think Gaia green tea extract is a worthy alternative, I could click on the icon on your home page to buy at Amazon.



  4. Today I went back to the link for Green Tea Extract you gave for LotionCrafter and they do have it in stock now.


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