DIY Eye Makeup Remover for Optimal Lash Health

Eye Makeup Remover DIY

One of the best kept secrets in the natural beauty world is that oil is the absolute best way to remove eye makeup.  It’s gentle, it’s thorough and it’s nourishing.  It literally dissolves mascara and eye liner in an instant.  That’s good news right?  Yeah, but there’s more!  Using a natural, nourishing oil on the eyes is excellent for lash health.  Lash health is so important if you want long, thick lashes that are strong.  So, let’s kill 2 birds with one stone and make a DIY eye makeup remover to support long, luscious lashes!

The fact that oil dissolves eye makeup is pretty exciting if you’ve ever spent good money on an eye makeup remover in addition to a facial cleanser.  I seriously view eye makeup remover products as a gimmick.  It’s marketed to women that believe they must have every product in order to have beautiful skin.  It’s another load of bull the beauty industry is dishing.  Eye makeup removers are generally watery.  Typically they either require you to use a lot of cleanser to remove eye makeup or they don’t require much but are filled with harsh chemicals that breakdown eye makeup while weakening your lashes and spreading toxic ingredients in and around your eyes.

This DIY is so incredibly easy.  In fact, if you want, just scoop out a dollop of coconut oil or even olive oil tonight when you are cleansing your face.  You’ll see how good it feels to your eyes as well as how gentle it removes even waterproof eye makeup!  If you aren’t oil cleansing, just follow up with your regular facial cleanser and you’re makeup free!  It’s literally that simple.

For this DIY I’m going to use good ole’ unrefined coconut oil.  Let me explain why.  First off, did you know that 50% of us have eye lash mites.  Go HERE for that lovely post.  Also, the leading cause of short, thin, brittle lashes is under nourished hair.  The 2nd leading cause is actually mites.  Coconut oil is anti parasitic, anti fungal and according to several sources-beneficial for hair loss.  Coconut oil helps with eyelash detox while acting as a hair conditioner.  It is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which help to nourish hair. 

There are a lot of DIY lash serums floating around the internet-in fact, HERE’s mine!  Many of these serum posts come with a long line of comments from women and men that have made a serum and seen awesome results.  This is a very simple concept and pretty much full proof-Nourish and detox your lashes and they will get healthier.  Healthy lashes equals longer, thicker lashes.  There’s no magic.  Castor oil is known to help with growth and for good measure I always would add it in hair recipes but the real secret is nourishment.

As an optional ingredient-you can add lavender and/or tea tree essential oil.  This would be incredibly helpful if you suspect you might have eye lash mites.  Remember to only add a tiny amount of essential oils-they will burn the eyes.

Makeup Remover DIY

DIY Eye Makeup Remover

3 TBSP. Unrefined coconut oil (find it HERE)

1 tsp. castor oil (find it HERE)

2 drops lavender essential oil (find it HERE)

1 drops tea tree essential oil (find it HERE)


  1. Add all ingredients to a COLD bowl and whip.  This is totally optional though.  You could just mix the ingredients with a spoon!
  2. Transfer to a 3 ounce glass jar like THIS.

DIY Eye Makeup Remover

I like to whip my coconut oil, add a couple of essential oils and store in a jar by the sink.  Each night scoop about a dime sized amount of makeup remover and gently rub over your eyes until your eye makeup is off your lashes and all over your face!  At this point you may use your regular makeup remover to remove the rest of your makeup and the oil.

As long as no water gets into your makeup remover, this product should last up to 6 mos.

**As a side night-this recipe is for those of you who do not oil cleanse.  Oil cleansers take care of removing dirt and makeup from your entire face when used in conjunction with a warm wash cloth.  Learn more about the oil cleansing method HERE.  However, if you are an oil cleanser, you can use this DIY on the entire face.**

A word of caution: Be sure not to get water in your new makeup remover.  This will cause bacteria and mold to grow and that would be a bad thing!

xx, Jenni


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Eye Makeup Remover DIY

Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the natural skin care blog, Jenni Raincloud.

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  1. July 18, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    I can speak from experience that this works! My lashes are not great, but since I have been oil cleansing they are definitely better than they were. Completely agree that eye makeup remover is a waste of money. The worst part is that some of them actually irritated my eyes. Using coconut oil, or a mix of coconut and castor, takes off even water proof mascara so easily, and your lashes feel so nice and soft (just like your skin after oil cleansing!) Thanks Jenni!

  2. Rachel
    April 9, 2020 / 1:32 pm

    Can you replace the coconut oil with a different oil? Coconut oil makes my face break out :/

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