Vanilla Matcha Lip Balm

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DIY Matcha Vanilla Lip balm

This unique DIY lip balm with matcha has surprisingly become my favorite lip balm ever! I know, I know-it’s green but it does not turn your lips green in the least and the green is from matcha powder which delivers such a punch of antioxidants and UV protection.

This DIY lip balm is the perfect lip balm for summer due to matcha (green tea) having the ability to protect the skin from sun damage! I also added a couple ingredients like squalane and moringa oil. I love adding these nourishing oils in DIYs and use them any chance I get.

DIY Lip Balm Ingredients:

Vanilla is one of my favorite scents and since it is so expensive to buy in essential oil form and not healthy to buy in fragrance form, I decided to try out vanilla oleoresin which is still an essential oil but not in it’s pure form. It gives this lip balm the warm, sweet vanilla smell we all love! Let’s get right in to it!

Moringa oil helps cellular growth as well as protects skin cells. It also contains a good amount of vitamin C which we know helps boost collagen. Moringa oil has a high concentration of behenic acid which has been known to be an anti aging tool due to it’s powerful conditioning properties!  It is also high in vitamins A and E. 

Squalane is a unique ingredient. It blends with other oils well and does not mix with water. It has a slippery, almost glycerin like consistency minus the stickiness. I added it because I think it adds a nice shine for a lip product. I also like that it acts as a protective barrier. It penetrates and hydrates deeply and it stimulates circulation!

Matcha powder is jam packed with benefits. We all know by now that green tea/matcha is incredibly healthy to drink but to add it to your skin care helps deliver a boat load of antioxidants. What I like is that it helps heal and protect the skin from the sun. Adding matcha powder to skin care is not the only way you can reap the benefits of this powerful ingredient. Matcha is a super food and is excellent to incorporate into your daily routine.

Matcha Vanilla DIY Lip Balm

2 TBSP. Squalane (find it HERE)

2 TBSP. Moringa Oil (find it HERE)

1 heaping TBSP. Beeswax (find it HERE)

10 drops Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil (find it HERE)

1/2 tsp. Matcha Powder (find it HERE)


  1. Fill a pot 1/2 way full with water. 
  2. Place a glass pyrex cup in the water.
  3. Add the squalane, moringa and beeswax into the cup and allow to thoroughly melt and combine. 
  4. Once melted, remove from heat and mix in the vanilla and matcha powder. (mix the match thoroughly)
  5. Pour in to 1 ounce tins, jars or push up tubes. HERE is the push up tube pictured. I like these but the balm tends to leak under the screw up platform which annoys me. It does not leak out of the tube though. 
  6. Allow to cool and harden. 

*This recipe makes 2 ounces. It can easily be cut in half to make just one lip balm. 

DIY Matcha Vanilla Lip Balm

This DIY lip balm smells amazing and doesn’t have to be limited to just your lips. I promise the green does not transfer to the skin so you could use these on your heels, elbows or anywhere you have dry skin! 

Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy DIY! I sure did!

If you’d prefer a DIY lip balm that isn’t green but smells like vanilla try my vanilla peppermint lip balm recipe.

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xx, Jenni



Matcha Vanilla Lip Balm

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  2. This stuff is AWEWOME!! Made several small tins and gave it to my friends (ie: guinea pigs) and they were a little put off by the color at first but LOVE it, too! Thank you for sharing your recipe!!

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