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DIY Geranium Rosehip Anti Aging Oil Cleanser

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DIY Anti Aging Oil CleanserToday, I’m sharing with you one of my most potent DIY oil cleanser recipes for beautiful skin!  Since I initially made this anti aging DIY Oil Cleanser, I’ve re-made it twice because of how well it works and made it for several of you via Etsy!  It is the best of both worlds-not only does it hydrate and smooth the skin, it also detoxes the pores and exfoliates due to the addition of clay.

When women ask me what my number one tip is for beautiful skin, the oil cleansing method is number one every time. If you haven’t tried it, you must.  It transformed my skin.  Whether you have oil/acneic skin or dry/aging skin, oil cleansing works to balance oil production.  A close second is to ditch the lotion and use a facial oil.

Oil balance is so important to the health of your skin.  Balanced skin is supple and plump.  Along with balance, oil cleansing also detoxes the pores which leads to smoother, clearer skin.

What is Oil Cleansing?

You might be wondering what oil cleansing is.  It is exactly what the name implies.  You simply massage the skin with oil which breaks down makeup (including mascara) and encourages blood flow.  Next you use a very warm cloth to soften dead skin cells and open the pores.  Then you wipe away the impurities and enjoy skin that is left thoroughly cleansed and replenished!

Oil cleansing keeps those pesky dry patches at bay as well as that tight, irritated feeling that often comes from soap based cleansing.  Oil cleansing is not only nourishing, it is extremely detoxing.  

Because like dissolves like, oils purge the skin of dirt trapped in the pores by your skin’s sebum.  By gently massaging, you are encouraging blood flow, helping the pores release impurities.  Heat from the hot wash cloth encourages the pores to open as well as helps soften the impurities.

Why Make a DIY Oil Cleanser in Balm Form?

You don’t have to make a solid oil cleanser. However, I enjoy scooping out my oil cleanser-I find it is easier to use when it’s in a balm like form. Plus, when we add clay to an oil cleanser, it has to be suspended in something. If we added it to an oil it would just sink to the bottom. 

You can simplify this DIY oil cleanser recipe by removing the beeswax, shea butter and the rhassoul clay and by putting the remaining ingredients in a pump bottle. 

I highly recommend using clay though-it gives a bit of exfoliation and detox which is very helpful when it comes to properly cleansing the skin. 

DIY Oil Cleanser Ingredients:

DIY Anti Aging Oil Cleanser Recipe


  1. Fill a medium sized pot 1/2 full with water.
  2. Place a glass pyrex bowl with a spout in the water.
  3. Turn heat on medium.
  4. Add safflower, rosehip, camelina, shea butter, castor oil, beeswax and clay to pyrex bowl.
  5. Allow ingredients to fully melt.
  6. Remove from heat and add essential oil.
  7. Pour into a 4 oz. glass jar.
  8. As the cleanser begins to harden, continue to mix ingredients so the clay does not settle at the bottom.

To Use:

  1. Scoop a quarter size of cleanser into the palm of your hand.
  2. Massage your skin for at least 1 minute.  This cleanser is gentle enough to effectively remove eye makeup without burning.
  3. Apply a hot washcloth over the skin and let sit until lukewarm.
  4. Wipe the cleanser and makeup off.
  5. Rinse cloth with hot water and re-apply to the face, letting it cool.
  6. Follow up with a toner and moisturizer if needed.
  7. This recipe makes 4 oz. and has a shelf life of 6 mos.

Since this recipe is geared towards dryer skin types, I can speak personally about the benefits of this particular recipe.  

My skin is very dry in the winter.  I literally can not cleanse my skin any other way but with oils.  With this anti aging DIY oil cleanser, my skin is staying hydrated and because of the addition of rhassoul clay, there is a slight exfoliation.  My skin is soft and smooth and absorbing my facial oil much better!  

If you are dry, I highly recommend making it for yourself!

I get all my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are simply the best.  Remember that your DIY is only as good as your ingredients and to see good results, you need high quality oils, essential oils, butters and clays!!


xx, Jenni


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DIY Oil Cleanser

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

36 thoughts on “DIY Geranium Rosehip Anti Aging Oil Cleanser”

  1. I am hooked on oil cleansing also, and have made many batches of it. I am fine tuning a final recipe to suit my face and have tweaked it to have only oils/waxes that are either 0 or 1 on the comedogenic scale since my pores have a tendency to clog. The method does take abit longer but like you once said, it’s almost a relaxing process that does feel good. I’m trying to get all of my friends of “this certain age”. (!) here in Colorado to try it – winters here are vicious on our skin.

    1. Lanette-Winter is the worst on skin! I can’t imagine not doing it during the cold months! I think everyone should give it a try. It really works for most people!

  2. Hi Jenni,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE oil cleansing I currently just use extra virgin olive oil but I really wanna take it up a few notches and try this I was just wondering if you think bentonite clay would work instead?

  3. Hi Jenni,
    I saw another person asked about you making them a jar. I would be very interested
    in buy in buying a jar. Could you please let
    me know if that would be possible and the
    price. Thank you Elana

    1. Elana-I actually have enough ingredients to make a couple of batches! If you’re still interested, just press the custom button to the left of my Etsy shop! Thanks!

  4. Hi Jenni, I’ve been doing some research about Vitamin A because it’s being said that excessive VITAMIN A can be harmful in the long term and that’s why you should avoid sunscreens and cosmetic products with vitamin A (as an “extra” added ingredient). I’d love to know your opinion since you mentioned that rosehip oil is high in vitamin A.
    ALSO: do you recommend putting aloe vera to your face first, and then oil to that the oil helps to maintain the water into your skin to keep it hydrated?

  5. sorry one more thing 🙂 I’m not sure about the recipes in which you have to heat the oils, etc… doesn’t it take out some of the beneficial ingredients by heating them?

  6. Good Morning ☀️
    I had a question about moisturizer. I like to use a facial lotion and oil, but am not sure which order to use it on my face. Some people suggest to apply the lotion first, then the oil. I want the hydration from the lotion, but at the same time I feel that my facial oil would benefit my skin more due to its lovely ingredients. I’m afraid that my skin will not absorb the nutrients from the facial oil if I apply the lotion first. Thanks so much for your time!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  7. Hi Jenni,
    I made a variation of this with the rose hip oil, castor oil, and essential oils. I bought the supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. It is working pretty well for me. I use a regular washcloth squeezed of hot water and dap and gently press around my face after 2 minutes of gently rubbing the oil mixture. I do this usually twice with the washcloth. I find that any more or less washcloth use and I get some clogged spots. I wash the washcloths weekly with laundry soap and 1/2 c borax and they come out great.

    I have made the HA serum before and struggle with how to use it now since I usually need nothing but the rms uncoverup after the oil treatment and nothing additional at night. Any suggestions? Thank you again for sharing your great recipes!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this information about rosehip oil. I use rose hip oil on my skin (1-2 times a day) to make a 15 years old scar look better. I started after reading an article in Denmark ( about this subjekt. In beginning I really did not have high expectations but now 8-9 weeks later I really see results. It do helps on scars and probably also on wrinkles as I have read. Thank you for sharing this nice information about what this natural oil is usefull for.

  9. Hi Jenni, you’ve mentioned that this oil cleanser is for dry skin. Do you have a recipe for oily and combination skin?

  10. Hi Jenni,
    I absolutely love your products. I was going to attempt the anti anging face wash. Do you think using Kaolin white Clay Would be alright?
    That’s what I have on hand.

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