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My Handmade Products:

Don’t want to make it? I offer some of my TOP recipes right here, in my Etsy shop! I use the highest quality organic ingredients in all my products. I’ve formulated each product with beautiful skin in mind!  I have received a perfect 5 star rating and fulfilled over 2,000 orders!



coQ10 & Sea Buckthorn Facial Oil

Been using this line for a few months and my skin has never been so happy!!💜


I followed Jenni on Pinterest and found her here, the product is amazing! I was afraid of how strong the scent would be but it’s beautiful and soothing!


Always in need for awesome natural product … this one TRULY delivers for my ultra sensitive skin !!! Communication with seller was wonderful!! Thank you for an amazing facial oil that truly delivers benefits !


Wrinkle Defense Serum

This stuff is amazing! My skin is not dry, and I love this product! Thank you Jenni!


Great product! Goes on light and not greasy.


Skin Care Set

These products are absolutely AMAZING! I’m almost 50 years old and I could tell my skin was losing elasticity. After using these products for a couple of days I could see the difference. After a month, I’m completely addicted! I LOVE the results! Thank you Jennifer!!!


I love these skincare products!! They are good for any age skin but in my opinion, especially the more mature skin. I know my skin looks much younger than my actual age and I believe it’s due to Jenni’s awesome products.


I have used Jraincloudorganics for close to 5 years now and I absolutely adore these products! They have amazing results, the shipping is always fast. I am definitely a huge fan!


Wonderful products! The instructions are easy to follow and after just three uses, my skin is already looking healthier.


I have oily to acne prone skin. Jraincloud Organics customized the products for me. I love washing my face with these products I feel like I’m giving myself a spa treatment. So relaxing and my skin looks and feels great.


I love everything in this set! The oil cleanser is fabulous…my super dry now feels clean and hydrated but not greasy and I will definitely continue to use this! The sprinter feels cool and refreshing and smells great! The moisturizer is light and creamy and perfect for day and night. The anti-wrinkle eye stick is great for under eye wrinkles and puffiness and the lip therapy smells and feels great! Thanks Jenni for your products that I can feel good about!


Great Skincare! I have been using it for 3 weeks and LOVE it! The products were well packaged and arrived in excellent shape! The set works perfectly together! The oil cleanser and face oil have a richer texture which pairs with the lighter face lotion! My favorite of the set, so far, is the roll-on spot treatment! I have been using it overnight and am impressed by how well it works!! Close runner up is the facial oil! If you’re looking for a healthy option for your skin-care routine, this line is beautifully made and I am very happy with it! Added bonus!! My skin transitioned from a different line to this without any issue. If anything changes, I will update. But so far I love it!!

                                                                                                          -Leida Solar
Love Love Love…This set. Very high end quality…noticed results within days. This facial regimen is perfect and simple. Everything glides on smoothly and very light on the face. You won’t be disappointed 😉

Detox Solid Cleanser with Eucalyptus

Great product. My skin appears to love it. Thanks!!


I got this after a recommendation from a friend who made hers. I wanted to try this out before investing in all the oils. Wow! I will never go back to any other face wash again. She shipped it the same day I bought and I LOVE this stuff. My face feels amazing. I washed my face like 4 times the first day because it felt so good. My complexion is balanced, that is all I can say. Not oily or dry, just very balanced. If you aren’t sure if you would like oil cleansing, TRY THIS ONE! You will be hooked!

                                                                                                   -Tanille Bruce

This product arrived yesterday… I used it as soon as I got it and again today and I can already tell a difference in my face. My skin tone seems brighter and even and the acne I’ve been fighting seems to be clearing faster!! I can’t wait to try more from this shop! Thank you!!

                                                                                               -Christa Anderson

The oil cleanser smells wonderful!!!


Great item! Super fast shipping!


Love how soft my skin feels!! 😊

-Angela Solis 

Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick

My 2nd bottle.. my first purchase was in January of this year, I’m not quite done with it. 4 months is well worth the cost. I can definitely tell around my eyes if I ever miss a couple days. I love this stuff!!


Wonderful eye serum. The oil goes on smooth and light but keeps the eye area completely moisturized. I love!!


Love it – see my review of my 2nd container. Excellent product.


Love it! My eyelids would get dry for some reason but this eye stick is the perfect amount of moisture at nights.
Thanks Jenni for the fast shipping!

                                                                                                                                                     -Angela Solis 

Had stopped using the stick version for a few months. Finally got around to ordering again. OH my! I had forgotten how much this product helped my dry skin and wrinkles.


Adds a lot of moisture to the under eye area. Makes it appear more moisturized and firm.

– jodiclinch 

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and am pleased with how the area around my eyes stays moisturized! The rollerball is a plus and I enjoy the product’s light scent.


I wish I could purchase this product in a much larger size, I would dab it all over my face! It’s so creamy and rich. I love the soothing effect around eyes that “laugh, squint, whatever!”.

-Kathy Curtis 

6 thoughts on “My Handmade Products:”

  1. Hi Jenni,
    I am trying to order all the ingredient you need to make the mineral makeup.
    But the Amazon website doeant seem to let me order online. I live in Western Australia and was wondering if you have a shop, or another way of odering these products
    Kind Regards Olivia

    1. Hi Olivia-I do have a shop but I currently don’t ship to Australia and I don’t offer makeup yet. I’m no help on this one! I don’t know if you could just google “mineral makeup ingredients in Australia” ?? Surely there would be a source in your neck of the woods! I am working towards international shipping-just haven’t gotten that done yet!

  2. Hi Jenni!
    Would you be able to make up the Belly Butter for me and if so how much would it cost? I’d love to try it out before buying all the ingredients.
    Another question: Is it very rich to use all over the body? I’m not pregnant yet and right now am just using an oil that’s a combination of almond, vitamin e, coconut oil and cocoa butter on my body but figured I’d add in the Belly butter on the abs, breasts, bum and thighs once I was pregnant. If it’s not too rich to use all over I may do that too. Would love your thoughts. Else, which other recipe would you recommend for all over the body? So far my body’s doing well with just the oil but it’s good to have options and alternatives.

    1. Hi Shraddha! Unfortunately I am very limited on what custom orders I’ll make due to time. Plus, I just posted a belly butter recipe and used the rest of my ingredients up that I would need to make it. A body butter or body oil is super rich. It is a great idea to start using something on your skin-belly and hips at least before you get pregnant. This would help your skin out so much.
      If I were you, I would make a belly oil that is really simple. You could use it all over your body as well. I would use rosehip seed oil, sweet almond oil and/or jojoba oil. Great essential oils to add are geranium, carrot seed and/or lavender. Make a belly oil as simple or as complicated as you like. One oil and one or none essential oils will do the job of lubricating and supporting your growing skin. Other oils and essential oils are a bonus. It’s more about consistency when it comes to pregnancy.
      So sorry to not be able to accommodate you. Go HERE for a list of all my recipes-I have several body oils, balms and butters that I’m sure you would not be disappointed in if you made it!

    1. Deborah-Each product is different but if a product only contains oils, then the shelf life is usually about 6 months. If it’s water based, the shelf life can be anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months depending on ingredients and if you use a preservative.

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