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DIY Hormone Balancing BalmPMS symptoms can be a real pain, literally. As women, we just don’t have time to stop and deal with brain fog, fatigue, bloating, irritability and depression! I don’t know about you but there is nothing more frustrating then feeling out of sorts with work and struggling not to bark at your children while having little to no control over fixing it. Did you know that PMS symptoms are a sign that your hormones are out of whack?  I’ve heard, women who’s hormones are balanced, do not suffer from PMS symptoms.  I for one am willing to try anything that will not compromise my health so I decided to do some research to try to create a DIY hormone balancing balm that could ease PMS symptoms as well as help balance my hormones long term.

This balm is a multi-purpose remedy that will benefit you even if it doesn’t relieve PMS.  I apply my balm to the bottoms of my feet the minute I start to feel PMS coming on.  Once symptoms really kick in, I apply to my stomach to relieve cramps.  This balm has turned out to be an effective pain reliever and my feet (despite it being the dead of winter) are soft as a baby’s behind!  I believe the combination of ingredients have also helped ease irritability.

Hormone Balance Balm DIY

You might recall a post I did on Red Raspberry Leaf tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby.  I swear by Red Raspberry Leaf after drinking a load of this tea during my 3rd trimester and having a 1 hour labor.  Yes, 1 hour-that was not a typo.  Red Raspberry Leaf Oil is powerful when it comes to strengthening the uterus.  It is also high in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron and b-vitamins.  It has been known to ease PMS discomfort, aid in fertility and support the immune system.

DIY Hormone Balancing Balm Ingredients:

Evening Primrose Oil is commonly used to reduce the signs of hormones.  In fact, I remember during my teenage years, my mother put me on evening primrose with the hopes of curbing my bad attitude-lol!  After researching the benefits of evening primrose oil, I have bought THIS supplement to see if I can find further relief taking it internally.  I’ll keep you posted.  Evening primrose oil has been known not only to ease the symptoms of PMS, it has also been used to help with infertility, improve skin health and prepare the body for labor (should only be used in the 3rd trimester).

Clary Sage Essential Oil is a powerful oil for women’s health.  I will warn you that I find it’s smell to be somewhat offensive.  Many don’t though.  However, it has been known to be very helpful in relieving menstral pain, balancing estrogen levels and improving sleep.  Another benefit of clary sage is that it reduces cortisol levels as well as improves thyroid function.  I actually bought clary sage in my 3rd trimester hoping to induce labor (I was 2 weeks late) so if you are pregnant, steer clear of clary sage!

Peppermint Essential Oil can be added for pain relief.  If you are experiencing exceptionally bad cramping-I would suggest adding even more peppermint oil to your balm.  When peppermint e.o. is applied on top of other oils, it can help push the oils deeper into the skin, making them more effective.  I would also suggest you apply your balm then add about 3-5 extra drops of peppermint over the balm.

An optional addition to your balm is Thyme Essential Oil.  It has a very strong smell and if too much is added, it will stink up your balm but thyme has been known to be great for hormone health!  The benefit of adding thyme to your balm is that it will help improve progesterone production.  Low progesterone levels can result in depression, an over-production of estrogen, PCOS and infertility.

DIY Hormone Balancing Balm


  1. Fill a medium sized pot 1/2 way full with water and place a glass measuring cup with a spout in the water.
  2. Add red raspberry leaf oil, evening primrose oil and beeswax to the glass cup and melt over medium heat.
  3. Once beeswax is melted, remove from heat and add essential oils.
  4. Transfer to a 4 ounce glass jar and allow to harden.

To Use:

  • Apply to the bottoms of the feet, chest and/or stomach before bedtime.
  • This balm can be used daily but I suggest applying during ovulation through the last day of your period.
  • For added pain relief, add 3-5 more drops after applying the balm to the lower stomach.

Due to the powerful ingredients in this balm, I do not suggest pregnant women in their 1st or 2nd trimester use this.  Use your own judgement in the 3rd trimester-but for sure go get the red raspberry leaf tea!

Note that each oil used in this balm is helpful with infertility.  Please share your experience below and I will update on my progress as well!  Yay for womanhood!

One more thing, have you tried the Clue app yet?  Go HERE for that post but basically it helps you track your period and PMS symptoms.  I’ve found it so helpful.

xx, Jenni

P.S. Copy the below pic if you want to label!  Use Sticker You (post HERE) or

Hormone Balancing Balm DIY


hormone balancing balm diy

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

9 thoughts on “DIY Hormone Balancing Balm”

  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! I totally believe in supporting our bodies from the inside and out. Something so simple that has helped me with hormone balancing is eating a raw carrot every day. I just pull one out of the fridge, rinse, and eat. It’s important to eat the skin. I read this years ago and while I can’t find any studies to back it up, I can say it has worked for me. I am 50, and in my mid 40’s my cycles started getting shorter. Sometimes as short as 23 days. I started the carrot thing and gradually (over the course of a year) my cycles got back to 27-28 days. If I stop eating them my cycles get shorter again. Crazy but true. Have also heard maca is excellent (think you are already using that Jenni) and I use it sometimes but not consistently.

      1. You’re welcome Jenni…it’s crazy but true. I wrote a post on it last spring called “Cheap and easy.” Something else that can be helpful is a supplement called “DIM.” I forget what that stands for, but it is literally made from cruciferous veggies. Which we are all eating, but probably not enough of. It helps remove the excess “bad” estrogen and balance our hormones. That is obviously putting things in very simple terms. Anyway, let me know if you try the carrot thing. It’s not an overnight fix, but I have honestly seen results.

  2. I love your content! I stumbled upon your web site via your article about your experience with OCM and got sucked into reading a bunch of your articles the whole evening. Do you still use the OCM? Also is there inherently a problem in using a higher % essential oils in a serum? I ask because my skin has improved so much from my first DIY serum attempt (about 2 months) but it has a lot more essential oil compared to the carrier oil. Next time around I will definitely give the sweet almond oil a try since you like it so much. Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.

    -50 drops jojoba oil
    -50 drops argon oil
    -50 drops carrot seed oil
    -50 drops pomegranate seed oil
    -50 drops sea buckthorn
    -25 lavender oil
    -25 tea tree oil

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks so much! I still do OCM and can’t live without it. I was sick over Christmas for a good week and was not staying onto of OCM and now I’m a mess-dry and bumpy. Just this morning and last night i started back up and am already looking and feeling better. Try it if you haven’t already!
      You ask a good question-it’s one I need to get an answer to because I don’t have one. I’ve been scolded by essential oil people for using too much essential oil in a couple of my products. I’m not sure if these are people that are overly strict (because there are essential oil fanatics that are overly careful) or if there’s something to this.
      I will contact my oil company and see what their opinion is. It would be a great future blog post.
      However, I love your serum-You’ve chosen great oils. I’m so glad you are seeing results. Sweet almond oil doesn’t compare to sea buckthorn, pomegranate seed and argan oil just so you know. I use it in a lot of body products but I like your oils better for the face.

  3. Hello Jenni,
    I stumbled upon your site about a week ago and can not stop reading, I am so intrigued. I am especially interested in this hormone cream and am going to try it. I am an RN and see the side effects of conventional medication/procedures everyday. I am convinced of natural remedies and have cured myself of reoccurring ( 8 year) bladder infections with spinach and asparagus (which are high in sulfur) when medications wouldn’t work. I would love to, and am going to, try this cream.
    Recently I have been having issue with menorrhagia to the point of anemia. I did a little research and found supporting evidence that backs this information up (such as Dr. Axe Food is Medicine, as well as others). I have already incorporated red raspberry leaf tea into my diet. When I was pregnant, I had excessive sickness, nausea and vomiting, all day long my whole 1st trimester (up to 10 times a day). I could not eat anything and lost 15 lbs. I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and it calmed my nausea down to the point I could actually eat.
    My question to you is, could you develop a lotion/serum/cream for men in the area of hormone support that is also nourishing to the skin. Many men in their 40’s and 50’s suffer from loss of testosterone and there are many companies pushing drugs and supplements at them that may not be that healthy to take. I have read about Sandalwood Oil and it’s benefits for men in the area of testosterone and libido, and was wondering if you have, or could create a recipe with emphasis in this area?
    Thank you,

    1. Susan-Thank you so much!!! I love hearing that you were able to correct bladder infections with diet-I truly believe it all comes down to what we put in our bodies. I also adore red raspberry leaf tea and felt like it contributed to my 1 hour labor with my 2nd baby. Good to know that it curbed your nausea!
      Low testosterone is popping up everywhere. Every man I know has been diagnosed with this. My x husband was supplementing with testosterone and it turned him into a different person-a person that felt it was best to leave his family to pursue other women! Sorry-too much info.! Anyway-I had not heard that about sandalwood oil but am really inspired to do some research.
      I hope this balm works well for you! Thanks for commenting and sharing!

  4. Hi Jenni, I love your recipes and I’m gonna try the one for hormones…also I had surgery about a month ago and now I have a turkey neck, I guess it came from me losing weight, anyway I dont like it, do you have a recipe for skin tightening on the neck. Thank you

    1. Nancy-I don’t have a specific DIY for the neck but lately I’ve been hearing of doing facial exercises to tighten the neck of. I don’t know much but you might google it. It’s hard to really tighten skin with natural products. Over time though, your skin will probably naturally tighten up.

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