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Essential Oil Posts

Find everything you want to know about essential oil uses, diffuser recipes, homemade products, diffusing and general information

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How to Make & Use Essential Oil Inhalers

Incorporating essential oil inhalers into your health routine can be a complete game changer. Using an inhaler can help decongest, improve focus, boost the immune system and relieve anxiety and depression. They take minutes to make and can be used absolutely everywhere! Using a personal aromatherapy inhaler is the easiest way to experience the power of essential oils. I’ve got 12… Read More »How to Make & Use Essential Oil Inhalers

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My Honest Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review

If you’re looking for essential oils at an affordable price that are 100% pure and the highest quality possible, look no further! Forget confusing MLM companies, there is a better way! In this honest Plant Therapy review, you will discover their extraction methods, company values, testing standards and my personal review of Plant Therapy so you can decide for yourself.… Read More »My Honest Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review

DIY All Natural Vick's Vapor Rub

All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

  I must say-Homemade Vick’s Vapor Rub is an absolute staple in my home during every season of the year.  We are constantly using this homemade organic balm to decongest and heal.  Needless to say, we have our fair share of allergies and colds and raw, stuffy noses are quickly and safely relieved now that we have a steady supply… Read More »All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

Thieves Balm Recipe

Thieves Balm Recipe

Shield Blend Essential Oil a.k.a Thieves is my most used essential oil in the colder seasons. I find it incredibly helpful for detoxing the air, warding off airborne viruses and bacteria as well as soothing throat pain. I don’t hear many essential oil enthusiast talk about it’s ability to be applied to the throat and ease discomfort so I thought… Read More »Thieves Balm Recipe

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Essential Oil Conversions and Dilutions

Essential oils have become part of many of our everyday lives.  Especially those of us who love to make our own beauty products.  I know I’m not the only one that enjoys concocting recipes and am constantly looking in random places for different conversions and such.  In this post, you’ll find essential oil drop conversions, an essential oil dilution chart… Read More »Essential Oil Conversions and Dilutions

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Thieves Oil Recipe

Essential oils can be extremely helpful when it comes to warding off bacteria, mold and viruses, especially during the long winter months. A healthy immune system is vital but having an essential oil recipe on hand is one of the best ways to naturally combat flu season. Since I diffuse and apply Thieves blend so often during the cold and… Read More »Thieves Oil Recipe