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For questions about DIY skin care, blogging, collaborations and everything else-you can contact me at!  I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion!

***I do not accept guest posts. Each post is original content written by me.

**I no long do skin care product reviews.

** I do not work with any MLMs.  (Arbonne, Rodan+Fields, Plexus, BeautyCounter, Young Living, DoTerra, Stella & Dot, etc.)


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  1. Can I use my own homemade vitamin c powder? which is just Organic orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit peels that’s been dehydrated then grounded.

    1. Mee Gray-How wonderful!! I think you could. I’m not sure how it would penetrate or the amount of actual Vitamin C is in your powder but it sounds so neat! You will have to determine it’s efficacy just by seeing results in your skin! Keep me posted!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I am in dying help to find a shampoo and conditioner that prevents color fading and won’t weigh my hair down. Lately I have used acute and andalou. Both organic and claims to be color safe but I hate how my hair feels. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Jane-Ugh-I wish I knew. I’m really at a loss with organic/safe hair care. I’m hoping to get some answers soon and I for sure will blog about it but for now-I’m with you-my organic shampoo and conditioner make my hair so tangled and dry.

  3. Thanks for your amazing recipes and tips. Question do you feel for making anti aging recipes it is better to add each essential oil separately or can a anti aging blend be just as good?

  4. What is your opinion on cucumber seed oil as a carrier oil for a face serum?

    I am currently stuck between jojoba and cucumber seed oil.

  5. Okay, I think I have an idea for a base for two face serums I wish to try making (acne/skincare serum and an anti aging serum), but I wanted your opinion. My skin type is oily, acne prone, large congested pores.

    For the basic base for BOTH serums:
    I know I definitely want SAFFLOWER OIL along with EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (“special carrier oil”) mixed in. And I know I asked you about CUCUMBER SEED OIL, but from what I found so far, it seems like it may do well for my skin (high in linoleic acid), but I still would like you opinion on it.

    So far that would make SAFFLOWER OIL, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, and CUCUMBER SEED OIL (a high possibility).

    But then I wanted to add a little bit of extras to make each serum different (Acne/skincare serum and anti-aging serum):
    For the acne/skincare serum – HEMP SEED OIL
    For the anti-aging serum – TAMANU OIL

    So the ingredients would read:
    Acne/skincare serum – SAFFLOWER OIL, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, CUCUMBER SEED OIL (high possibility), HEMP SEED OIL

    Then I would add the appropriate essential oils that I would need for each.

    I also considered adding jojoba or grapeseed to both serums, but I am stuck at the jojoba and grapeseed debacle. Jojoba closely imitates our skin, but grapeseed is said to be lighter than jojoba and higher in linoleic acid.

    In general, do you think it’s okay to combine multiple carrier oils together?

    I know this seems like a lot and I apologize.

  6. For your eye serum can I make without the meadowfoam,rosehip and lavender,I have sensitivities to all,before finding this page I was just gonna just use carrot oil and sweet almond so actually I’d only be adding vit e to it,I have many allergies to even natural organic things it’s a pain,and how long mixed together would this be good for

    1. Salina-Yes you can. That’s a bummer though! Are you referring to the Eye Stick? Evening Primrose is a good oil to keep in there if you can. You also could add geranium and/or cypress too-they are good for around the eyes.

  7. Hi Jenni
    How are you? I’ve spent so much time on your blog oohing and aah ing that I feel I know you in person .
    I love your serum recipe for different skin types and posted a few queries on that page…can’t see them anywhere though.
    Could you please check when have the time and get back to me? I would be most grateful.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sending you loads of love n light

    1. Ramya-I have to approve each comment before it appears on the blog and I’ve fallen behind! So sorry-getting to your questions now! Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog!

  8. Hi,
    I was wondering if you had a recipe for lice repellent?
    There is a lice epidemic at my daughter’s school. Every day after school we have to check her. It usually takes 2 hrs. Not a pleasant experience for my daughter.
    Found some shampoos and leave in sprays but they all have mixed reviews. Awfully smell and dries out the hair.
    Could you recommend oils to add to her shampoo?
    Thank you,

    1. Candy-Oh no!! I haven’t experienced lice with my girls yet, I’m sure our time is coming but I did find THIS article from another blogger that had lice spreading through several of their kids. She used essential oils and a nit comb. Long story short, melaleuca is the best for lice. It actually will kill them. I don’t know about applying straight melaleuca to her scalp everyday after school because it could be too strong. You could dilute with a bit of carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. I would keep the melaleuca pretty strong though. You could also (if you have oily scalps) make a spray with witch hazel and melaleuca and spray her scalp every chance you get! Adding melaleuca to her shampoo is a great idea-I would absolutely do that. You can find melaleuca here and use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off. They ship fast. If you need it asap-it’s a common oil also called Tea Tree and can be found in any health food stores.

  9. Hi jenni,
    I have just stumbled upon your site and I just love it. 😍
    If I was to try some of your recipes, how long do they last before going bad? Or are they all different based on ingredients?
    And is there any different in using real lemon and lemon oil, as I read some where that lemon can harm the skin?
    What would you recommend from your recipes for oily/acne/dehydrated skin? 😊
    Many Thanks
    Sara 😊

    1. Hi Sara, Thanks so much!!! Each recipe is different so I don’t have a blanket answer. One rule of thumb is that if a recipe does not contain water, just oils, it will last around 6 mos. Recipes that contain water need a preservative and I usually say they will last about 3 mos. There is a big difference in lemon e.o. and a real lemon. Lemon can be extremely harsh on the skin. It always needs to be highly diluted whether it be an essential oil or fruit. It can also make you extra sensitive to the sun.
      I love THIS cleanser and THIS serum as a moisturizer for your skin type!

  10. Hi Jenni
    Thanks for your valuable advice. Is jojoba ok to use with the combination you gave me?
    Plus I have another question sorry. .
    As I am just starting out with eo I have gathered a few and would like your advice if any would work together as a perfume. ..combo
    Tea tree lemon orange frankincense lavender
    Rose ylang ylang.
    Hope something might work our fingers crossed!
    Thanks again
    Have a wonderful day


  11. Hi Jenni
    Could you please help with my questions above? Would be ever so grateful. ..want to make the perfume for Mum for Mothers day and your advice would be wonderful. I am trying to source cinnamon clove rosemary too.

    Thanks in advance.
    Have a great day

  12. Hey Jenni! I just saw where you are using the Spark Naturals affiliate program and I just had a few questions for you!

    Did you have to get a business license to allow for you making money from the blog? Or does Spark Naturals handle the tax side of things?

  13. Hi Jenni…………..I’ve been all over your website checking out tons of your recipes for homemade beauty products (shampoo, body wash, etc). Question……….is there a substitute for liquid castile soap in the recipes? I don’t need a “foaming” or “frothy” body wash and I don’t like how after rinsing my skin feels “tight” and not silky smooth. The only common ingredient is the castile soap. I get the same feeling from glycerin soaps.

    1. Gina-You’re right, it is the castile soap that makes your skin feel tight. Honestly-I no longer make washes anymore. They dry my skin out and are hard to preserve. I buy an organic body wash from Target and I use an oil cleanser on my face. I’ve never looked back from the oil cleansing method. My skin is so much happier. As far as a gentler alternative for castile soap-I’ve not found one that’s natural.

      1. Thanks Jenni. That was one direction I may have to eventually go in. I use a name brand non-lathering body wash currently but haven’t given up the journey of trying to make my own.

  14. Hi Jenni- I know I have asked this before but could you tell me what day time moisturizer you use with an SPF?
    Thank You,

  15. Hi Jenni! I have been doing some reading about spark naturals and am curious. I read that an affiliate would be given a link for their website to sell an at 10% off. What if you don’t have a website😕?

    1. Hi Margaret! There are many Spark Natural affiliates who don’t have websites. They just want the discount for themselves and their friends and family and that’s perfectly fine! What Spark does is give you a code-like mine is JENNIRAINCLOUD. When someone uses my code, they get 10% off and I get a bit of a commission on that sale. It’s a very simple system and a great company! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  16. I love your blog! I’m so glad I found it. I was looking through your recipes, but I can’t find the tool you said you used to make collagen build back up on your face. I know it was around $53.00. Can you please send me an e-mail so I can order it? Thanks! Another problem I’m having is that I’m not receiving any e-mails from you, but I’m signed up to receive them. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I added you to my address book, but nothing is coming through. Thanks for your great blog. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hello,
    I just discovered your blog and I am so intrigued! I was looking for DIY serums recipes and came across your website. I have combo. acne prone skin but I am also want something anti-aging. I was going to use Grapeseed oil as the carrier oil, (I don’t know how much to use?) and for ess. oils Geranium, Frankincense and Ylang, Ylang(again I don’t know how much to use?) Would you agreed w/ this or add addition ones like Tea Tree, Carrot Seed and or Pumpkin Seed, etc and if so how much? I also have Rose Hip Seed Oil but wasn’t sure if I should use a little or none b/c I am prone to breaking out. What amounts would you use of each for a sampling batch? Would you make up a separate eye serum or use the same face serum? My eye area needs something b/c of crows feet/darker under eye area just wasn’t sure to use the same serum or something completely different. Lastly, I wanted to also make a body serum-my legs tend to very dry so I want something moisturizing but not greasy feeling. How would you go about this? Sorry for so many questions, figured I would try to cover everything at once. Thank you in advance!

  18. Jenni-I purchased your organic cleanser and like it but I do have a question. From teenage years til now (74) I have battled milia. Will this face cleanser help or exacerbate this condition. I have tried for so long to rid my face of these things and extraction seems the only cure and I am loaded up with them currently. Your thoughts please

    1. Hi Sharron-In case you didn’t get my email I wanted to answer your question here too-I think my facial cleanser will really help with milia. It is excellent at exfoliating dead skin, opening up pores and cleansing the skin gently. Milia takes time to get rid of though. I used to be very prone to lots of tiny milia under my eyes. I don’t have it anymore thanks to using homemade products. And as a side note on milia, removing them is very hard. I busted several capillaries trying to extract them on occasion. Keeping on top of exfoliation and cleansing might not get you immediate results but it’s the best way to go. Keep me posted!

  19. Hi Jenni! There is a lot of buzz in social media these days around the appearance of crepey skin. Do you have something that will work for that? I would really appreciate hearing from you!

    1. Jackie-Crepey skin is usually because skin is dehydrated. I would suggest using a facial oil morning and night. Also oil cleansing can really increase moisture as well as evening out the skin!

  20. Hi Jenni
    I love all your receipts but I read you cannot use neodefend and citric acid together. Your receipe for baby wash and Lavender Silky Body Wash include both. What should I do to extend the shelf life? I’m ready to make the body wash.

  21. I saw your post about the beaded bracelets and I can’t find the e mail address to check these out again. I loved their simplicity and colors. Please post the website again. Thanks!

  22. Hi Jenni—LOVE your website and all the recipes and helpful hints. Re: mineral foundation and matching skintone—I am having a hard time matching my skintone, it is somewhat unusual. I am reddish-blond, lots of freckles, dark blue eyes, fair skinned and of course burn super easily. My skin definitely has pink/cool undertones. Most brands are either too yellow or too orange. I tried a mixture from your recipe and I am still coming up with a too orangey tone. You list tweaks to adjust the color, but does not say what to add if I need more pink/mauve–I tried adding more red, but that makes it too orangy—can you help please? Thanks!

    1. Lori-Thanks so much! Yikes-I’m not sure what you could do if adding the red doesn’t help-the only thing I would do is add more white to the red. This sounds super weird but I wonder what would happen if you added French Green Clay? Green tones red/orange down and kaolin clay is already an ingredient so I don’t see why french green clay couldn’t be added in small amounts. You can find it probably on Amazon but for sure at Mountain Rose Herb.

    1. Vicki-Funny you ask, I have a friend with gorgeous skin and I asked her what she does and she uses a derma roller consistently. I have never tried it but now I’m very intrigued and will be doing some research for a post in the future!

  23. I have normal to dry skin. I use some of your serums and love them. What can I do for wrinkles and spots on my face? I’m almost 34 and look older. My forehead and around my eyes being the worst with spots on my cheek and jaw. What routine and recipes do you recommend? There are so many to choose from! Thanks so so much! Happy thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Analisha! I always recommend Oil Cleansing. I’ve had many people tell me their wrinkles were greatly reduced once they began doing it. As far as spots-are we talking blemishes or sun spots? Sun spots are tricky. I’ve yet to find something that really reduces them. Vitamin C serums work for many though. Exfoliation can help as well.

  24. Do you have any suggestions for treating lower respiratory infections in young kids? My daughter is 18 months and keeps getting them. We’ve had two trips to the ER in the last 6 months. Currently she is taking asthma medicine for maintenance and rescue purposes. It’s helping but still struggling.

    1. Chrissy-My 8 year old is doing the same thing. It’s terrible. One day she’s fine, the next she literally can not breath. I ended up going to the doctor and she’s on probably the same thing your’s is on. I hate it. I have not found a natural remedy that works enough to give her relief-the not breathing causes such panic in both of us. What I have done naturally is bought a humidifier with warm steam. The nurse told me that warm steam helps open up the air ways. I also diffuse in her room while she sleeps and I’ve been able to prop her up on 2 pillows rather then 1. I’ve really just not found anything that eases the breathing enough to let go of the inhaler. My doctor told me that it’s inflammation that causes the breathing issue and since kids have such tiny airways, they just don’t have room for any inflammation. Essential oils are great at reducing inflammation but since they can’t swallow pills, the only thing you can do is topical. My mother had gout in her knee this weekend and the inflammation was crazy-I put lemon on her then layered Frankincense and Peppermint on top because those oils will push the base oil deeper into the skin. It worked like a charm and it got me wondering if the same protocol could be used on the chest? Anyway-good luck to you-I hope you all can shake it soon. I feel your pain-we’ve never experienced an illness that just keeps coming back and cause the inability to breath. It’s awful.

  25. Hi Jenni!
    You have inspired me so much through your beauty products and I am currently in entrepreneur school to cultivate my own business which includes all natural beauty products. I was wondering if you would be open to answering my questions about FDA approval and what you had to do to legally sell your products! I’m a big fan!

    1. Sophia-Thank you so much! I don’t do anything with the FDA or worry about legalities-You’re probably raising an eyebrow right now…. I honestly never intended to have an Etsy shop and don’t consider it anything I will continue forever so I’ve just never gotten too serious. Sorry-I’m no help on this one!

  26. Jenni,
    I can’t seem to find out what is your favorite foundation. I read you recommend 100% Pure makeup except for foundation. What do you use?

  27. Hi,

    I love your blog. I have used a couple of you diy stuff and love the way my skin looks.

    I was wondering if you had any recommendations for scars? I recently had surgery on my right hand to remove a 30+ yr old piece of glass. The scar doesn’t bother me but the tight skin does. I would like to use my hand with out having to stretch it 1st before opening it.
    Thank you,

  28. What do you suggest as far as skin care for fine lines, enlarged pores, broken capillaries, combo skin, acne scarring, Please advise?

    1. Teresa-I suggest oil cleansing and incorporating a facial oil morning and night. You can see much improvement when you start using nourishing skin care products. You also need to address your diet-lots of water and healthy fats can really help as well.

  29. What do you recommend for combo skin, enlarged pores, broken capillaries, fine lines. What products do you recommend?

  30. What is your opinion of this article referenced below ? It says that homemade Vit C serums are impossible – that they cannot be absorbed. Is it true? I have been using the L-Ascorbic Acid powder and glycerine mask that you recommended – the powder will never dissolved, no matter what – I have ground it up in a spice grinder, etc, but it never dissolves. Now I read this article and it makes me wonder if it is doing anything at all apart from exfoliation simply due to the grittiness of it? Thank you for your help, Linnea

    1. Linnea-Hi! I’m annoyed with the article actually. I get what she is saying-Vitamin C is a good one to leave to the professionals-I agree to some degree. I personally don’t love DIYing it. However, I believe it can be done and many, many DIYers have shared that they are getting amazing results from their DIY. My thought is, if you are seeing results then you are making a great product! Like you, I hate how it doesn’t dissolve and find it sticky on my skin so I just don’t do it personally. I have never used it consistently to know if it would improve my skin, personally. Are you seeing results? If not, ditch it. Look into a DIY serum with rosehip seed oil-I think this is a wonderful ingredients that helps with evening skin tone and is super nourishing and gentle. Plus it feels good on the skin. Everyone has different skin and it responds to different things. What works for one, won’t work for another.

  31. Jenni – I was watching a video on a recipe from Sophie Uliano for a retinol serum – she uses Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) instead of the L-ascorbic acid that you have on your recipe – have you tried this kind of Vit C? maybe it is less gritty than the L-Ascorbic ? Her recipe calls for: 1TB Rosehip seed oil, 1tsp evening primrose oil, 1 tsp apricot kernel oil, 1/2 tsp vegetable glycerine, 4 drops Retinol Palmitate, 5 drops frankiscense oil, 1/8 tsp Vit-C powder (diluted into 1 tsp helichrysum hydrosol first, then add to the rest of the mixture). Put it dark bottle, etc… What do you think about this other Vit C?

    1. Linnea-I love Sophie but her recipes are out there sometimes~ I have no clue how this could work since she’s mixing water ingredients and oil ingredients with no emulsifier or preservative. I haven’t heard of this type of vitamin C so I’ll have to look it up. I’ll try to see the video from Sophie too! Thanks for leaving this, I sure would like to know if it dissolves because if it does it would be much nicer!

      1. Here is the link to the video – I just came upon it by chance…. I am sticking w your recipes 😉 BTW, I think that when I mix my hyaluronic acid+ Distilled water with my L-ascorbic acid+glycerin that it makes the Vit C dissolve better? Do you think this is ok to do? or am I being a mad scientist? 🙂 Thanks for your help. Love love love your site!!

    1. Teresa-Rosehip Seed Oil is the best for what you have mentioned! I would recommend using it as a facial oil morning and night. For a boost, you could add geranium essential oil as well.

  32. I am making a facial cleanser that includes manuka honey, castille soap, and an oil such as grapeseed oil. Do you think I will need a preservative and how long do you think this cleanser will last?

  33. Hi, I recently ordered some foundation samples from an etsy store called mama going natural. They are based out of Australia, titanium dioxide free, and pretty affordable. I love the liquid foundation…it is light to medium coverage.
    Just thought I’d share. Love your blog!

  34. Hi Jenni, Read your post about YL oils verses Spark oils and I agree that the YL oils r very expensive and I don’t like that i have to order over 55.00 worth just get a tiny bit off my price or that they r very slow coming. I have tried a different brand oils but some of them i don’t care for. Can u tell me if Sparks oils r therapeutic grade? I use many oils for various things and would like to sell them too as I make creams and such for my family.

    1. Hi Elaine-Yes, they are therapeutic grade. I have had no complaints about Spark since I switched from YL. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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  36. Hi Jenni!
    I stumbled upon your site and am so impressed!!! You Go Girl!

    I am a 69 year old young woman who is getting back into making my own skin care products just for me and I think your site is absolutely FAB! So glad I found you. I will be a frequent visitor!!

    Much love to you,

  37. Dear Jenni –

    Hello, I’m a big fan of your blog. It’s a very informative and well thought out site. I also appreciate the fact that you don’t promote the success of a product based on brand, but rather actual ingredients. That’s why it would be an honor if you would consider evaluating my product.

    My name is Tracy Blatter and my company is called “Raisin Face.” (Seriously). I manufacture and market an anti-aging face cream made from many natural and organic ingredients: Emu oil (almost 20%), organic aloe vera juice (30%), raw shea butter, green tea extract, organic coconut, jojoba and castor oils. “Matrixyl 3000” (10%) is also added, in addition to the powerful ceramide 2 -based “Demaxyl”, (at an unheard of 10%). I add just 15% water. The product comes in two versions: “Skin Fix Concentrate” and “Skin Fix Xtreme”. (The only difference is, Xtreme carries a higher percentage of the oils used.)

    The formula took me four years to develop and perfect. Thus far, customer reviews have been great. After the first application, people report a velvety skin texture, line “plumping” and hydration that lasts the entire day. Seriously, skin stays dewy and moist from morning till PM. Since it doesn’t clog pores, it works well on oily skin in addition to skin that’s extremely dry.

    “Skin Fix” is formulated to make life easy…no need to use a separate undereye, neck or décolleté cream. It’s also very easy on your bank account…a one ounce jar is just $22.

    This is an item that goes over very well with women (and men) who want products that.

    * Contain no mineral oil, dyes, lanolin, parabens or added scent
    * Are extremely gentle and well-suited for sensitive skin
    * Contain mostly natural ingredients (many of which can be eaten)
    * Are hand-crafted in the USA and made in small batches
    * Will not clog pores and works well on skin that tends to break out

    I would be happy to send you a jar, some literature and hopefully get your opinion. (Boy, this was long-winded, LOL…sorry!) For more information, please see

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration, Jenni… I hope to hear from you soon!


    Tracy Blatter,

    1. Tracy-Hi! Wow! That’s quite the product! Unfortunately I am doing very few product reviews these days due to them not being very popular on my site. Thank you so much for your kind words and interest. I am posting this to my blog so readers can follow your links though! Good luck!

  38. Hey! Two questions.
    1. I love your blog but have a hard time finding things on it, could you add a search bar so people can look for keywords?
    2. Do you have any blogs by nutritionists, with recipes, you recommend? I’ve been looking into the link of my unfixable dry skin and dark undereye circles with my diet, possibly a link to low levels of Omega-3 fatty acid intake. I don’t like supplements and would rather attempt new recipes to give my body what it needs.


    1. Hi Victoria! There is a search bar to the left of my posts on the sidebar near the top. I don’t have any but I wish I did. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. i do know that a lack of Vitamin K is usually the cause of dark circles and healthy fats go a long way for dry skin. Also, adding collagen to your smoothie can be very helpful for dry skin. Hope this helps!!

  39. Hi,
    Hope you are doing good..
    I have a daughter – 6 year old.. She has suddenly developed white patches; only on her face.. they are extremely smooth, no bumps, no itchiness nothing.. But, I have noticed that they are spreading – on her face only.. no other part of the body. We are Indians, so theses patches are noticeable on her face. Please can you help with any home remedy.

    1. Juliet-Unfortunately I am not sure as to what is going on and it sounds like it might be a good idea to have a dermatologist determine what it is. Once we know that there could be a home remedy. I wonder if she has vitiligo which is whitening of the skin? It’s harmless, just hard to disguise. Best of luck!

  40. Hi! My name is Lindsey and I just started my own skincare blog ! I’m just trying to get the word out. I work with Seacret, a fantastic skincare made with all-natural, vegan Dead Sea minerals

  41. Hi Jenni, i love and use a lot of your recipes, Thanks soo much for sharing
    I have a recipe that i found on line , Vitamin c cream, I love it but they didnt add a preservative so i only kept it for a week and had to throw it out. Can you tell me how many drops of a preservative i would need.
    i would really appreiciate it. preservatives make me nervous lol
    Thanks Diana

    2 tsp beeswax pastilles
    2 tsp coco butter
    2 tbsp rosehip seed oil
    2 tbsp squalene oil
    4 tbsp distilled water
    1/2 tsp magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C)
    4 tsp vegetable emulsifying wax
    20 drops of geranium essential oil
    20 drops of frankincense essential oil

    1. Diana-Yikes! This recipe is very different then anything I’ve come up with so I’m not entirely sure how much preservative. It’s a very small recipe which is why they probably didn’t add the preservative. I would add about 1/16-1/8 tsp. of Neodefend. Neodefend is the only preservative I’ve worked with and can vouch for with proportions. Is that what you have? I believe 1/16 is probably all you need. Good luck!

  42. Hi Jenni
    Thank you so much for everything you do..i love following your are definitely my GO TO for all my diy recipes.

    I writing to ask you if you can recommend any Essential Oil recipes for skin care for young kids. I have a niece that is soon to be 10 and she started getting a couple of blackheads on her nose. I want to help her and believe starting a good skin care regime even at her age is important. However feel we address pre-teens and teens and their skin once they’ve developed a problem ie)acne etc.
    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated !!

    Thank you!

    Do you have any suggestions

    1. Hi Heidi-love your name-it’s my youngest daughter’s name as well! I would suggest looking into clays. You can find several different clays on Amazon and Mountain Rose Herb. You just add a liquid like water, aloe or apple cider vinegar and mix the clay into a paste. Clay pulls impurities out of the skin. Essential oils like lavender and melaleuca are also great because they are antibacterial and anti fungal. I would suggest a mask 1-2 times a week with a couple drops each of the essential oils. As far as a regime-you might consider oil cleansing? It’s great for detox and so gentle. Great skin care lines to look into that are safe are Juice Beauty and MyChelle Dermaceuticals. Hope this helps!

  43. Hi Jenni,
    Loving your blog! Mixed up a batch of your face serum yesterday and loved it!
    I was wondering if you had any suggestions for fingernails. Mine are splitting, peeling and look awful. It started when my thyroid went out of whack. That’s been treated but my nails are not returning. I really had nice strongnails previously. The cuticules are fine. Not sure what eo’s would help or which carrier oil/s to use.
    Thanks, any suggestions appreciated.

    1. Sue-Thank you!!! I’m having the same issue. I haven’t linked it to anything yet but it could be thyroid for me too. The only solution I’ve found is taking collagen daily. I add it to my smoothie. It hasn’t completely restored my nails but it’s helped a ton. Go HERE to read more about it. Good luck!

  44. Hi Jenni,
    Do you still offer the DIY Lavender Silky Body Wash recipe? when I clk on thatone it brings me to a page that says: Not found, error 404. I’m pretty sure it was there a few days ago.

  45. I’ve had a baby around 8 months ago haven’t had a very good diet and now have a very dull complexion… I’ve been successful in making diy oils, shampoos and hair dyes that have really done wonders to my hair… But have not been able to do anything for my complexion.. I was fair and now look dead. My skin is also getting better but not my complexion… Its definitely lack of rest water and my diet.. But is there any remedy

    1. Hi Sehrm-You’re right-a lot of it is due to lack of water and diet. Also, your hormones are still dying down and this can cause skin issues. Exfoliating can do wonders to help dull skin though. I would suggest looking into Juice Beauty’s Apple Peel. If you aren’t super sensitive, opt for the full strength. You need to rid your skin of the dead skin that is laying on the top. Up your water big time too-this will help greatly. Good luck!!

  46. Hey Jenny,
    You recently posted a recipe for an eye serum using aloe, witch hazel (I think) a single coffee bean , and 1 or 2 essential oils….I didn’t not write it down or save it (bad move) and can not find on your website. Am I crazy or what? It was not the same as the roller recipe you have posted with several coffee beans …! Does it ring a bell?
    Thank you!
    Rhonda Short

  47. Hey Jenny, I wanted to order via Etsy your products but I got a message from Etsy that the delivery to Europe is not possible, very strange cause I can order from lots of other Etsy shops and other US-websites. Thanks and all the best, your big fan Karin

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