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DIY Natural Toner Recipes

Using a natural toner can benefit your natural beauty routine greatly! Toners help to restore your skin’s pH, cleanse, hydrate and treat skin conditions. Homemade toners are one of the easiest DIYs you can make. They typically consist of witch hazel and hydrosol with a blend of essential oils. Enjoy this collection of DIY natural toner recipes!

Benefits of Toner

What Does A Face Toner Do and Are They Really Necessary??

With the ever increasing skincare products on the market today, many of us are left wondering which ones are truly helpful and which might be an unnecessary step as well as an unnecessary expense. Today, let’s dive into the possible benefits of facial toners and once and for all determine if this second step in your beauty routine really is… Read More »What Does A Face Toner Do and Are They Really Necessary??

Licorice Root Brightening Toner w/ Blue Yarrow

I’ve created a fresh smelling DIY toner that has an added punch when it comes to brightening and possibly lightening imperfections in the skin.  Using licorice root extract for lightening and blue yarrow essential oil for tightening, this licorice root brightening toner w/ blue yarrow is my new favorite addition to my skin care routine! Toners tend to be the… Read More »Licorice Root Brightening Toner w/ Blue Yarrow

DIY Toning Wipes

I’m loving DIY toning wipes!  It’s a DIY I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime but felt like after a prolonged amount of time, the liquid would degrade the cotton rounds.  However, this was not the case and my skin really seemed to respond to these refreshing wipes! One function of using a toner is to further cleanse the skin… Read More »DIY Toning Wipes