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Get loads of makeup DIYs, reviews and tutorials that will get you on the right track to a natural beauty routine!

Collage of woman wearing Kosas makeup and products

Kosas Review-The Best Kosas Products You’ll Want to Try

Kosas Cosmetics is a makeup company that has been on my radar for a long time. I had heard Kosas makeup contained only clean ingredients that actually improved skin and was comfortable to wear. I decided to dive in with their most popular products to find out if they are comparable to my other natural favorites like 100 Percent Pure and Hynt Beauty. Read my… Read More »Kosas Review-The Best Kosas Products You’ll Want to Try

Brow Post Round Up

Brow Post Round Up!

I  believe a well shaped brow can make all the difference in someone’s appearance. Honestly, brows can make or break you. Before you opt for that eye lift, get your brows in check first. Since I used to shape other women’s brows for a living, I’ve personally seen women walk out of a waxing appointment looking years younger for under… Read More »Brow Post Round Up!

Lily Lolo Makeup Review

Lily Lolo Makeup Review

Today, I’m sharing with you all my thoughts and experience in this Lily Lolo makeup review. I’ve been wanting to try out this makeup line for a while and now that I’ve worn it excluselivey for several weeks, I’m equipped to give you an honest review as well as suggestions on which colors and products work best! Natural makeup can… Read More »Lily Lolo Makeup Review