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DIY Medicine Cabinet Recipes

DIY Eczema Cream

Soothing DIY Eczema Cream + Label Download!

If you or your child suffers from eczema, you know it can be incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating. I have good news though-eczema can be easily soothed and calmed by making my easy and quick DIY eczema cream. It’s full of natural, nourishing ingredients that can be used on skin as often as needed without worry of side effects. Anybody can… Read More »Soothing DIY Eczema Cream + Label Download!

DIY All Natural Vick's Vapor Rub

All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

  I must say-Homemade Vick’s Vapor Rub is an absolute staple in my home during every season of the year.  We are constantly using this homemade organic balm to decongest and heal.  Needless to say, we have our fair share of allergies and colds and raw, stuffy noses are quickly and safely relieved now that we have a steady supply… Read More »All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

DIY Gardener's Hand Salve

DIY Gardener’s Hand Salve-Sooth & Heal Cracked Hands Instantly!

Do you spend a lot of time with your hands in the dirt? Me too, so I know how much we need relief from aching, scraped up hands! Today I’m sharing my tried and true DIY Gardener’s Hand Salve recipe that includes nourishing olive oil that I’ve infused with arnica flowers as well as a potent blend of essential oils… Read More »DIY Gardener’s Hand Salve-Sooth & Heal Cracked Hands Instantly!

Amber colored spray bottle sitting outside with a label

Homemade Bug Spray (Kid Friendly + Adult Recipes)

Making your own natural homemade bug spray is simple and effective. DIY bug sprays are a safe alternative to conventional bug sprays that pose great health concerns. You can make your own bug spray with simple ingredients! The best part is you’ll be able to make bottle after bottle without breaking the bank or exposing your family to toxic chemicals!… Read More »Homemade Bug Spray (Kid Friendly + Adult Recipes)

Bug Bite Balm

DIY Bug Bite Balm

It’s the season for bugs, that’s for sure.  One summer evening spent on the patio can bring on pink bumps that will itch and look awful for days! Keeping this DIY bug bite balm handy can make suffering through mosquito season much more bearable. Not only will it take the itch out of stings and bites, it will also reduce swelling and… Read More »DIY Bug Bite Balm

Uses of Vaseline + DIY Vaseline Recipe

Uses of Vaseline + a DIY Vaseline Recipe

Product snobbery aside, who doesn’t love Vaseline?  It is an amazing lip balm, soothes dry, cracked skin and even removes eye make up. It has so many uses! There’s an old commercial where they refer to Vaseline as the “wonder jelly” and claims Vaseline will take the squeak out of doors, shine your shoes and even condition leather.  At the… Read More »Uses of Vaseline + a DIY Vaseline Recipe

DIY Vegan Vaseline w/ Chamomile

DIY Vegan Vaseline with Infused Chamomile Oil

Vaseline is a staple in many households. It can act as a skin healer, a moisturizer, a protectant and even a very effective eye makeup remover! However, it is petroleum based which is not acceptable so making our own natural vaseline is necessary (and simple). With the increasing interest in vegan products and homemade vaseline being such a versatile and useful product,… Read More »DIY Vegan Vaseline with Infused Chamomile Oil

dropper and glass clear bottle of essential oils

Thieves Oil Recipe

Essential oils can be extremely helpful when it comes to warding off bacteria, mold and viruses, especially during the long winter months. A healthy immune system is vital but having an essential oil recipe on hand is one of the best ways to naturally combat flu season. Since I diffuse and apply Thieves blend so often during the cold and… Read More »Thieves Oil Recipe