Lavender Geranium Smoothing Body Cream

Lavender Geranium Smoothing Body CreamCellulite can be an issue for most of us women.  The jury is out on the cause of cellulite-there are so many theories.  I believe cellulite is caused by trapped toxins, poor circulation, water retention and hormones.  The bottom line-cellulite sucks.   There are some ways to reduce the appearance though.  First, I think detoxing is very helpful-get in the habit of salt baths (learn more HERE), increase veggies and fruits and drink TONS of water.  Last, let’s make a moisturizer that will not only nourish, but will also combat cellulite by revving up circulation, and helping rid our body of water retention!

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  1. Sue
    July 4, 2018 / 7:13 am

    Hi Jenni,
    My NeoDefend arrived so I decided to try making cream, haven’t done that in years. What a fabulous recipe! The hardest part is getting bothtemps right, I combined at 130F and it came together beautifully. It was so much fun : ) The rose geranium and lavender smell lovely together. I used a stick blender to whip and emulsufy it, it took a while because I only use the blender in 30 second increments every 15-20 minutes anymore and I can feel the motor getting too hot. Has anyone used a Kitchen aid stand mixer with the whip attachment?
    I liked the pink color you were aiming for with your hibiscus cream so I added about 1/4 tsp. pink/red cosmetic mica.(Couldn’t find the food coloring, and I know I have quite a bit here somewhere) I put it in along with the vit e and eo’s and it’s a lovely light pink color and looks and feels terrific. I put perfume aside after reading how many toxic ingredients it contains, the cream smells so good it’s like wearing a light perfume.
    Thanks for another wonderful recipe! What will I make today??

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