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DIY Hair Care & Recipes

DIY Hair Growth Spritzer

Did you know that after having a virus your hair sheds? I’m talking clumps of hair after each shower exactly like after having a baby. This happened to me after having the flu last year. Unfortunately, I had had my hair thinned by a hair dresser to make it more manageable so losing more has made my hair feel and… Read More »DIY Hair Growth Spritzer

Lady with back to the camera with long straight brown hair.

DIY Leave In Conditioner for Strong, Shiny Hair!

This DIY leave in conditioner recipe is perfect for any hair type but especially helpful for damaged, dry hair. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, this natural leave in conditioner will replenish moisture and shine. It contains only natural ingredients perfect for restoring the health of your hair. Add this homemade hair product to your hair care routine… Read More »DIY Leave In Conditioner for Strong, Shiny Hair!

DIY Hair Perfume

DIY Hair Perfume

When you’re in-between shampoos and need to freshen up, a DIY Hair Perfume is the perfect, natural solution. This beauty product has turned out to be one of my most used DIYs not to mention, it’s extremely versatile.  The summer heat has gotten to my hair.  It’s so incredibly hot lately that a shower seems to do no good!  Plus,… Read More »DIY Hair Perfume

DIY Hair Re-Growth Serum

DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipe + 7 Natural Oils that Promote Hair Growth!

Get excited because I have fantastic news for you. Natural, plant based carrier oils really can discourage hair loss and encourage new hair growth. I’m living proof and have the before and after picture to prove it. In this post I’ll give you 7 oils that have been known and some proven to regrow hair. I will also give you… Read More »DIY Hair Growth Oil Recipe + 7 Natural Oils that Promote Hair Growth!

hair brightening toner DIY

DIY Hair Brightening Toner

I have this tendency to go somewhat blonde in the summer.  I’m not sure why I’m still giving into this whim but inevitably, this brunette pushes the boundaries of nature and deals with damaged hair for the need of a lighter, more summery hair color.  It happens the same way each summer too-by about July, I’m brassy.  My hair looks… Read More »DIY Hair Brightening Toner

No heat waves

Get No-Heat Waves!

I absolutely hate curling my hair.  I hate how long it takes.  I hate how damaging it is.  And I hate that for all the effort, I get maybe 4 hours worth of curls.  Not to mention-I’m just not that good at it.  I do love the look of curled hair though.  I often sleep in french braids to give… Read More »Get No-Heat Waves!