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DIY Body Lotion for cellulite

DIY Cellulite Cream for Smooth, Beautiful Legs!

Cellulite can be an issue for most of us women.  The jury is out on the cause of cellulite-there are so many theories.  I believe cellulite is caused by trapped toxins, poor circulation, water retention and hormones.  The bottom line-cellulite sucks.   There are some ways to reduce the appearance though. Let’s make a DIY cellulite cream that will not only… Read More »DIY Cellulite Cream for Smooth, Beautiful Legs!

Thieves Balm Recipe

Thieves Balm Recipe

Shield Blend Essential Oil a.k.a Thieves is my most used essential oil in the colder seasons. I find it incredibly helpful for detoxing the air, warding off airborne viruses and bacteria as well as soothing throat pain. I don’t hear many essential oil enthusiast talk about it’s ability to be applied to the throat and ease discomfort so I thought… Read More »Thieves Balm Recipe

Daily Supplements

Supplements I’m Taking that are Truly Making a Difference!

I’ve been on an uphill health battle for many years now. Because of this, I’ve always been diligent with taking supplements. The older I get, the more improvements I’ve made to my diet as well. I don’t have serious health issues but I have always claimed I have IBS or leaky gut. Basically I deal with bloating, gas and constipation.… Read More »Supplements I’m Taking that are Truly Making a Difference!

My Natural Lifestyle Guide

My Natural Lifestyle Guide…

Below are my favorite products that are clean, safe and natural!  Making these simple changes can make a HUGE difference in the toxic chemical intake you and your family are exposed to.  These products are tried and true and affordable.  If the item is colored pink, press on the link to go directly to the product! Favorite Skin Care: J.Raincloud… Read More »My Natural Lifestyle Guide…

DIY Calamine Lotion

DIY Calamine Lotion

It’s finally spring again and I couldn’t be happier!  This winter felt longer, colder and more desolate then usual.  As I write this, I am enjoying my green view with the windows open and the birds singing!  However, all this new beauty and warmer temps inevitably bring the “itchies”.  So much of nature, while beautiful, can cause skin reactions.  Rashes… Read More »DIY Calamine Lotion

Plexus Slim Pink Drink Review

What Is The “Pink Drink” and Is It Natural?

My Facebook feed is literally swimming in Plexus.  I had been ignoring the posts for more then a year until I met a fellow first grade mom who is quite successful health-wise and money-wise with Plexus.  Long story short, I’ve been doing research ever since.  I posted THIS post about their Probiotic and their magnesium supplement, BioCleanse.  I know longer… Read More »What Is The “Pink Drink” and Is It Natural?