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Plexus Slim Pink Drink Review

What Is The “Pink Drink” and Is It Natural?

My Facebook feed is literally swimming in Plexus.  I had been ignoring the posts for more then a year until I met a fellow first grade mom who is quite successful health-wise and money-wise with Plexus.  Long story short, I’ve been doing research ever since.  I posted THIS post about their Probiotic and their magnesium supplement, BioCleanse.  I know longer… Read More »What Is The “Pink Drink” and Is It Natural?

DIY After Shave Spray

DIY Aftershave Spray

Yesterday I made a beard serum that has multiple uses.  Today I’m making an DIY aftershave spray-again with multiple uses!  The man in your life really does need to use some type of product that will calm and heal the skin after shaving.  In fact, I admitted a few posts back that I even shave my face and this spray… Read More »DIY Aftershave Spray

DIY Healing Balm with Calendula

DIY Calendula Tamanu Healing Balm with Lemon & Coconut…

It’s been almost 3 years since I posted THIS neosporin salve.  Let me tell you-it is probably THE most used DIY I have ever made.  I use it for everything from cracked heels to treating bug bites and and cuts.  I’ve made it over 20 times and honestly think it smells like what I imagine heaven to smell like!  Yeah, I’m tootin’… Read More »DIY Calendula Tamanu Healing Balm with Lemon & Coconut…