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Product Reviews

My Favorite Annmarie Skin Care Products + A Special Deal Not to Miss!

If you’ve been around Jenni Raincloud a while, you might remember that I have promoted Annmarie Skin Care several times in the past. This skincare company is a huge inspiration to me and I have dearly loved every product I’ve tried from them. I don’t promote other brands much any more since I focus on my own skincare line, but… Read More »My Favorite Annmarie Skin Care Products + A Special Deal Not to Miss!

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Naturally!

6 Easy and Natural Remedies to Reduce Puffy Eyes Fast!

Many of us suffer with under eye bags and overall face puffiness at one time or another.  Some causes of under eye bags are allergies, bad food choices, not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep.  Puffy eyes can make us look tired, old, sad and even sick!  Luckily, I have 6 easy and natural remedies for puffy eyes… Read More »6 Easy and Natural Remedies to Reduce Puffy Eyes Fast!

New Green Beauty Products to Discover!

I’m always pleasantly surprised at all the green beauty companies there are these days.  There are so many beauty lines that say no to harmful ingredients and no to animal testing, no to fragrance, parabens, gluten, sulfates, propylene glycol etc.  I see so many eco aware companies that responsibly source their ingredients and keep their batches small.  I’m happy that… Read More »New Green Beauty Products to Discover!

J. Raincloud Organics 4 pictures

The Best Beauty Tool You Should Be Using for Aging Skin!

If you’re new here, you might not know that I run a skincare line along with the Jenni Raincloud blog. I started J. Raincloud Organics 9 years ago as a way to get my recipes into the hands of readers who didn’t want to DIY. Over the years I’ve narrowed down the most popular and most effective recipes on my… Read More »The Best Beauty Tool You Should Be Using for Aging Skin!

Pumpkin Skin Care by MyChelle Dermaceuticals Review

I’m milking pumpkin season for all it’s worth-and it’s worth a lot if you ask me!  Pumpkin skin care might be my favorite.  I’ve been using pumpkins on the skin since I was a young 20 something aesthetician doing chemical peels in a spa.  Pumpkins are full of skin beautifying goodness.  Whether you are DIYing a mask with organic puree… Read More »Pumpkin Skin Care by MyChelle Dermaceuticals Review

Natural Mascaras

Finding the Best Natural Mascara

I’ve tried my fair share of natural mascaras throughout the years.  I’ve tried more brands then I can list but 3 stand out as the top performing products and out of those three is BY FAR the best.   When I first started ridding my makeup drawer of toxins, I discovered Tarte Cosmetics.  I remember thinking, How simple!  One brand… Read More »Finding the Best Natural Mascara

Sonic Soak Review

Sonic Soak Review

Imagine if there was a gadget that could clean your clothes, dishes, baby bottles, jewelry and even produce on a microscopic level and it was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  Imagine if you could achieve thoroughly clean items without using harsh detergents that contain ingredients that irritate the skin and disrupt hormones.  I’m excited to… Read More »Sonic Soak Review

Flexispot Bike

Flexispot Desk Bike

Looking for an easy way to combat a sedentary lifestyle? Me too and I’ve found just the solution.  The Flexispot desk bike is affordable and while it’s not high impact, it gets my blood pumping which is so important for optimal health!  As I write this, I’m exercising away! I want to preface this post by saying it is not… Read More »Flexispot Desk Bike