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The Diva Cup ReviewLast month I did something I’ve never done before….  I quit using pads and tampons.  Oh yeah-if you’re a guy, it’s not too late-GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This post is going to be graphic, contain a lot of TMI and might just change your life for the better.  Big claims, I know….

The Diva Cup as you can tell from the pictures, is just that, a cup.  I probably don’t need to spell it out for you but I’m going to anyway.  You literally insert the cup, allow the cup to fill with blood, take it out, dump it and re-insert. It’s pretty straight forward.

Many of you might wonder why this is so much better then using tampons.  I can give you 2 big reasons.  Number 1-there is no odor.  Like none.  TMI-alert-I used to feel like I needed a shower several times a day when wearing pads and tampons.  With the cup, there was never an odor.  EVER.  Reason number 2, tampons and pads are toxic.  Like HARD CORE toxic.

Tampons are TOXIC!

First off, let’s review about the skin.  It’s the largest organ and very absorbent.  This is why we work so hard to rid our skin care routine of toxic ingredients.  Our skin absorbs everything we put on it and what we put on it goes straight to the blood stream.   What is in a tampon and pad will be absorbed into your body.

Get ready to get angry-When I started my research for this post, I knew tampons and pads were not ideal, but I had no idea they were this bad.  Just another reason we have to take our health into our own hands.  I’m afraid there’s no one you can trust to keep your body safe but yourself.

First off, feminine hygiene companies don’t have to disclose what’s in their products because they claim tampons and pads are “medical devices”.   Seriously?

What’s in a Tampon?

  • Plastic like BPA and BPS disrupt embryonic development and are linked to heart disease and cancer.
  • Phthalates
  • DEHP may lead to multiple organ damage
  • Odor neutralizers and fragrances including polypropylene, and propylene glycol
  • Chlorine/Bleach
  • GMO cotton

One pad is the equivalent of 4 plastic bags!  How crazy is that?  Synthetics and plastic also restrict air flow, trapping heat and moisture, which gives yeast a perfect environment to grow.  Another risk with tampons is toxic shock syndrome.  This occurs when micro tears in your vagina collect bacteria and toxic substances. 

the diva cup review

My experience:

The Diva Cup transition was a smooth one.  The first time I used it I could feel it once I put it in.  After about 30 minutes I totally forgot I had it in.  I have a very heavy period that lasts about 5 days.  I was apprehensive that this little cup was going to handle what I got going on.  Well, I’m glad to say it did.  On my heaviest day I emptied the cup every 3 hours.  Only once was the cup full.  My next period, I won’t remove it as often.  A couple of times after re-inserting it I would feel a tiny bit uncomfortable but after moving around, my body moved it where it needed to be (hope that makes sense).  My period lasted only 3 days.  I’m not sure if the Diva Cup had anything to do with that, but eliminating all those toxins had to have had some effect.  My cramps were less as well.  The cup was somewhat easy to insert and easy to remove.  I will say this at the risk of sounding ridiculous-I panicked the first time I needed to remove it because my body had moved it up further then I could get a good grip on the tab.  I had to push and then was able to grab the tab.   The push is something you need to keep in your back pocket.

The Diva Cup is made of medical grade silicone and lasts 1-2 years.  It costs $30 and comes with a cute pouch for storage.  Talk about saving money!  It’s easy to clean and the instructions show you exactly how to insert it with ease.   There are 2 sizes-Model 1 is for ladies that have not had children or are 30 or younger.  Model 2 is for 30 and up and/or ladies that have had children-c-sections included.

You can do any activity you want while wearing the Diva Cup and you can wear it for up to 12 hours.  The Diva Cup on Amazon has about 2,500 reviews and receives 4.5 stars out of 5.  There are also almost 100 women asking questions and getting answers about it if you need more reassurance!

I won’t go back to tampons.  In fact, I think this method will catch on and tampons will be no more.  It’s that good.  I urge you to try it.  Seriously, organic tampons and pads will break the bank.  They are sadly, really expensive.  My period with the Diva Cup was much less dramatic.  I can’t prove it was because I ditched toxic feminine products but I just feel the cup had something to do with it.

I did most of my research HERE if you’d like to read more.

Find your Diva Cup HERE.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments-I’ll totally answer them and probably tell you more then you ever wanted to know.  You can also email me if you’d like to be 🙂

xx, Jenni

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

16 thoughts on “The Diva Cup Review…”

  1. Great review! I’m curious if you’ve ever heard of the natural sea sponges used basically the same way. I would love to know what you think.

  2. I’ve used my moon cup for 10 years now and it’s still fully functional; you take care of it properly and it will last much longer than advertised. Moon cup did say the average was 10 years when I bought it though. Drastic reduction in cramps as well. I had boys, and have tried to spread the word to family and friends but most girls today are resistant. It is literally life changing, no joke. Especially the “no worry bedtime”. Kudos for spreading the word.

    1. Chris-I’m hearing so many women say their cramps and duration are greatly reduced! I only used mine for 1 period and couldn’t believe how much better it was! I’m so glad to have finally tried it! Wow, 10 years-that’s amazing! Think of all the money you’ve saved!

  3. I have used a Diva cup for years. I am so glad I switched, and I totally agree with you about the odor and the lack thereof in using the Diva cup.
    I totally recommend the product.

  4. I love it.

    I’ve been using the diva cup for a little over 2 years now and if you keep them clean and sterilize them between periods, I haven’t needed to replace mine yet.

    It did take me time to really learn how to use it, it was really awkward for me at first. So if any one finds it awkward at first, stick it out, you’ll get the hang of it and it will be so worth it.

  5. I have been using the Diva Cup for about a year now. It is amazing! Less cramps and shorter period. I think it is healthy to know your period better in order to know more about your health. A menstrual cups allows this. I recommend it to all my lady friends. I have even used it camping and other times when throwing a tampon in the garbage would not be fun (No period smell with the Diva Cup!) Spread the word!!!

  6. I have the Ruby cup and so far, like it a lot! I have only been through one cycle with it and due for my next one in 8 days so I will be more confident this time. The first few days were bad. It really is a learning curve for you and YOUR body. INstructions and diagrams are very, very basic guidelines as everyone has a uniquely shaped cervix and body. My cervix happens to drop during my period and it’s tilted a bit so you have to find out in which direction so you can angle the cup right. Once I did the, no problem! I am still learning but I am determined! I will not go back to conventional products from all that I have learned about them and I am so glad to see more women taking control of their own health! Blessings =)

  7. I have been using the Diva Cup for 6 years now. Unfortunately I am still using it, in my 50s which sucks. But I carry it with me in my handbag, in its little bag. It is the best product out there, and saves the planet from all the pads and tampons we throw out. Also overall, it is cheaper in the long run. I highly recommend the Diva Cup

  8. Hi Jenni,

    I’ve been using a similar cup (different brand) for about a year now… sometimes it’s worked great and others times leaked…. I think what happening is that the cup is folded inside but I never seem to know for sure.. so can’t risk no pad! Has anyone has this problem with this brand? Thanks :o)

    1. Niki-I do but I’m heavy. I think you’re right though, if it’s not positioned correctly it can leak and sometimes it just doesn’t get in the right spot! I too wear pads for a couple of days due to my cup running over. I still much prefer the cup over a tampon even if the tampon was organic though.

  9. Isn’t it amazing! I knew tampons were bad but I didn’t know they were THAT bad. Why are so many women my age (30) so apprehensive? It’s soooo much better. Glad you feel the same!

    1. Elease-It’s crazy how bad tampons and pads are and how expensive safer ones are. This is for sure the best! I need to get a new one. They really do have toe be replaced after a time-mine just seemed to stop working as well. Glad you love yours!

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