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Product Reviews

Skin Remodeling DIY

Skin Remodeling DIY

Many of you reading this are like me, that’s why you’re here!  DIY skin care is fascinating, empowering and all around smart.  It’s not just for the uber crunchy-granola crowd anymore!  It’s for women who want to feel and look young but don’t want the toxic chemicals that are oh so common in the world of beauty.  When Deborah Tosline… Read More »Skin Remodeling DIY

Eco nuts Review

Eco Nuts Review

So there’s this new, crazy way to wash clothes without toxins-with nuts.  Yeah, you heard me, NUTS!   Eco Nuts is an up and coming laundry detergent line that utilizes the soap berry-These nuts actually contain soap and release soap when shaken in water.  Not only are they all natural, they also soften your laundry as well.  Plus, Eco-Nuts will save… Read More »Eco Nuts Review

Olive & M Cleansing Oil review

Olive + M Cleansing Oil

The olive oil based skin care line, Olive + M is the most inspiring natural skin care line.  As you all know, I love products with minimal ingredients that I can recognize.  In skin care, often, less is more.  The skin can actually thrive on simple, pure oils rather then creams and cleansers filled with chemicals in order to achieve… Read More »Olive + M Cleansing Oil

Lavanila Fragrance

Lavanila Perfume Review

Lavanila Perfume is one of very few fragrance companies that offers perfume free from harsh chemicals.  If you are trying to rid your beauty regime of harsh chemicals, the first thing to eliminate is perfume.  Yeah, that sucks.  Perfume has a crazy amount of harsh, toxic chemicals with extraordinary side effects.  I’ve been researching fragrance companies for a while now… Read More »Lavanila Perfume Review