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Essential Oil Posts

Find everything you want to know about essential oil uses, diffuser recipes, homemade products, diffusing and general information

frankincense essential oil for skin

5 Exceptionally Exciting Uses for Frankincense

I’m popping in for a quickie post on Frankincense essential oil.  Not only can it be used for a number of random yet important things, frankincense essential oils for skin is a subject you’ll want to learn about! Let’s dive into the benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil. 5 Exceptionally Exciting Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil Healing-Frankincense is incredibly good at… Read More »5 Exceptionally Exciting Uses for Frankincense

Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….

Copaiba essential oil benefits are vast and impressive. This little known oil boasts big support for the immune system, the nervous system and the respiratory system! You won’t believe the health benefits you can gain by incorporating this mild oil into your daily routine! Copaiba oil is an essential oil you’re going to want to start using. I’m brimming over… Read More »Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….

A DIY Ringworm Roll On Among Other Things….

My girls and I got ringworm.  How’s that for transparent?  Back in October we bought two kittens and they ended up giving us ringworm, or so I think.  Now, let’s get one thing straight-ringworm is not actually caused by a worm.  It’s a fungal rash very much like Athlete’s foot and jock itch.  Awesome.  It’s a round rash that is… Read More »A DIY Ringworm Roll On Among Other Things….

diffusing essential oils benefits

The Power of Diffusing Essential Oils

I love diffusing.  I diffuse daily for several reasons and I believe there are many benefits in diffusing essential oils.  Let’s get into why you’ll want to start diffusing immediately! Diffusing Essential Oils Benefits Rids the air of fungal, bacterial and viral microbes-Shield Blend Neutralizes odors Supports the immune system-Shield Blend Improves concentration-Peppermint or Rosemary Lifts mood-Frankincense and/or Citrus oils… Read More »The Power of Diffusing Essential Oils

Fall Diffuser Blends

Fall Diffuser Potions…

Fall just might be my favorite season.  There’s just something about it.  With the days getting shorter, grayer and colder, I just get giddy thinking about scary movies, smores and fires in the fireplace!  My all-time favorite fall candle is THIS and I still burn it-I won’t lie.  I just can’t let it go, but I’m very aware of the… Read More »Fall Diffuser Potions…

Essential Oils For Skin Care

6 Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin…(that you might not have thought of!)

I tend to talk about the same handful of essential oils, don’t I?  I’ve made my love for geranium, lavender, cypress and carrot seed essential oil pretty apparent!  I thought today we would explore a 6 essential oils for beautiful skin that you might not have thought of! These oils have wonderful effects on the skin and would be great… Read More »6 Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin…(that you might not have thought of!)