DIY “I Didn’t Just Poop” Poo-Pourri

DIY Poo-Pourri

Yeah, I’m going there.  I did just get married and we’re all figuring out how to be as discreet as humanly possible.  Well, expect my girls who are still at the age where every bodily function is something to broadcast and be proud of.  So my new husband moved in with this spray called Poo-Pourri.  Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I had no idea what it was and how it worked.  I quickly jumped on the poo-pourri bandwagon and would like to shake the hand of the GENIUS who figured this one out!  Not only is this product effective, it is safe and natural to boot!

So if there’s anyone out there that doesn’t know what Poo-pourri is, let me explain this magical invention to you.  First off, room deodorizing sprays are just not an option.  The HUGE amount of toxins in those products can be detrimental to our health and definitely should be avoided.  To learn more read HERE.  So back to Poo-pourri-The concept is that you spray the liquid into the toilet before you go.  The liquid creates a barrier on the surface of the water so once you go, the smell is trapped under the water and doesn’t escape into the air.  Sounded a bit ridiculous to me the first time it was explained but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this product works.

DIY Poo-pourri

I can’t take any credit for this recipe.  Once I knew I needed to recreate this product, I took to pinterest!  There were tons of Poo-Pourri DIYs.  All with the common elements of glycerin and essential oils.  A few had the genius add on, blue food dye which is not necessary for it to work but great for being able to see you have covered the surface of the water with your spray!

DIY Pot-Pourri

DIY Poo Pourri

DIY Poo-Pourri

1/2 cup Water

1 tsp. Glycerin (find it HERE)

1 tsp. Rubbing Alcohol

10 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Lime Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)

3 drops Blue Food Coloring (find it HERE)

You’ll need a 4 oz. glass spray bottle HERE and possibly a funnel.

How to Use:

  • Before you go, spray the liquid into the toilet bowl and that’s it!
  • Shake your Poo-Pourrie before using each time!

At $15 a bottle, this DIY saves you a lot of money and the homemade version is just as effective as the original.  I chose essential oils according to what the original product smells like but you could use any essential oils you like, just keep it at 25 drops.

This DIY would come in handy for those of you that work in an office and need to use public restrooms.  You could carry it in a smaller spray bottle in your bag easily!  I know I’ll never travel without it, that’s for sure!

Use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD to get 10% off your order at my essential oil company of choice, Spark Naturals!

TMI?  I hope not.  Everyone poops but not everyone needs to smell it.  Make this DIY and teach your spouse and kids to use it and thank me later!

P.S.  Below is a copy of my label if you’d like to print one yourself.  I used the Avery labels, 22806 and printed via HERE.

DIY Poo-Pourri

xx, Jenni


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DIY Poo-Pourri


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