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Essential Oil Posts

Find everything you want to know about essential oil uses, diffuser recipes, homemade products, diffusing and general information

Dark glass spray bottle with label "I Didn't Just Poop" and an air plant on a gray background

DIY Poo-Pourri + I Didn’t Just Poop Label Download!

I have figured out an easy DIY poo pourri copy cat recipe that really works! Toxic aerosol bathroom sprays filled with artificial fragrances should be illegal. Not only do they not work, they are offensive to the body. The good news is there is a fantastic alternative that contains only natural ingredients. Making a “before you go” homemade poo-pourri spray… Read More »DIY Poo-Pourri + I Didn’t Just Poop Label Download!

Essential Oil Flash Cards

Essential Oil Flashcards!

I’m here to tell you about a GENIUS product that I’m using daily.  It’s one of those things that is so useful and so needed that you think, “Why didn’t I think of that??!!!”.  Well we didn’t, but Hallie and Kaley did.  They are the genius behind Everything But Oils which is where these amazing essential oil flashcards came from.… Read More »Essential Oil Flashcards!

Winter Blues Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Winter Blues? 3 Mood Lifting Diffuser Blends + Room Spray Recipes!

I’m not one to complain about things I can’t change but GEEEEZZZZZ!!  All day I’m grumbling about this cold weather!  I live in a very dry climate that usually stays semi mild during the winter but this winter has been a killer.  As I write this, the fire is on, space heater is on, I’m under a fur blanket and… Read More »Winter Blues? 3 Mood Lifting Diffuser Blends + Room Spray Recipes!

Most Useful Essential Oils

The 5 Essential Oils You Should Never Be Without.

Navigating through all the information about essential oils can be overwhelming.  There are so many essential oils, not to mention so many opinions on each one and how they should and shouldn’t be used.  I must admit, there are only a handful of essential oils that I use on a regular basis.   However, there are only 5 most useful… Read More »The 5 Essential Oils You Should Never Be Without.

Essential Oils I love

8 Essential Oils I ❤️

It’s no secret, I have a few essential oils I use over and over.  I love these oils for several reasons.  Some smell amazing, some do wonderful things for skin and some have physical benefits.  In honor of all things lovely for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share my favorite essential oils for skin care and explain how I use… Read More »8 Essential Oils I ❤️

frankincense essential oil for skin

5 Exceptionally Exciting Uses for Frankincense

I’m popping in for a quickie post on Frankincense essential oil.  Not only can it be used for a number of random yet important things, frankincense essential oils for skin is a subject you’ll want to learn about! Let’s dive into the benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil. 5 Exceptionally Exciting Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil Healing-Frankincense is incredibly good at… Read More »5 Exceptionally Exciting Uses for Frankincense

Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….

Copaiba essential oil benefits are vast and impressive. This little known oil boasts big support for the immune system, the nervous system and the respiratory system! You won’t believe the health benefits you can gain by incorporating this mild oil into your daily routine! Copaiba oil is an essential oil you’re going to want to start using. I’m brimming over… Read More »Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….