Peace Out, Puffy Eyes!

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Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Naturally!

Lately I have been a big, puffy mess.  My spring allergies came early this year and my head feels like a balloon.  The nose running and sneezing isn’t helping either.  Unfortunately my schedule has not allowed me to hide (lol) so I’ve had to act fast and figure out what to do about my massive under eye bags.

Many of us suffer with under eye bags at one time or another.  Some causes of under eye bags are allergies, bad food choices, not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep.  Puffy eyes can make us look tired, sad and even sick!  In fact, I had the puffiest eyes (because I ate my weight in breadsticks the night before) when I shot for the red lipstick makeup tutorial.  The original pictures were so bad due to my puffy eyes that I had to re-shoot the next day after drinking loads of water and icing my face!  True story!

How to Diminish Under Eye Bags:

  • ICE.  Cold reduces swelling.  It works wonders.

  • Drink LOADS of water.  This will help flush excess fluid and toxins out of your system.

  • Sleep on 2 pillows instead of one.  Laying flat allows fluids to pool around your eyes.

  • Use eye pad masks!

Eye Mask Pads are the new craze in the skin care world but you must be aware that while they seem harmless, many contain harmful ingredients such as parabens!  That’s why I stick with 100 Percent Pure.  Their Eye Masks contain all natural ingredients that give the delicate skin under the eyes a brighter, more awake look using only the highest quality, safe ingredients.  They de-puff and smooth with aloe, caffeine from matcha green tea and green coffee, cucumber, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plant cellulose!  As you can see, each mask is full of goodness to “de-bag” your eyes!   The mask material “hydrogel” is composed from 95% organic aloe water and 5% plant cellulose made to intensely hydrate.

Honestly, I bought these eye pads months ago and had been saving them for emergencies!  Due to allergies, my eye puffiness is at an all time high with no end in sight.  I decided it was the perfect time to give Bright Eyes a try.  I could actually kick myself for not using these earlier.  They are a miracle.  I can’t express properly how puffy my eyes get when the trees start budding.  My eyes itch, water and balloon up and until now the only thing I could do was use ice to reduce the swelling which can be uncomfortable and messy.  These pads are so comfortable on the skin and what’s neat is that you can wear them for a LONG TIME.  The longer you wear them, the thinner they get because the water gets absorbed into your skin.

I noticed an immediate difference the first time I used the eye pads.  I don’t have too much dark under my eyes but I do have some and it was greatly diminished.  My skin looked brighter and the bags were GONE.  I was reading reviews to see what other users were saying and several people called these eye masks “better then concealer”!

Since they come in a 5-pack, I would use these for specific events and allow enough time to be able to wear them for an hour before applying makeup.  This could be an expensive habit so be sure to incorporate the above remedies as well!

Bright Eyes-100% Pure

Bright Eyes Eye Pads

I highly recommend Bright Eyes from 100 Percent Pure.  These are now my go-to before every blog shoot and even before early appointments after a night of indulgence or allergy issues!  Shop 100 Percent Pure HERE.

xx, Jenni


Puffy Eye Remedies Natural


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Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 7 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on living a natural lifestyle.

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  1. Lol…I have had these in my bathroom for at least two months! My puffiness usually ends up over my eyes, so these wouldn’t help with that. But I’m still going to try them. And like you, Jenni, eating stuff I am sensitive to totally puffs me up!

  2. I have really dark eye circles. my mom thought I have some liver disease but I don`t it is just my skin like this. I have tried to apply some cucumber slices but the effect is temporary. I have even considered an eye bag surgery in Singapore but I will totally try these pads first. Thank you for sharing

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