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Benefits of a Skincare Fridge. The Best Addition to your Beauty Routine.

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Have you jumped on the skincare fridge bandwagon? Believe it or not, there are actual skin benefits of a skincare fridge and many beauty essentials you might have not thought of that can be stored in one. Turns out this Tik Tok worthy craze is actually the real deal and your skin can experience a huge upgrade by using one. Not to mention how helpful a skincare fridge is when storing DIY products such as serums, toners and eye products! I’m gushing about my love of this trendy beauty gadget and rounding up the best (and most affordable) skin care fridges!

Benefits of a Skin Care Fridge

Does a skincare fridge seem like an indulgent item only vapid, 20 somethings use for #shelfies? While I love all things miniature, I have been resisting the trend of having a fridge just for my skincare. The #skincarefridge is literally all over TikTok and I could watch people stuffing and organizing their’s forever but the question remains-do we buy into this trend?

Half of me is a minimalist and rejects items that aren’t totally necessary. You might have noticed that I’m not the type that has a counter littered with every skin care product I can get my hands on. Being a “skincare blogger” didn’t come from my obsession with skincare products or beauty gadgets. However, the other part of me is just vain enough to raise an eyebrow at the tiny little fridge winking at me on my Amazon wish list. 

There are a lot of gimmicks out there when it comes to achieving beauty and I rarely fall for an item that ends up being pointless so you can trust me on this-I won’t lead you down the road traveled by Kardashian followers. Until today.. LOL

So I gave in and got the fridge and I’ve never looked back. My skincare fridge and I are in a committed relationship and I’m here to tell you all the reasons why I HEART skin care fridges and why you should too.

Benefits of a Skin Care Fridge:

  • Extends the shelf life of your skincare products. Just like food, skincare can be kept free of bacteria much longer if it is kept in the fridge. A mini fridge also keeps your products in a dark place which also protects them from going bad.   
  • De-puffs the skin-As you probably already know, cold helps reduce swelling which helps reduce pain. This is why we ice a swollen ankle or aching back. Ice baths have become all the rage lately for this very reason. Inflammation wreaks havoc on the body and it is no different in the skin. Applying cold skincare products to the skin helps reduce under eye bags and puffy skin because it constricts blood vessels. This is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin and skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. 
  • Calms irritation-Cold reduces inflammation and soothes itchiness and pain. 
  • Brightens complexion-Applying cold products to the skin revs up circulation. Added circulation helps to brighten dull skin and accelerate cell turnover and healing. 
  • Convenience-Eliminate running back and forth from your kitchen fridge to your bathroom.

Ice Therapy for the Skin:

As a side note, I wrote a post all about the benefits of using ice on the skin-yes ice! I thought I would include a little information here since it ties in with using cold products on the skin. 

Turns out there are many benefits to ice therapy or cold therapy. Cold therapy on the face can actually encourage the production of collagen, prevent the formation of wrinkles, shrink and fade zits, encourage lymphatic drainage, shrink the pores, rev up blood circulation, immediately reduce the appearance of puffy, red and irritated skin and also prime the skin for makeup. 

Using cold skincare, you can harness all of these benefits. For an added boost, grab yourself an ice roller as well. I try to use an ice roller on my skin nightly but I for sure use it on mornings where I am puffy from an indulgent meal the night before.

Hand holding a serum in front of a skincare fridge.

DIY Skincare and the Skincare Fridge:

A skincare fridge might be one of the best things that every happened for DIY skincare. As you probably know if you’ve been around for a while, preservatives are often a harmful ingredient in many skincare products. Us DIYers like to leave it out when possible or use a more natural option if available. Leaving out a preservative or using a natural one can put the DIY product at risk for growing bacteria. Bacteria and mold is about the last thing we want to add to our skincare routines so often times many DIY products must be kept cold in order to prolong the shelf life. Enter the skincare fridge! We can now keep products like water based serums and toners in a mini fridge and extend their shelf life by months! Not to mention that beauty benefits of using cold skincare! It’s definitely a win win and a must have tool for those of us making our own natural skincare. 

Items to Be Kept in a Skincare Fridge:

  • Serums (especially vitamin C serums)
  • Face Masks
  • Sheet Masks
  • Eye Creams & Serums
  • Eye Masks
  • Eye Patches
  • Water Based Cleansers
  • Spritzers/Toners
  • Setting Sprays
  • Facial Rollers & Gua Shas
  • Face Cream
  • Ampoules
  • Essential Oils
  • Perfumes
  • Beauty Tools

What Shouldn’t Go In A Skincare Fridge:

  • Balms-Balms stay solid at room temperature but when cooled, they can become too hard to apply. 
  • Clay Based Masks-Clay masks can become hardened and impossible to apply when chilled.
  • Makeup-Products like foundations, concealers and primers could separate and become hard to apply if chilled. Foundation is meant to be applied at room temperature so that it can interact with your body temperature in order to look natural. Mascara could become too thick to apply.
  • Nail Polish-Polishes could thicken when stored at a cool temperature.

What I Have in My Skincare Fridge:

I’ve been storing my 100 Percent Pure sheet masks and eye masks as well as my hyaluronic acid serum and Rose Hydrating Spritzer in the fridge because cold skin care not only feels good, it also reduces inflammation and tightens the pores!  

For us DIYers, if you enjoy making lotion, this fridge is a great way to keep it fresh longer!  Anything you make that contains water, needs a little extra help when it comes to preservation.  This skin care fridge can serve as a convenient way to keep your homemade skin care fresh as well as convenient!  

I’ve even been keeping aloe vera gel in the fridge so I can apply after a long day in the sun!  

Benefits of a Skin Care Fridge

The cooling effect on the skin can help complement the active ingredients in serums that are designed to hydrate, soothe, and brighten the skin. Applying a cold moisturizer can help calm inflammation.

The cooler temperature helps to constrict blood vessels, which can decrease puffiness and redness. Storing tools like jade rollers and gua sha in a fridge is a great idea too!

Some skin serums like vitamin C and retinol, which can have unstable molecules, and probiotics, which contain living bacteria have shorter shelf lives. Keeping them in a fridge can help prolong that shelf life by providing a more stable environment.

Typically a bathroom can be a humid place which is not optimal for skin care products. Also, sunlight is not recommended for the effectiveness and shelf life of products either. A skin care fridge remedies both of these environmental issues. 

Benefits of a Skin Care Fridge

Luckily you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good skin care fridge. They range in all sizes and prices. I rounded up the affordable ones that have the most reviews and the most positive reviews at that. Mine was given to me by a brand that I promoted a while back. However, my exact fridge is getting horrible reviews so I’m not linking that fridge anymore. I have linked one that is identical to mine but gets excellent reviews.

What to Look for When Buying a Skincare Fridge:

  • The perfect size. You don’t want a skincare fridge that’s too big or else it will take up limited counter space on your bathroom counter. Also, getting a fridge that’s too small will prove to be a waste of space if your skincare won’t fit inside. I recommend you take measurements to find the perfect fit for your beauty counter.
  • Removable shelves are nice, especially if you can adjust the heights or remove shelves all together for taller products. 
  • Minimal noise level. Some of these small makeup fridges have a very loud motor which can be very annoying. 
  • Easy portability is nice for travel or even for switching bathrooms. 
  • A five-star rating is a must. There are so many skincare fridges on Amazon. There is no need to settle for anything less. 
  • Small bins on the inside of the fridge door are very convenient to store sheet and eye masks.
  • Consider what features you need in a skincare fridge-Do you prefer a USB plug in or regular plugin? Also, some skincare fridges come with bluetooth speakers, some have a mirror in the front of the fridge. Some even have warming features. 
  • Temperature control-Your skincare fridge should be kept at anywhere between 40-60 degrees. Too much cooler could disturb some products and too much warmer would be pointless. 
  • Heat Setting-When it comes to oil cleansing, a hot towel to remove the cleansing oil or balm is necessary. Having the option of turning your fridge into a hot towel warmer is a nice option but not a must. Having a heat option gives your skincare fridge an extra purpose if you should ever want to switch up it’s job on your beauty counter.

The Best Skincare Fridges on Amazon:



A mini beauty fridge has been quite the nice addition to my beauty routine. I find it is hugely helpful with my DIY beauty products and it freed up a ton of space from my regular fridge in the kitchen. I also have found that having a small fridge on my counter encourages me to take better, more consistent care of my skin. I’m definitely masking more and remembering to use my eye products regularly. I especially love using toners that I can spritz on my skin and do think regular toner use has improved my skin since I would almost always skip that step before. You’re probably figuring out I don’t always take my own advice-lol. 

Turns out skincare thrives in cold temperatures and you can greatly improve your skincare routine when you incorporate a cosmetics fridge. In conclusion, I highly recommend a skincare fridge and I think it is absolutely necessary for us DIYers. Skincare fridges are more affordable than ever and easily found so why not?!

How about you? Are there any beauty trends you were pleasantly surprised by? Have you given into a beauty fridge? 

xx, Jenni


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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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  1. This blog is inspire me, i have a blog to promote my skincare. i hope some day my blog become popular like yours. I found your blog in in article The Best Skin Care Blogs of 2019

  2. Great article. I am a fan of refrigerating skincare products, especially during the summer months. Not only does it offer a cooling effect, it also calms irritated skin and can be quite invigorating.

  3. I am thinking about starting a small business making soaps (both cold press and melt and pour), along with body scrubs of all kinds, ranging from coffee, sugar, salt, fruity masks, etc, but I am having trouble deciding how to select the correct preservative. I have read all kind of things, but I can’t find the magic bullet that will work instead of having to have 30 different kinds of preservatives. What is a good recommendation that will work for most any of those things? The closest thing I have found was Optiphen Plus, but I’m still not sure it is the best option. Can you help me sort this dilemma out please?

    1. Melissa-Yikes-that’s a tall order for a natural preservative. All I can recommend is Neodefend for lotions that contain water and Lecuical Liquid for water based serums. That’s all I have experience with. Both of those preservatives are at Lotion Crafter.

  4. Can I simply say what a comfort to discover a person that really understands what they are talking about over the internet. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular since you surely have the gift.

    Good post. I certainly appreciate this website. Stick with it!

  5. I have been trying to get my hands on this fridge because as someone who loves skincare and sharing it with others it’s very convenient. I love when my skincare products are cold because it definitely wakes me up in the morning and gives my face the extra boost it needs. Thank you for you insight on this fridge, I loved how you mentioned the advantages of owing the fridge besides it being cool. I will definitely by buying a this fridge soon!

  6. Wow! This helps me a lot. I am thinking to buy a skincare fridge that I will place in my room near my vanity table. I normally put my aloe vera moisturizer, serums, and face masks in the fridge, and it’s so hassling to go to the kitchen to get them. I will definitely buy this!

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