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Essential Oils DIY Recipes

Labels, white small bowl, essential oils and silver inhaler.

How to Make & Use Essential Oil Inhalers

Incorporating essential oil inhalers into your health routine can be a complete game changer. Using an inhaler can help decongest, improve focus, boost the immune system and relieve anxiety and depression. They take minutes to make and can be used absolutely everywhere! Using a personal aromatherapy inhaler is the easiest way to experience the power of essential oils. I’ve got 12… Read More »How to Make & Use Essential Oil Inhalers

DIY All Natural Vick's Vapor Rub

All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

When flu season strikes, making your own vapor rub from natural ingredients is an absolute must. My homemade Vicks Vapor Rub recipe is a staple in our natural medicine cabinet to help decongest, soothe and provide respiratory support. This homemade recipe is simple to make and so enjoyable to use with nourishing olive and coconut oils as well as natural… Read More »All Natural DIY Vapor Rub Recipe to Heal Stuffy Noses

Thieves Balm Recipe

Thieves Balm Recipe

Shield Blend Essential Oil a.k.a Thieves is my most used essential oil in the colder seasons. I find it incredibly helpful for detoxing the air, warding off airborne viruses and bacteria as well as soothing throat pain. I don’t hear many essential oil enthusiast talk about it’s ability to be applied to the throat and ease discomfort so I thought… Read More »Thieves Balm Recipe

DIY Green Tea Balm

DIY Green Tea Balm

Sometimes I make balms just to experiment with color. Sometimes they turn out to be just another balm I’ll eventually slather on my skin to try to heal the dryness. However, there are a few recipes that turn out to be quite enjoyable, beneficial and pretty. This DIY Green Tea balm turned out to be what I’ve been using on everything… Read More »DIY Green Tea Balm