DIY Vapor Rub…..

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Homemade Vapor Rub

I must say-DIY Vick’s Vapor Rub is an absolute staple in my home during 3 our of 4 seasons.  We are constantly using this homemade organic balm to decongest and heal.  Needless to say, we have our fair share of allergies and colds and raw, stuffy noses are quickly and safely relieved now that we have a steady supply of organic, petroleum free vapor rub!!

As most of you know, I am on a mission to rid my house of toxins. Making essential oils balms like DIY Neosporin, DIY Tiger Balm and now DIY Vick’s Vapor Rub is just the beginning!This journey of mine began when I started getting very leery of the skin care industry

I have been an Aesthetician for over 10 years and have been using and selling professional lines of skin care until about four years ago.  I realized that even if a product is found in a high end salon or claims to be “natural” it most likely couldn’t be further from actually being good for your skin. 

The laundry list of harmful ingredients that are put in skin care is staggering.  I won’t bore you with statistics and hard to pronounce ingredients but this is serious.   I wanted to simplify what I was doing to my skin and I wanted to use the most pure ingredients I could find.  I started to formulate my recipes and it quickly led to revamping almost everything my family and I use!

So today, I wanted to share with you a simple recipe for DIY Vick’s Vapor Rub!  Unlike Mentholatum or Vick’s Vapor Rub, this recipe contains beeswax, not petrolatum or turpentine which is typically contaminated with PAHS (a highly toxic compound linked to cancer).

If you are like me, you often have runny noses dripping around your house, not to mention fall’s allergies are just around the corner! This recipe is so nourishing for the skin while also being a powerful decongestant.  Essential oils are potent and deliver great results without the side effects and toxic ingredients.

DIY Vapor Rub Ingredients

I prefer to use coconut oil as the base of this salve due to the extremely healing powers of coconut oil.  It’s great for over blown sore noses!  I also add olive oil. Olive oil is nourishing and high in antioxidants. It is great for replenishing irritated skin.

  • PEPPERMINT– Breaks up congestion. relieves headaches, antibacterial, antiviral
  • EUCALYPTUS– Breaks up congestion. anti fungal, antibacterial
  • ROSEMARY– Clears the nose, anti fungal, antibacterial

*Since I have posted this recipe, I have learned that rosemary essential oil is not recommended for children 10 and under. I’ve replaced it with Scotch Pine Essential Oil which also has decongestant properties if you are making this DIY vapor rub for children under 10.

*I also recommend to cut the essential oils in half if you are making this vapor rub for children under 10. i.e. 15 drops peppermint, 10 drops eucalyptus and 7 drops of Scotch Pine per 4 ounces.

For more information on kids and essential oil safety, I found THIS post super helpful!

Homemade Vapor Rub

DIY Vick’s Vapor Rub

1/4 cup Coconut Oil (find it HERE)
1/4 cup Olive Oil (find it HERE)
1 heaping TBSP Beeswax (find it HERE)
30 drops Eucalyptus essential oil (find it HERE)
15 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (find it HERE) or Pine Essential Oil (find it HERE)


  1. Fill a medium sized pot 1/2 way full with water.
  2. Place a glass pyrex bowl with a spout in the water and add your coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax.
  3. Once beeswax is melted remove double boiler from heat and add essential oils.
  4. While the mixture is still liquid pour in a 4 ounce jar.
  5. Allow to cool.

You will have about an ounce left over.  A lip balm tube, tin or jar is great for the excess so you can take it on the go!  The vapor rub will not take long to harden but if you want to speed up the process you can put your jar in the fridge.

Homemade Vapor Rub

Don’t forget to use this DIY Vapor Rub on your temples for headaches and even on sore muscles for pain relief!  Also, you can apply this salve to the bottoms of your feet to calm a cough and ease congestion.

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xx, Jenni


Homemade Vapor Rub

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Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 7 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on living a natural lifestyle.

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  3. I have made quite a few things from your blog now and LOVE the all!! Especially this vapor rub! I have 4 littles all under the age of 6 and I am not going to lie I was kind of skeptic about whether or not it would work. Totally convinced when I applied it to my sleeping 5 year old and she stopped coughing up her lungs instantly!!! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Alice-I used it on my daughters at all ages. If you decide to, I would reduce the essential oils because they can be shocking to baby skin since they are so tingly and cooling. I would reduce them to 1/2.

  4. Thank you for posting the recipe for the Vapor Rub. My five year old and I have both been suffering from an upper respiratory infection. The Rub was so quick and easy to make. I have emptied three boxes of tissues on my own and my nose has been painfully raw. The Rub eases the rawness of the skin and helps it heal quickly. Many thanks. <3

  5. Please make a note that all of these essential oils are unsafe for use on children. This blend is appropriate for adults but WAY too strong for kids. Eucalyptus and Rosemary are not recommended for kids under age 10, and Peppermint is not recommended for kids under age 6. Plus kids shouldn’t use concentrations of more than 1 or 2%, depending on their age. This is a great blend for adults but best to state that upfront before people start using it on their children. Thanks!

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