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DIY Makeup RemoverIf you’re looking for a quick, yet thorough, yet natural DIY makeup remover recipe, look no further! While I have dubbed myself the queen of oil cleansing, I do find that having a makeup remover on hand is needed. I’ve scoured my favorite DIY blogs, experimented and reformulated and have landed on what I think is a fantastic makeup melter that will not strip your skin nor clog your pores! 

DIY cleansing products can be tricky, tricky… Trust me, I’ve made my fair share of really bad “cleansers”. I’m air quoting cleansers because many of them turned out to be the exact opposite of a cleanser. Ever washed your face with liquid bacteria?

You might wonder why cleansers tend to be hard to make? It’s mainly because Castile soap, the main ingredient used in homemade cleansers, has a very high pH. A high pH can burn and strip the skin. Also, because a cleanser is typically over 1/2 water, it’s impossible to get a gel consistency.

After having so much trouble making a soap based cleanser, I turned to oil cleansing. I’m thrilled to have failed at making cleansers because oil cleansing has definitely been such a game changer for my skin. No more do I deal with dry patches, unbalanced, irritated skin and my skin is smoother and less congested. Turns out that oil dissolves oil which is why cleansing with oil works. Oil is insanely effective at gently removing makeup so not only are you getting a detoxing facial experience with oil cleansing, you are also removing makeup in one fell swoop. 

Recently I have ventured into the world of cleansing grains. I’m enjoying cleansing my skin with “grains” when I don’t oil cleanse. However, my cleansing grains aren’t effective when it comes to removing makeup. I typically use my cleansing grains when I don’t wear makeup or in the morning but if I do use them after a day of wearing makeup, I use a very simple DIY makeup remover to first remove makeup. 

Witch Hazel for Cleansing:

Witch hazel has been used on the skin for centuries. We typically use it in homemade toners for it’s tightening properties as well as it’s ability to stabilize pH. Did you know it is a powerful cleanser as well as toner?

Witch Hazel is anti bacterial and antiseptic.  It also has powerful anti inflammatory, astringent and healing properties.

I just recently discovered how effective witch hazel is for removing makeup. It can be used on it’s own but adding an oil helps it to be even more effective making it a more gentle and moisturizing cleansing experience.

My super simple DIY makeup remover recipe can be made in seconds and works like a charm when removing makeup. It can be used alone or used as the first step before grain, honey or oil cleansing. It’s gentle and thorough and best of all, totally safe and natural. 

A Few Recipe Notes on DIY Makeup Remover:

Many of you are well versed in DIY Skin Care and will note that A.) oil and water don’t mix and B.) witch hazel and Castile soap are water based ingredients so a preservative is necessary. 

Yes, oil and water don’t mix so this is one of those DIYs you’ll need to shake each time you use. 

And yes, making this recipe in a large batch or not using it within 2 weeks will cause you bacteria issues.

Since this is such an easy to make recipe, I make small amounts and make sure I use it quickly. I like to store it in my skin care fridge for extra freshness as well. I have added a bit of vitamin E to my recipe to prolong shelf life.

If you’d like to add a preservative and make a bigger batch, you can add 1/4 tsp. Neodfend (find it HERE) to the witch hazel and let it dissolve then add your oil. 

DIY Makeup Remover Mascara

DIY Makeup Remover Recipe:

This recipe makes about 4 ounces. Find my 4 ounce pump HERE.

For a very simple recipe, simply combine 5 tbsp. of witch hazel and 4 tbsp. of oil. Skip all ingredients marked optional.


  • Mix all ingredients in a pump bottle and shake before each use. You might find a small funnel necessary.

How to Use Homemade Makeup Remover

  1. Shake bottle to combine ingredients.
  2. Using a cotton round, pump 1-3 pumps on the cotton round and gently swipe over eyes and face. 
  3. Repeat until all the makeup is removed.
  4. You can rinse or not-it’s up to you. I personally like a splash of cold water afterwards.
  5. You may follow up with oil cleansing or grain cleansing if you choose. 
  6. Finish with a homemade toner and homemade face oil.

DIY Makeup Remover

This makeup remover removes even stubborn mascara. I find that the oil working together with the witch hazel is such a winning combo. 

I’m absolutely loving this DIY makeup remover. I’ve been in an oil cleansing rut for years. Of course I use different cleansing balms here and there but I rarely deviate from oil cleansing. Using my new cleansing grains and this makeup remover has been a welcome change both to my skin and my routine! 

My skin feels clean, fresh and well moisturized. This cleanser has not stripped my skin of much needed oils and quite honestly, I feel like it’s a more thorough cleanse.

I will add that I have the most sensitive eyes. When formulating products for the eyes (like my homemade eyelash serum) I can rest assured that if my eyes don’t sting from using the product, no one’s will. This cleanser does not burn my eyes or leave them irritated. It has just enough Castile soap to be effective without irritating. 

What is your cleansing method of choice? Please share in the comments!

xx, Jenni


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