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DIY Eye Serums

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first to show signs of aging. Not to mention, many of us suffer from puffy eyes and dark under eye circles. A natural DIY eye serum might just be the perfect addition to your beauty routine!

Enjoy my collection of eye serum recipes. Some are time consuming, some are incredibly simple but you bet that they are all formulated with the most effective, nature friendly ingredients combined to give you results!

DIY coQ10 Squalane lip and eye balm

Vegan coQ10 & Squalane Eye and Lip Treatment

I’m really excited about this Vegan coQ10 & Squalane Eye and Lip Treatment recipe!  First of all, it’s multi purpose.  Two birds with one stone is always a good idea!  Plus, it incorporates a few new ingredients that I’ve just recently discovered that work incredibly well together.  Last, this blend of essential oils is so good for repairing and protecting the… Read More »Vegan coQ10 & Squalane Eye and Lip Treatment

DIY Calendula Eye Balm

DIY Calendula Eye Balm

Last week we learned how easy it is to infuse oil with calendula flowers.  I’ve already made several DIYs with my new calendula infused safflower oil and am excited to share one today!  This DIY is a dupe of Indie Lee’s Calendula Eye Balm.  I adore their products and since we’re mostly DIYers here, this particular product is one to… Read More »DIY Calendula Eye Balm

Hand holding small jar of eye cream

DIY Firming Eye Cream

Making your own DIY Eye Cream is not only rewarding, it’s effective. I’ve chosen some potent anti aging ingredients that are going to help tighten the sensitive skin around the eyes, reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes and repair and rejuvenate skin cells. In this post, I will teach you how to make a fluffy, creamy eye… Read More »DIY Firming Eye Cream