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The Oil Cleansing Method Cleanser

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DIY Oil CleanserToday I’m going to share with you one of my all time favorite homemade products. This recipe for a DIY oil cleanser is a healthy copycat recipe of a cult classic cleanser that so many women have fallen for or should I say been duped by. My DIY oil cleanser recipe has the same consistency and the same method of cleansing as the $100+ cleanser, but you can make mine for a few bucks a jar and reap benefits of organic, natural ingredients!

I do a lot of research on skin and get a lot of emails from beauty sites reviewing products.  Even though I don’t use many over the counter beauty products, or promote them for you all to use, I still like to see what’s hot at the moment. 

$100+ Oil Cleanser Contains Mineral Oil!

So the “cult cleanser” I mentioned above was the Eve Lom Cleanser.  It was deemed “probably the best cleanser in the world”, by Vogue.  So of course, I was intrigued. 

Come to find out, it is a balm-like cleanser, meant for The Oil Cleansing method.  Ok, even more intrigued.  Then, I read the ingredients.

Let me be clear, I’m not writing this blog to bash over-the-counter skin care and be Debbie Downer about popular result-boasting products.  I simply want to provide an alternative because I truly believe homemade skin care made with zero chemicals is the right thing for our skin.  I love to make DIY beauty easy, fun and affordable.

Eve Lom Cleanser BLOWS. MY. MIND.  Like jaw on the floor.  This product is over $100.00.  The first ingredient (ingredients are listed from what is in it the most to the least) being MINERAL OIL!  Not to mention-aluminum and parabens are in it as well.  Not to single this product out, because so many are this way, but even the most exclusive product lines usually don’t have a cleanser for over $100!

Women are spending truckloads of money on, what I would call GARBAGE.  The skin care industry is a  multi-billion dollar business, estimated to be worth 43 billion per year, and that’s just the United States. 

I could go on and on about how the skin care industry is corrupt and women are under way too much pressure to be pretty and are preyed upon by million dollar skin care companies-but I won’t, because it’s not fun or productive.

More DIY Oil Cleansers

DIY Oil Cleanser

Benefits of Using a DIY Oil Cleanser

How about we create a DIY oil cleanser of our own instead?  But this recipe will be free of chemicals and MINERAL OIL!  Geez…..

Below are the benefits Eve Lom states-

  • Deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof make-up
  • Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best
  • Decongests and with the signature massage technique helps drain toxins
  • Exfoliates, tones, improves circulation when combined with the specially woven Muslin Cloth
  • Softens and conditions the skin
  • Visible benefits for all skin types

We can DIY this oil cleanser easily!

DIY Oil Cleanser Recipe


  1. Heat apricot kernel oil, castor oil and cocoa butter/shea butter in a glass bowl, placed in a pot of water.  Only turn your stove top to medium heat.
  2. Once the butter is fully melted, remove from heat and allow to cool for about 5 minutes.
  3. Add essential oils and pour into a 4 ounce jar.
  4. Let cool until cleanser hardens-This could take up to 12 hours.  Feel free to put yours in the fridge.

How to Use a DIY Oil Cleanser:

  1. Scoop out about a quarter size amount into your palm.
  2. Massage all over skin for 1-2 minutes.
  3. While massaging, run hot water over a soft wash cloth or muslin cloth.
  4. Wring cloth out and place over your face, pressing it into your skin.
  5. Once the cloth cools, run under hot water again and repeat step 4 1-2 more times.

DIY Oil Cleanser

A couple of things…..

  • Eve Lom suggests using their muslin clothes.  Of course that’s another $20 bucks!  I like the idea of muslin clothes and got my own from Amazon HERE.  They are much softer and more gentle then a wash cloth, which I like.  Wash cloths get so rough over time that you could really damage your skin if you’re not careful. So while you don’t have to, I think the muslin clothes are a good idea.
  • Clove oil is hardly ever suggested for the skin, especially when you are putting it in a cleanser that you will use on your eyes.  The reason clove oil is added is because of it’s insane antioxidant content.  Feel free to omit it, I put it in mine and it does not burn or irritate my eyes.
  • Read my post on The Oil Cleansing Method for more info. on OCM.  I suggest doing this kind of cleanse at night and follow up with a serum or facial oil.

I hope I wasn’t too much of a Negative Nancy today, but if I was, I at least hope I made you think about all the scary ingredients skin care companies put in their HIGH DOLLAR products. 

Be sure you are buying quality ingredients for your DIY’s.  A quality ingredient can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to essential oils.  I have linked the ingredients in the recipe to brands I’ve used and trust.

The moral of the story?  You can make your own products at 1/4 of the cost and with NO yucky ingredients!

xx, Jenni

P.S. If you’d rather purchase this oil cleanser I sell it in my Etsy shop HERE.

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Detox Oil Cleanser


DIY Oil Cleanser


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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

82 thoughts on “The Oil Cleansing Method Cleanser”

  1. This sounds intriguing, I’d like to try it. Would you please explain the use of each EO you’re adding and possible suggest some substitutions? I have tried a mask with clove and my skin was burning hot, very red and sensitive for the rest of the day. Also, I strongly dislike the smell of chamomile oil. Thanks!!

    1. Jennifer-I just went on the ingredients in the Eve Lom cleanser-Clove is HIGH in antioxidants but by all means omit it since you are sensitive to it. Chamomile is for soothing and Eucalyptus is a weird choice-I think they added it to help decongest the skin. You can add any essential oils you like-Geranium and Lavender are always a favorite and great for all skin types. Citrus oils like lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit etc. are very cleansing and brightening. Frankincense is very balancing. Hope this gives you some ideas! There are very little rules here!

  2. I was doing this for quite some time using olive oil and caster oil. I noticed over time that the water in my bathroom sink would start to go down very slowly and I was wondering if it had anything to do with rinsing the towel in the sink. Any idea?

    1. Hi Darlene,

      The best way to clear out your sink is pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain followed with 1 cup or more of vinegar. Let sit for 15 minutes then run hot tap water for a minute or so. If drain is still clogged, repeat the steps. I do this with all my drains once a month and it works wonders. It’s better than drains. ☺️

  3. Thank you, Jenni. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into skincare oils and butters etc, mostly by reading on sites like yours. So informative and helpful! Women would do themselves a favor by doing the same, and just stop buying things made with petroleum products, parabens, etc. When I am shopping I read labels on skincare products now to check ingredients, and almost always find yucky stuff just like you did in this article. As a result I now make a lot of my own products. Keep up the good work on your blog—–it’s very much appreciated.

      1. Question, are the beeswax pellets measured solid or melted and the cocoa butter wafers about how many would you say is a tbsp? Or should I also measure it melted?

  4. I’ve been doing the oil cleanse for 2 weeks and love love love it…
    My skin looks better some fines have disappeared, but the best thing is that is has also cleared a hard white (sun spot?) i had jsu above my lips, and i have only been using jojoba oil to cleanse and rosehip oil as a serum, at night.
    I will now make up your recipe had to wait awhile to get all the ingredients delivered.

    Thanks for this great site i’m hooked!

      1. Thanks will use this and see how it works for me..
        Also can you please tell me how to use orange essential oil in my beauty regime? (either for Cleansing, Toning or Moisturising) I have very few other oils like olive, coconut, sweet almond, eucalyptus.

        1. Priyanka-Orange is excellent for brightening skin tone. Be careful because it can cause you to be sensitive to the sun. I would only use it in products you use at night. You can add it into anything you like. It is great in a cleanser and I would also add it to a toner.

    1. Trina-Cocoa butter is extremely nourishing for the skin. I love the creamy consistency of this cleanser due to the cocoa butter. Omit it if you are nervous about it though. You can always just use coconut oil and a little bit of castor oil. That is what I’m currently using since I’ve run out of cocoa butter!

  5. Hello Jenni,
    I made this a few days ago, along with your Anti-Aging Cleanser, and Skin Soothing Mask. The only problem I had was actually STOPPING. It is so fun to melt, mix, whip, and pour. My husband now calls me his mad scientist. I’ve been using one of your skin serums for about a month, along with your geranium spritzer (which feels absolutely FABULOUS -insert high pitch voice – in the morning). I truly love your website….next up in the laboratory…anti aging eye roll-on, lavender silky body wash and creamy body moisturizer!!! Thanks for all the wonderful info….!!!

  6. Hi Jenni! LOVE your website and skin care recipes! Thank you for all the information you provide πŸ™‚ Just out of curiosity, could I sub mango butter for the cocoa butter? Nothing against the cocoa butter, and I’ve never worked with mango butter, I’m just obsessed with all things mango! Thx!

  7. Jenni!
    I tried the oil cleansing method for a little ever a week and my face was a mess with painful blemishes. I have been fighting adult acne since finishing college and my clinical esthetician had me on Retin-ol in the evening, and glycol-cleansing/exfoliating pads in the morning. I did stop using the antibiotic clyndimiacin gel recently and my skin is great with just retinal and glycol pads. My skin was in great condition before I switched to the oil cleansing method. I know you mentioned most skin would break out as it was releasing the toxins once starting the OCM but I feel like my face is not something to mess with if it was in good health prior to my experience with the OCM. Any thoughts? BTW—I love your website. thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Alexis-what a bummer! Not everyone’s skin responds to OCM. I would discontinue it. I am about to post about my favorite cleanser for blemished skin by Eminence-I was experiencing clogging and decided to discontinue as well now that summer has made me very oily. Stay tuned for that post and in the meantime-HERE is the cleanser I recommend.

    2. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are not meant for the face some will break out because they are noncomedogenic. Shea butter, mango butter and oils high in linoleic acid work better for acneic skin.

  8. Hello Jenni. Does your recipes work for black skin as well. Am 36 years and have been experiencing blemishes and acne in the past 10 months consistently which I never had. Used to have a clean clear skin which earned me the name “babyface” What recipes can you recommend for facial oil (day and night), cleanser and toner using essential oils? Thank you

    1. Hi! Absolutely. Black skin tends to be oilier so beware how your skin reacts. This method is supposed to regulate the skin.
      I would use an apple cider vinegar toner-1/2 water, 1/2 ACV then add 10 drops of lavender and 10 drops of peppermint (based on an 8 ounce bottle), The OCM for cleansing and you could make a serum of jojoba oil with lavender and melaleuca essential oils. If you have a 1 ounce bottle I would use 7 drops each. If you are experiencing too much oiliness, you might skip the jojoba oil and use aloe vera gel instead. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi Jenni thanks for another great recipe, just made it there now with the extra essential oils thrown in!!
    I had a problem last week with the eye cream curdling when I whisked it for the third time after combining mixtures, this hasn’t happened to me before and in wondering what could’ve gone wrong? Can you help? They blended well after they reached 130 degrees, it was when it cooled, hope you can help? Thankyou

  10. I have two questions. First, will Shea butter work instead of cocoa butter? I don’t see why not, but thought I’d check. Second, I don’t want to use coconut oil because I’ve read about issues with it returning to it’s solid state and causing problems with pipes. If I substitute another oil, like meadow foam, will it change the consistency of the final product?

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  12. I created this solid oil cleanser today and love it. It’s very similar tocthecliquid oil blend Ixwas using. The way this cleanser melts onto your skin feels fantastic and feels lighter than pure liquid. I love how clean it makes my skin feel. The coconut oil doesn’t leave a slimy residue like pure Castor oil!!!!

    Definitely worth your time to make this. Takes 5 tov10 minutes and feels so luxurious and high end!!!


  13. Hello Jenni! I just want to say I love using this Oil Cleanser. Some nights I’m just too tired & use a foam cleanser from L’Occitaine. I tried the muslin cloth but what I received was kinda stiff & rough. I have some old high TC Egyptian cotton wash clothes I swear by. They were soft when new & 100 x softer now. I have also used micro-fiber clothes that feel soft on my skin. Your thoughts on micro-fiber?
    Much happiness to you & your family! You give so much, you deserve the best!

  14. I’ve been using the OCM for a while now with almond & castor oils, but I just tried this balm a week ago- I absolutely love it and will never go back! The smell is heavenly & my skin feels amazing afterwards!

  15. What is the shelf life of this product? Do I need to add any preservatives to make it last longer? I am planning to sell such kind of stuff but I am in dilemma what to and what not to use as preservatives and I am looking for tried and tested recipes. Could you please help me out?

  16. Hi, Jenni — do you melt the beeswax with the oils in this recipe? I don’t see that in the instructions. My apologies if I’ve missed it! Thanks!

    1. Virginia-Yes, melt everything in one bowl placed in a pot of water on the stove (turn stove to medium heat). Once everything is melted, add your essential oils then pour into a jar.

  17. Hi Jenni,

    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful recipes. An aesthetician I used to go to told me that coconut oil is good if you ingest it but it actually clogs pores if you use it topically. Now, unfortunately for me, coconut oil (when applied to my face only) does clog my pores. What alternative do you recommend to coconut oil?

    Also, I was recommended this cleanser formula – what are your thoughts?
    Face Wash for Clear Skin β€” This face wash is full of probiotics to invigorate the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. Combine the following ingredients:

    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    3 tablespoons honey
    1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
    20 drops tea tree oil
    2 capsules of live probiotics
    Mix the ingredients together and blend with a hand blender. Then pour the mixture into a convenient bottle and store it in a cool place.

    1. Angela-I agree totally about the coconut oil. It works for some but it can clog pores and I don’t find it very helpful to my skin at all. It’s not very moisturizing. I love the cleanser but I’m not sure if it needs some type of preservative. It could go bad quickly. I would use it up within a couple of weeks. Love the idea of probiotics too but I’m not too sure if they would penetrate the skin. Also, if this would most likely have to be used with a hot towel or else I think it would be hard to remove.

  18. Hi Jenni, I’m new to your site and am having a great time reading all the recipes and comments. I’ve been using a DIY oil cleanser for about a year now and I fell in love with this method the first day I tried it! My skin has always been dry but for the last few years (as I’ve headed into menopause) it’s been ridiculous how dry and sensitive it’s become. Using an oil cleanser has really helped and when I need to make more I’ll give your recipe a try – I like that it’s a bit more solid than the liquid version I’m using. I’m wondering though, what you find to be the best way for cleaning your facecloths? Mine have taken on a bit of an oily odour that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve tried several things, like soaking in a citrus degreaser, boiling and more, but so far no luck. I don’t want to have to keep buying new ones when the ones I have are perfectly good (except for the oily smell) and am looking for suggestions. What works for you?

    1. I mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and 1part blue dawn in a spray bottle and spray on my cloth right after cleansing and massage to get all the makeup off. Rinse and hang to dry overnight and than put in my regular laundry to wash again. So far no problems or smell.

  19. Hi Jenni!

    Thanks so much for your blog! I have been using the OCM now for a few weeks, and use only olive oil, as my skin has been super dry. I put an oil blend on after I cleanse with EVOO, consisting of sea buckthorn, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and lavender EO. My skin still feels so dry in the morning. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

    1. Danielle-Do you oil cleanse morning and night? I have to do both in the winter. I also sometimes layer facial oils. Once one soaks in, I add a new one. Do you notice that your facial oil is soaking in? If it’s not, you could be using too much. One thought is sleeping on a silk pillow. Regular pillows can wick moisture away and out of the skin. Good luck, hope this helps!

    1. Anna-I use Neodefend from Lotion Crafter for lotions. I don’t use a preservative in oil cleansers because it is solely oil based and a preservative isn’t needed.

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  21. I’ve been fighting a bout of eczema for the last several weeks and found I could no longer use my usual cleanser because it was really drying out my skin and making the condition worse. I was reading about the OCM and tried a50/50 blend of castor and olive which left my skin feeling clean and soft but it was really messy to use. I made a batch of this recipe and the thicker texture tends to keep it on my face and not have the majority dripping on my chest. I find it easier to hop into the shower and let the warm water remove the residue. I follow up witha gentle rose water-toner and a serum blend of carrier and eo’s. I’ve ordered a set of muslin washcloths because showering in themorning and again at night isn’tconvenient with my hair hvaing to be done.
    Thanks so much for all your terrific recipes and advice

  22. I’ve read that essential oils should be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy (and that some, like clove oil, should be avoided the entire time). Any considerations that need to be taken as far as the recipe or use if leaving out the essential oils?

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  24. Hi, Jenni, I’m curious about trying this cleanser recipe (the last time I visited your site and made this recipe it called for coconut oil and no beeswax) but I react badly to beeswax so I plan to leave it out. I am guessing that without it the cleanser will probably be liquid at room temp?? Would you say to try the recipe without the wax or substitute something else??

    1. JoDee-You can make a liquid form of this cleanser! The beeswax firms it up and makes it easy to handle but it’s not necessary. I would put it in a pump bottle and forget the beeswax. I omitted the coconut oil because I don’t love it any more for the face. If you would like a solid balm you could try a vegan wax such as candelilla wax which can be found on Amazon. Good luck!

  25. Thanks for sharing this recipe as had been using Evelom for years but importing to Australia $$ and had lead-time so was looking to substitute & already making other balms & potions so this was a great find. I had tried a few other DIY versions too but yours is closest. In your method you haven’t incorporated the beeswax but assumed it is added at the beginning in the double boiler too. That’s how I did it anyhow & am very happy with the results of my first batch. Will prob use less beeswax next time to achieve a slightly softer version. Thanks again Karena

    1. Karena-You are welcome!! There is a tablespoon of beeswax in this recipe-it’s there-I just double checked. I’m glad you like it! I haven’t actually tried the actual Eve Lom cleanser so I’m so glad to hear I’ve gotten it close to the original! When I checked out the ingredients in the Eve Lom cleanser I was pretty disgusted with the cheap ingredients they use-it’s a wonder it’s so popular. Every ingredient in this version benefits the skin. It has turned out to be one of my favorite!

  26. Just a quick question- do u have a receipe for a cleanser for the body? I have extremely sensitive, chronically dry skin. When I use any type of soap on my skin along with the almost cold water, my skin itches and burns for hours. To the point that I often sit and cry because it actually torments me.

  27. Hi, I’m not sure if this question has been asked already but just curious. I’m looking at the Eve Lom Cleanser ingredients and one of the key ingredients is Hops Oil, so I’m just curious why you didn’t include it in your formula.

    1. Karina-Hi! I didn’t add it because I couldn’t find it at the time and from my research, it didn’t seem like a very beneficial ingredient. I might look into it again and see if I can find it now. Thanks for noticing that!!

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