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My Nighttime Beauty Routine

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Nighttime Routine

Lately my normal night time routine has been slightly amplified.  I fell into this new ritual and now I’m addicted as well as enjoying improved skin!  It occurred to me that sharing this ritual is a must.  I don’t always have time for everything but when I do, my skin thrives.  This night time ritual involves a detox salt bath which is a must in spring for those of us who work in the yard.  Not only does it ease muscle aches, it helps detox the body from what could be picked up by digging in the dirt (hello, mold!).  I also double up on masking.  I always start with a clay based to add to the salt detox and finish with a hydrating one.  I finish with an ice roller-my new favorite beauty tool!  Add in some candles, essential oils and relaxing music and you’ve not only done something good for your health, you’ve also taken time to care about yourself.

Nighttime Ritual Salt Bath

First, I start with a salt bath. Learn more about the benefits HERE.  I add 2 cups of a salt.  Usually it’s a mixture of mostly epsom salt with pink Himalayan salt sprinkled in.  The detoxing benefits are immense when it comes to warm salt baths.  Not to mention the absorption of minerals, magnesium to be specific.  Go HERE to find out more about how warm baths and magnesium can be super beneficial if you are having sleep issues.  I also add around 15 drops of lavender essential oil to my bath.  Not only does it make my bath smell amazing, it is incredibly calming!

Nighttime Rituals

During my salt bath, I actually mask 2x.  First, I start with a clay mask like Nayelle’s Probiotic Clay mask. I can not say enough about this mask. It is detoxifying without stripping your skin of hydration.  I also love how it brings blood flow to the surface of the skin.   I also make my own from bentonite clay or french green clay.  All you need is to add water, aloe or even apple cider vinegar.  I only leave clay masks on until I feel it tightening.  Find more out about that HERE.   The steam from the bath water keeps it moist for longer which means more can be absorbed before it’s time to remove it.  Nayelle’s Mask leaves my skin feeling smooth and very clean.  I did a full Nayelle review HERE.  Find the mask HERE.  Should you clay mask nightly?  Listen to your skin-it might be too much.

Next, I do a moisturizing mask. As you can tell from my menagerie of masks!  I LOVE THESE masks from Nugg. I did a review on Nugg mask pods HERE.  I love that you can get a variety of different masks since they come in a single serving pod.  There are somedays your skin just needs something different!  Also, 100 Percent Pure has sheet masks which I’m anxious to try.  I leave this mask on for as long as I want to stay in the tub, which is at least 10 more minutes.

After I get out of the bath, I ice roll! You can not imagine how good this feels after a hot bath! It tightens my pores, calms inflammation, stimulates collagen, encourages lymphatic drainage and revs of circulation. I ice roll for around 3-5 minutes. Find an ice roller HERE.  Once I finish, I spray myself with toner and follow up with a facial oil and eye roller serum.  You can purchase these 2 items HEREHERE and HERE.

I wish I had time every night to do this ritual but when I do, I’m in for a therapeutic experience.  I encourage you to try my routine or create one for yourself.  It is so healthy for the mind, body and soul to take the time to care of yourself.

What is your night time ritual?  School is out soon so it might be the perfect time to start one.  I can’t imagine not making lunches, laying out clothes and homework!  Woo-Hoo!!!

xx, Jenni


Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

2 thoughts on “My Nighttime Beauty Routine”

  1. Hi Jenni,
    I’m new to your site and I’m finding it an absolute inspiration! I was reading about the ice roller and looked into getting one from Amazon however lots of dermal rollers were on there. What are your thoughts to a dermal roller as opposed to an ice roller. Thank you x

    1. Thanks Bridget! I haven’t explored dermal rollers yet! I’m very interested in them though because I keep hearing amazing things about them!

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