100% Pure Fall Lip Colors You Need!

Winter Lipstick Colors with 100% Pure

Fall is finally here!  However, it’s still warm so my favorite things about fall like flannels, UGGs, s’mores and fires in the fireplace will have to wait.  Along with my favorite fall things comes new makeup and that we can change before the crisp air rolls in!  Fall is the perfect season to explore darker more moody colors and I’ve got you covered!

100 Percent Pure offers an impressive array of shades in their Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick collection.  I have to say, I was always on the fence about matte lipstick.  I felt like they made my lips feel dry.  Once I tried last years winter colors (see that HERE) I quickly realized that 100% Pure’s matte lipsticks actually feel really comfortable and leave your lips feeling moisturized.  The colors are highly pigmented and very long lasting and even the darkest of colors are comfortable to wear.  This is coming from a girl who wears nude/pink 99.9% of the time.

Desert Rose

Desert rose is quite vibrant and warm.  It is a very dark pinkish wine color.  This color could be worn day or night.100% Pure Lipstick Fall Colors


This color is definitely the darkest in the bunch.  Despite what the lipstick looks like in the tube, I was pleasantly surprised at the deep cranberry undertones.

Plume Pink

Plume Pink is the closest to what I’m used to wearing.  It’s a pinky mauve that would be great for day time.


Savannah has a bit of a brown hue to it.  It is a medium-dark color and gives quite the “fall” statement.

Strawberry Cactus

Strawberry Cactus is a bright pink.  It’s quite unexpected in this bunch but I really like it and could definitely wear it day or night. With 100% Pure you can feel safe wearing their natural lipsticks and that is extremely important when it comes to lip products.  Lord knows how much lipstick most of us eat in a year!   Each of their makeup products is actually pigmented with fruit along with the safest, most natural ingredients for long wearing, high performance makeup.

For more 100 Percent Pure recommendations go HERE and HERE.

xx, Jenni

P.S. I took these photos with my cell phone and edited them with an app on my phone intending to only share the lip colors on my Instagram.  I over did the “smoothing” of my skin and wanted to be upfront because my skin does not look this good in person-lol!  However, the colors of the lipsticks are very accurate.


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Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the natural skin care blog, Jenni Raincloud.

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  1. September 22, 2018 / 5:08 pm

    Definitely loving how Desert Rose looks, especially on you 😍😍😍

    • Jenni
      September 26, 2018 / 7:44 am

      Helen-Thank you so much! It’s darker then I prefer but they are all pretty colors this season!

  2. March 31, 2019 / 6:52 am

    Great post Jenni,

    I’ve been on the hunt for a matte lipstick that doesn’t completely dry my lips out – looks like 100% Pure is a good option for me!

    I had a look at your winter colours post too – I think Mojave and Thistle are great colours for all year round! I think I’ll go out of my comfort zone and try Cactus, too.

    Sometimes “natural” brands talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. I had a quick look at 100% Pure’s lipstick ingredients – it’s impressive that they don’t use irritants like ricinoleic acid or animal products like carmine. I always try to avoid ingredients like that!

    Just in case your readers are not aware of the lipstick ingredients they might want to avoid, we recently published a piece on this topic:

    Thanks again for recommending 100% Pure – can’t wait to place an order,


  3. Devi
    July 18, 2019 / 8:53 pm

    Hi Jenni. I had a hard time in choosing shade of 100 percent pure lipstick then I found your article is super helpful and fun to read 😊.
    The colour is clear and easy to differentiate from each other. Thank you for sharing !

    Anyway, could you recommend some colors for me? I prefer the matte one, I look for a fun pink colour but not too overpowering for a punch of colour. Also, a medium wearable pink for everyday, not nude. Thank you X


    • Jenni
      July 31, 2019 / 1:47 pm

      Devi-I’m so glad this was helpful!!! These colors are really the only ones I’m familiar with but it sounds like Strawberry Cactus is one you might like. It’s bright and very pink. Plume Pink is very pretty but more muted. Also, Clover and Winecup are pops of color that are more on the pink side. You can see more colors that I reviewed in THIS post if that help!!

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