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Probiotic Posts

The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotic

The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotics…

Probiotics are a common supplement that most people know they should be taking. I wanted to dive deeper into the probiotic topic because so many of us, myself included, started taking (expensive) probiotics only to see little to no improvement. Some of us even experienced and increase in symptoms with a probiotic swearing to never take one again! I have… Read More »The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotics…

Flourish Probiotic

Flourish Probiotic-A Living Liquid That Has Changed My Brain.

Achieving gut health will be the most important thing you do for your health. Doing this is not easy given the convenience of processed foods and sugars, daily stress and pharmaceuticals but I have an easy solution that will get you well on your way to better immune health, brain health and gut health. Flourish Probiotic is by far the… Read More »Flourish Probiotic-A Living Liquid That Has Changed My Brain.

Allergy Season Must Haves

Allergy Season Must-Haves

It’s that time of the year again… ALLERGY SEASON.  This year my allergies have hit me like a ton of bricks.  We’ve had a very random winter with very cold days mixed with record breaking highs and so the trees are budding earlier then usual which according to the weather man means allergy season is prolonged this spring.  Great.  In… Read More »Allergy Season Must-Haves

Kambucha Popcicles

Probiotic Popcicles

I’ve written several posts about my gut issues.  I wish I could say I’ve found the right remedies by now but I really haven’t.  The only true remedy for stomach issues is a perfect diet as well properly managing stress and I really struggle to be consistent.  I often deal with what I call “nervous stomach”.  This means I carry… Read More »Probiotic Popcicles

My Suggested Supplements for Young Kids

My suggested supplements for young children….

Supplements are just for adults!  Our kids need extra nutrition sometimes more then we do.  They are constantly being exposed to germs and their bodies aren’t as mature when it comes to fighting off illness.  A healthy supplement routine is vital for the health of our kiddos! I have two really healthy girls.  I contribute this to several things. Number… Read More »My suggested supplements for young children….