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Suzanne Somer’s Inspiring Advice on Dr. Oz

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Suzanne Somers

I just happened to catch Dr. Oz the other day and I’m so glad I did.  Many of you have watched Suzanne Somer’s on DWTS lately as have I.  I must say, I’ve just fallen in love with her!  Now that I have caught this episode of Dr. Oz, it’s official, I’m obsessed.

For playing such a ditzy character on the beloved Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers is one sharpest women ever.  This post isn’t going to focus on bi0-identical hormones-that I don’t know much about-I’ll get back to you on that in a few years….  This post is about how she lives a healthy life and the “detox” rules  she lives by.  I found it riveting and I just had to share it!  You can see the full interview HERE.

Suzanne starts by explaining her journey through a cancer scare.  She explains the health of her entire family became compromised upon moving into a new home.  Her husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons and she was diagnosed with cancer.  After turning down radiation and chemo. she began the pursuit of detoxing her body.  Come to find out, the new home they had lived in for years was crawling with black mold.  The cancer the doctors had found was actually not cancer, it was mold.

The last 4 years she has been on a health journey detoxing her body and has shared 4 simple rules you can follow to keep you and your family detoxed and happy.

Her new book, Tox Sick is a guide on how to detox in todays world.  She has consulted with environmental doctors to determine the source of why we are all so “TOX-SICK”.  This is an eye opening investigation, uncovering the consequences of what a build up of toxins have done to our bodies.  She states that there is an epidemic of ADD, ADHD, bi-polar disease, OCD, autism, lupus, cancer and fibromyalgia just to name a few.  Where is it coming from?  Why now?  I’m excited to pick this book up-It sounds like a must read for those of us looking for a better way of life.

Detox Checklist:

  1. Only use glass-NO PLASTIC.  We are “0ut-gassing phthalates”.   She talks about pregnant women drinking from plastic bottles throughout their pregnancy will actually  lower the  IQ of the baby!
  2. Probiotics.  If you only took 1 supplement for the rest of your life, take a probiotic morning and night.   Probiotics help with out of balance gut flora.  She talks about being born Cesarian.  Our first swallow is meant to be mothers vaginal flora, not air. When this doesn’t take place, the body, mainly the gut, suffers.
  3. Embrace Fat.  With the low fat movement people are getting fatter and sicker.  Nature wants us to eat fat.  We should be embracing a high fat diet with NO SUGAR.  Don’t give yeast, fungus and mold in your body a hearty meal!  They can multiply 52 million times in 24 hours!!
  4. Eat clean-“If you can pick it, pluck it, milk it or shoot it, then you can eat it!” We should be avoiding antibiotics and growth hormones.  Grass fed meat is the way to go. Enjoy butter!!

At 68, Suzanne has no bone loss, no brain fog and no senior moments.  She walks her talk and takes her mission as a “messenger” to help other women live a long, full life very seriously .  She talks about how to “listen to the language of the body, a new way to age, and about how to learn to survive and thrive in the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity”.

I found Suzanne so incredibly inspiring.  I’m in my 30’s and I hate to say I’m ashamed of my age.  I stare in the mirror wondering if everyone thinks I look old.  I battle with what my head wants to eat and what my body wants to eat, because often, those are 2 completely different things.  I don’t want to continue this way and to listen to an older women with such age pride lifts me up.  To peak into the life of a women who is so grounded in who she is and where she’s been, I take it to heart.  Dare I say, she is hotter then ever-What a babe!

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

4 thoughts on “Suzanne Somer’s Inspiring Advice on Dr. Oz”

  1. Thanks for sharing. She is an inspiration indeed. I have fibromyalgia, lupus and many other joint arthritis type conditions and really started to detox myself a couple of years back.
    I truly believe all disease is caused by inflammation as a result of leaky gut syndrome, which I was diagnosed with 20+ years ago by a friend, doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncturist well before anyone was using the term.
    I relocated and no longer have her nearby.
    Taking 19 prescriptions, prescribed by my rheumatologist, I became disgusted and started my own investigation.
    Decided to get rid of gluten, processed foods, artificial flavoring and coloring, transfats and sugar, and healing my gut flora. I am improving slowly, taking several prescriptions still, but have added many herbs, vitamins and supplements.
    From my research, I realize it can take years to repair my gut, and do take digestive enzymes and probiotics.
    Thanks for sharing! I wish doctors would share the c section info…I read it a few months back and was shocked..had never heard that before.

    1. Julia-I agree with you on inflammation. I have not been diagnosed with IBS or leaky gut but I have gut issues too. Probiotics and enzymes have really changed my health. It’s amazing to me that a doctor would think it’s OK to have a patient on 19 prescriptions! Good for you to take your health into your own hands!! We can no longer trust most doctors and that is so sad. Yes, I had never heard that about c-sections! So glad I caught this episode! I for sure want to read her books!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. She is awesome! Did not catch this episode (don’t watch tv) but have read some of her books. You should also check out Christiane Northrup’s books. Similar message and very inspirational. We are all getting older but we don’t have to age! I can honestly say I feel better at 48 than I did at 38!

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