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My Favorite Annmarie Skin Care Products + A Special Deal Not to Miss!

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If you’ve been around Jenni Raincloud a while, you might remember that I have promoted Annmarie Skin Care several times in the past. This skincare company is a huge inspiration to me and I have dearly loved every product I’ve tried from them. I don’t promote other brands much any more since I focus on my own skincare line, but Annmarie has a few products that aren’t easily DIY’d and aren’t similar to what I offer in my shop. 

Annmarie Skin Care has the most beautifully curated products. Much time, thought and effort has gone into each product’s formulation. They are Leaping Bunny certified, NON-GMO, cruelty free, made in the USA and Made Safe certified. 

Before I dive into the 4 Annmarie skincare products I am currently using, I want to tell you about a great offer for those of you wanting to try a few of their products without committing to full sizes.  

Annmarie Skin Care occasionally offers a kit that always includes small versions of their 3 main products, a cleanser, serum and facial oil. With this current kit, you get a FREE Sun Love! Sun Love is a light-weight SPF moisturizer. It has become a necessity for me and I’ll tell you why later in the post. 

I want to highlight that the anti-aging serum not only has beautifully rich carrier oils, it also has hyaluronic acid and several skin botanicals such as buddleja davidii and edelweiss both powerful antioxidants that fight age causing stressors from our environment. It is a power packed serum. 

This Kit Contains:

  • Aloe Herb Cleanser hydrating and formulated to remove dirt, excess oil, and impurities.
  • Anti-Aging Serum supports skin’s immunity for visibly firmer, toned skin.
  • Anti-Aging Oil experience skin’s luxurious, quick-absorbing, weightless facial oil, use and maintain a healthy-looking complexion.
  • Sun Love protects your skin with everyday sunscreen—reef friendly, non-nano zinc oxide formula.

This kit is $19.99 plus free shipping. It really is an incredible way to try out products and find which are right for your skin. You also get a $10 off coupon with each kit!

Find the kit HERE.

My Favorite Annmarie Skincare Products:

I have the full size Aloe Herb Cleanser and Sun Love I love them so much so if you are interested in any of the 4 products included in this set, it’s a great way to try them out without buying full size until you know if you’re going to love the product. 

Aloe Herb Cleanser

You might know that I don’t attempt to DIY soap based cleansers very often. I have experimented a ton and I just can’t find the right ingredients to get texture right and avoid bacteria without compromising my desire for natural products. Oil based cleansers are what I tend to stick to with the exception of my Juniper Berry Foaming Face Wash

Annmarie’s Aloe Herb Cleanser has been a favorite of mine for years and I can honestly say, it is the most gentle, refreshing yet thoroughly cleansing cleanser without compromising quality. It’s perfection with it’s scent and creamy texture. It almost surprised me that it actually removes makeup with ease! 

If you are in need of a soap based cleanser and prefer not to oil cleanse, the Aloe Herb Cleanser is a must. 

Find the Aloe Herb Cleanser HERE.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub

I decided to try this dry exfoliant on a whim and ended up really loving it. It’s very gentle so you aren’t going to over exfoliate or damage your skin and it can be used several times a week. In fact, a tip from the lovely team at Annmarie is to add this scrub to the Aloe Herb Cleanser for a thorough cleaning plus exfoliation! 

You don’t have to use this exfoliator with a cleanser-you can simple use a bit of water to create an easily spreadable paste. Using circular motions scrub your skin for around a minute or whatever feels right to you. Follow up with a toner, serum and moisturizer for extra deep penetration of all three! 

We have DIY’d several dry masks in the past that are similar to this formula but this exfoliator contains several special ingredients I can not source such as horsetail, fenugreek, shave grass and neem leaf powder. 

Find the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub HERE.

Sun Love

I’m terrible at wearing sunscreen on my face on a daily basis. In the summer I walk almost every morning and more times than not leave the house with nothing on my skin. Terrible, I know! I have been looking for something that could double as a moisturizer and SPF so I could apply it and go and I’ve found it in Sun Love. It’s a rather simple formula using nourishing oils like hemp seed, sunflower, olive, pumpkin and vitamin E oil. It’s emulsified with beeswax and uses non-nano zinc oxide as the sun protection.

Sun Love is just like a moisturizer. It smells like one, looks like one and feels like one. It’s light on the skin and does not leave a white tint on the skin. I don’t wear my facial oil on top of it because even my dry skin can go with just Sun Love. Sun Love works great under makeup as well! 

It is the perfect light weight SPF moisturizer I’ll be wearing all summer. I highly recommend it!

Find Sun Love HERE.

Illuminating Pearl Mask

Masking should be an important part of every skincare routine. It is the perfect partner to the facial scrub.

This mask contains pearl powder which is a strong antioxidant that brightens the skin considerably. It also contains turmeric for calming and licorice and uva ursi which both are known to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots. Mountain wildflower honey is added to soothe and calm but also exfoliates due to it containing gluconic acid which is a  mild alpha hydroxy. Honey is also a humectant which helps the skin absorb and retain moisture.

This mask has become a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) treat! I wrote a post on My New Weekly Beauty Habits for Mind, Body & Soul that tells more about how I use the exfoliant and mask plus other rituals I’ve incorporated each week that are making a difference on every level of being. 

Find the Illuminating Pearl Mask HERE.

These products are tried and true and you know I don’t say that often about products I don’t make myself. If you are unsure how your skin will respond to the products I’ve mentioned, grab the kit! It’s 41% off for now and will give you a great introduction to Annmarie skincare. 

Oh and by the way, Annmarie Skin Care has a money-back guarantee if you try the products and end up not liking them. They really are an incredible company that offer products that give results without filling you full of yucky ingredients!

Shop Annmarie Skin Care HERE.

Buy the kit HERE.

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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  1. The “My Favorite Annmarie Skin Care Products” blog post is an informative and engaging read. The author does an excellent job of sharing her personal experiences and insights on the various products offered by Annmarie Skin Care. As someone who is always on the lookout for high-quality, natural skincare products, I found this post to be very helpful in identifying which products might be worth trying. The author’s passion for the brand and its products is evident throughout the post, and I appreciate the level of detail provided on each product. Overall, I would highly recommend this post to anyone looking for honest, first-hand reviews of Annmarie Skin Care products.

  2. I have been following your blog for many (!) years and I tried Annmarie products after you first reviewed them. I fell in love with the Aloe Cleanser! As you say, it is gentle yet cleanses well without making my skin dry afterwards. I had been looking for a good natural cleanser but most everything is drying. I tried the oil-cleansing option. I just stuck with the Aloe Cleanser for good! I also use it with the Ayurvedic scrub about once a week. Other than that, my skin care routine is based only on some of your DIY recipes. I can not thank you enough for your kindness in sharing your knowledge with us Jenni!

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