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My New Skin Care Routine w/ Annmarie Skin Care.

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Annmarie Skin Care

Keeping skin clear, smooth and glowing is a lofty task for most of us-myself included.  I don’t write this blog from the perspective of, “I have perfect skin and I’m going to show you how I accomplished that”.  I have mediocre skin.  I always have.  I have periods where my skin glows and is smooth and youthful and I have periods where my skin looks like crap and I’m embarrassed to be seen.  I’m always on the pursuit of total body wellness but let’s face it, being indulgent is a hard habit to break and honestly not really one I want to break totally.  Indulgence can be a form of self love until you cross that very thin line and your body starts to pays for it.  So I say that to say-I’ve been doing 2 things lately that have greatly improved my skin.  One being exercise and the other being Annmarie Skin Care.

First let me touch on exercise.  I’m pretty honest that I struggle with it.  I used to be religious about it.  From high school forward I always got 3x a week of 30 minute cardio.  It’s not much but it was enough.  It was enough to get blood flowing, manage my weight and not overwhelm me.  Somewhere along the way I got overly ambitious and overwhelmed myself to where I stopped exercising all together. Now that I’m back and honestly I’m only doing 20 minutes 3x a week, the blood flow to my face is major. Within a week, I could tell my skin looked so much better.

Second, I changed my skin care routine. I started using Annmarie Skin Care.  Once I started Annmarie, my skin’s appearance was on a whole new level.

What I’m Products I’m Using:

  • Aloe Herb Cleanser This cleanser is extremely gentle, pH balanced and effectively and easily removes makeup.  It is creamy in texture and contains a whopping 75 nutrients!  It smells amazing too!  I’ve been using it morning and night while taking a break from oil cleansing.  There is absolutely no feeling of dryness or tightness after use.
  • Anti Aging Serum This serum is water based and contains herb infused aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, tamanu oil and vitamin E oil just to name a few of it’s impressive ingredients.  I use it after cleansing and before the facial oil. I typically skip the serums and opt for just a facial oil but because this serum is loaded with goodness completely different form a facial oil, I feel it is a necessary part of an anti aging skin routine.
  • Anti Aging Facial Oil-I’m just in love with this facial oil.  Lord knows, I’ve made my fair share of facial oils but never have I experienced such gentle yet obvious smoothing and rejuvenation as I have with this particular oil.  It contains jojoba oil, chia seed oil, goji berries and plantago.  It sinks deep into your pores almost immediately.  It’s meant to not only hydrate but smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  If there was one product I would try from this line, the Anti Aging Oil is it!
  • Coconut Body Oil This year I have converted my body care from lotions to oils.  I love using this oil right out of the shower.  It is thoroughly hydrating and leaves my skin feeling and smelling so good!  I’ve even used it to remove eye makeup and it was great!  It contains coconut oil, milk thistle, lavender and rooibos.  I could see using this on vacation if space was an issue.  It’s a great all over moisturizer!
  • Ayurvedic Facial Scrub-I love using this scrub 3-4 times a week to keep my skin smooth and clear. It’s a dry scrub which means you mix it with a bit of water to activate it. It’s very easy to use and the shelf life is much more stable.
  • Illuminating Pearl Mask-After exfoliating, I love to use this mask for added smoothness and brightness. Afterwards, my skin feels so healthy. I notice and immediate difference and even see a decrease in fine lines. 
  • Sun Love-I use this SPF moisturizer in the summer under makeup or when I’m out for my daily walk. I love that it is light and does not leave a white tint. It smells good as well! 

What’s Special About Annmarie Skin Care:

First off, did you know beauty companies don’t have to list every ingredient on their packaging?  Shocking, isn’t it?!  At Annmarie they list every single ingredient, believing in full transparency.  This is one of the biggest reasons I promote DIY skin care. It’s total control.  Even though a company claims to be natural, you have to trust them.  There is no way to really know exactly what you are putting on your skin.  Since 60% of what we put on your skin is absorbed into your body, your skin care needs to be clean.

From the people that work at Annmarie skin care to their impact on the environment, Annmarie keeps ethical practices a top priority.

Their products are non-GMO, unadulterated, organic and cruelty free.

On their website, under each product listing there are loads and loads of product reviews.  Annmarie has only been around since 2009 but has an immense following of loyal nature loving clients.  You could spend hours reading all their rave reviews of people experiencing results.

I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered a skin care line that is so close to nature on all fronts.  I love their term “Wildcrafted”.  It fits each product I’ve tried perfectly.

They have a full money back guarantee and that includes your shipping costs.

Annmarie Gianni skin care

I am so excited to have found this skin care line.  I’ve been so inspired by their products in so many ways!  Our bodies were meant to consume and commune in nature and this skin care embodies that thought.  I hope you’ll give Annmarie Skin Care a try.  Like I’ve said, ridding toxins from your life can be a daunting task but start with the products you use daily because those of the ones that are leaving the largest toxic burden on your body.

Explore HERE.

Have you tried Annmarie Skin Care?  If so, what’s your favorite product?!

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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    1. Em-I like to switch up my skin care. I actually ran out of my Annmarie facial oil and just made my own until my new Annmarie order comes in. I still love DIY and think it’s the best way to take total control of what you’re putting on your skin however, I have some skin issues that sometimes require more professional products. I go back and forth though. Hope I didn’t give you the impression I no long like DIYs cause I’m still crazy about making products in my kitchen!!

  2. This is my first time hearing about Anne Marie. It sounds great! I like that they have the sample packs. I am all about using natural personal care products and love that you are promoting them. Thanks!

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