Make Your Own: Starbucks Pink Drink

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DIY Starbucks Pink Drink

The other day I ran by Starbucks to grab my kiddos a snack in-between errands and spotted the famous Pink Drink.  With zero intention of getting myself something, I left with a $5 Venti Pink Drink that I proceeded to suck down in 2 seconds flat.  And to top it off, I seriously considered buying another.

So lately I’ve decided to cut out gluten and dairy-at least for the most part.  The pink drink is naturally dairy free so I decided if I could re-create this drink at home, this would be a great treat that wouldn’t compromise my new eating plan!

First off, what exactly is the Pink Drink?  It is a Strawberry Acai Refresher with accents of passion fruit.  It’s a very pretty light pink drink served with ice and slices of strawberries.

I did research on what is exactly in Starbucks version and came up with a lot of different answers.  I landed on my own recipe and it turned out really great.  The key is in the tea.  I used TAZO’s Iced Passion.  This tea is really nice on it’s own just so you know.  TAZO is the official tea of Starbucks so I believe I’ve come very close to what they use.  Next up is coconut milk.  Starbucks coconut milk is full of additives like the gut inflammation causing, carrageenan.  So Delicious has removed carrageenan and was all I could find at my local health food store so I grabbed it.  I wish there wasn’t sugar added though.  I also confirmed that the strawberry slices in the drink are freeze dried strawberries, not fresh.  The thing that confuses me is that Starbuck’s Pink Drink is sweet.  Not overly sweet but more sweet then if you were to just add milk to the tea.  In order to add more sweetness and creaminess I added So Delicious’s Coconut Milk Creamer in French Vanilla.  This creamer is crazy sweet.  I use it in my matcha latté.   So, are you ready to get started?!

DIY Starbucks Pink Drink

DIY Pink Drink Recipe:

1.5 cups Iced Passion Tea

1/2 cup Coconut Milk

1-2 tbsp. Coconut French Vanilla Creamer (add more according to your sugar preference)

Top off with freeze dried strawberries

1-2 TBSP. Raw Honey **optional**

*The honey is optional-I don’t add it to mine because I don’t want my drink too sweet.  The Coconut Creamer is very sweet itself.*

Why You Should Re-Create the Pink Drink At Home:

  • You save a ton of money!
  • Starbucks Coconut Milk is not quality. (think sugar, carrageenan, and corn dextrin)
  • It’s easy to make with limitless refills!
  • You are in control of your sugar intake.

DIY Starbucks Pink Drink

DIY Starbucks Pink Drink

I know I’m missing the acai flavor. I did find THIS Strawberry Acai Lipton tea that seems to be exactly the same flavors of Starbucks but I had a hard time finding it at a decent price.  Then I found THIS at Walmart which is probably exactly what is in the pink drink!  I wanted to post my version anyway because I like it and I found my ingredients from my local Target minus the freeze dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s.  But-you could use fresh strawberries and muddle them for a stronger and sweeter taste.  Plus, I don’t want you to be fooled by Starbucks.  They make many claims of being natural.  However, they are not and the majority of their drinks are filled with shocking amounts of sugar.  DIYing their drinks is not only fun, it can be much better for you.  If you’d like to know more about Starbucks go HERE for a good read.

xx, Jenni

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Starbucks Pink Drink DIY

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3 thoughts on “Make Your Own: Starbucks Pink Drink”

  1. Love what you did here Jenni! And I love that tea on it’s own. Definitely going to try this. I pretty much have everything… might try just using stevia to sweeten since I’m not sure how much I’d use the creamer. And we could totally add a little collagen for the skin benefits!

  2. Just made this using TWININGS berry fusion. It is delicious!!! I have never had the Starbucks version, so I can’t compare, but this is amazing and so simple. It will definitely be on my list of things to make frequently. Thanks for the recipe.

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