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Happy 2018!  I’ve taken a full month off and am feeling renewed and refreshed.  I wanted to touch base and update you as well as get feedback for the upcoming year!  First off, I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday season.  As usual, my bah humbug self is super excited it’s all said and done and looking forward to a fresh new year!

I have closed my Etsy shop for now.  I am so sorry to those of you that have been faithful customers.  I have appreciated every single order and have loved connecting with some of you in a different way via Etsy.  However, I suffer from being overwhelmed 99% of the time (as do most of us) and felt it was the right time to let go of something.  My passion is this blog and I started the Etsy shop 4 years ago only hoping to supplement my income.  Honestly, I’ve never had aspirations to have my own skin care line.  J. Raincloud Organics blossomed out of necessity and creativity and I stand behind the products I provided but as my shop became more popular, blog work became less prominent.  I don’t know if I’ll keep the shop closed forever but I do know I am finding a deep peace with letting this part of my business go.  Thank you for all your support and I plan to occasionally list DIYs that appear on the blog in the shop for those of you wanting to try them instead of make them.

As for my home life, the girls and I are doing well.  It will be 3 years in May since I’ve entered the single mom world-time flies!  They are in kindergarten and third grade and doing really well this year.  I’m thankful to say that because that wasn’t the case a couple years ago.  On a personal note, I am seeing someone and it’s serious.  Like too good to be true serious.  He’s above and beyond what I ever hoped for in a partner.  It’s been only 6 mos. so only God knows what the future holds but as of today, he’s a BIG DEAL!  I’ll keep you posted!

As for Jenni Raincloud in 2018, I have a long list of post ideas including DIYs, health posts, a few very promising product reviews and makeup tutorials.  However, I started this blog not just to make a living but to inform and connect.  I’ve informed but I’ve not connected.  I long to share my world and let God use my story to reach out to you.  I’ve always wanted that but not quite known how to do it.  So I’m hoping to start a new way here and share my life, my convictions and heart with you.  I know I say this each year, but 2018 is the year.  I’ve made peace with the possibility that no one cares and I’ll appear vain.  I’m OK with it because I feel God has given me this platform to connect to those who need to connect and even if the majority doesn’t get it, someone will and if I can convey hope and peace to just one person then my true job is justified.  It will thrill the socks off of me if any of you would like to comment below with your thoughts or suggestions!  I’d love to know what you think.

As usual I have a few personal resolutions to share.  This yearly post keeps me accountable!

  • Drink apple cider vinegar DAILY!  I have found this to be a catch all in terms of health.  Not only does it regulate the bodies pH, it detoxes, balances blood sugar and really makes a huge difference with allergies!
  • Have a quiet time everyday!  I have THIS app and have been reading devotionals and spending time in prayer each morning.  For some reason this has always been so hard for me to do consistently despite the fact that it completely changes the day in the best way.
  • Drink less wine!  I ordered decaf Mommy Coffee and a french press to help with my late night craving for a drink!  And I’m not opposed to a squirt of whipped cream!
  • Eat less sugar!  I find that if I have 1 or 2 pieces of high quality chocolate that I treat myself with in the evening, I am able to not eat sugar during the day.  It’s much less offensive to eat a piece (or 2) of dark chocolate then give into a coke.  I can say no to the coke if I focus on the delayed gratification of chocolate at the end of the day.
  • Exercise.  Since I have such a mental block, I decided to keep it simple.  I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 6 Pack Abs in 6 Weeks 3x a week.  I did this after having my 2nd daughter.  It was hard but I remember feeling like an 90 year old after that pregnancy and was desperate to feel good again.  It worked so I’m doing it again and hoping to get bit by the exercise bug!
  • Accumulate more cats……..  JUST KIDDING!!!!!  4 is 2 too many!
  • I used to plan dinners for the week on Sundays.  I posted the schedule on the fridge and everyone new what was for dinner.  It relieved a lot of frustration.  Why I stopped I don’t know but it was so helpful with reducing the clutter in my brain.  It was also helpful with keeping us on track with eating healthy at night.  I found THIS magnet week day calendar to help!

I would love to hear your resolutions!  A new year always feels fresh and clean to me.  It’s a jolt of energy towards being the best version of yourself.  I think it’s important to remember that we are all works in progress but mentally planning and physically striving to be better is vital on this journey.  I think it’s inspiring to hear how other people are going to better themselves in the upcoming year!  Please share!!!  Plus, I’m open to post suggestions, especially ways I can connect to you.

xx, Jenni

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

14 thoughts on “Life Lately: 2018 Resolutions”

  1. Jennifer; I have always loved your happy spirit! I will pray for you, and I hope you will pray for me. I also feel the need to let go of some things so I can breathe and enjoy life! XO, Lottie

    1. HI Lottie!!! Hope you are doing well!! I love seeing your pics on FB-and that Emily-what a lovely lady she’s turned into!! I will pray for you-good luck figuring what to let go of-it feels so good to make some room to just live. Big hugs!!!!

  2. I follow your blog and am very interested to see what you write this year. We all crave connectedness in this insanely busy world and I love to see that in your blog. Keep writing!! Even if people don’t comment, people read. It makes a difference. And even if you only change one persons day, it’s worth it. God bless in the new year!!

  3. You’ve really inspired me! I couldn’t be more proud of you & your love of God & people.
    Even though I am your mother I just felt you needed to hear this again. Love you!

    1. Gigi-Thank you for commenting! I need all the support I can get with this because I talk myself out of being personal almost every week. It just seems like with the Etsy shop gone, a new path is ahead! Love you too!

  4. Jenni, I am soooo happy for you in so many ways! I’ve followed you for years and feel in some way like we are kindred spirits. A big yes to sharing more of your personal life…we really do care! I am drawn to people who are real and vulnerable and tell the truth. So continue to share! Personally, I am finding that the more real I am the more loyal my followers are. (Personally I practice this more on Instagram than my blog.) Incredibly happy for you that you are in a new relationship. You deserve the best! Looking forward to learning more about your life in 2018!!!!

    1. Elizabeth-I always appreciate your comments and support!! I find it a fine line when sharing because I tend to tell too much that is irrelevant! Thank you for leaving your thoughts-I really need to know there are people that read my posts-even though I have analytics, I sometimes think no one is out there. I hope you are doing well and have a great 2018!!

      1. Jenni…totally know what you mean about thinking no one is out there. You could hear crickets chirping on most of my blog posts. I’m finding I get way more engagement on Instagram. But yes, we are really reading (and loving) your posts!

  5. Jenni, Thank you so much for your posts on DIY beauty products! I live overseas and have used so many of your recipes with wonderful success! Because I live overseas I don’t have access to natural beauty products, but I have really loved making my own! My friends also benefitted this Christmas with gifts of lip balm and hand salve! Your homemade antibiotic ointment is great- hearing my son’s leg after a nasty fall. Also, I agree that daily time in the word will transform your life! Thank you again for your blog!

  6. Good for you! I have always loved your blog and made quite a few of your recipes. Please keep them coming! I pray that you find long-term happiness. My goals for 2018 are similar: spend more time with God, exercise, and my big health goal is to heal my thyroid. I know deep inside I could feel better, especially without meds, and I’m determined to be healthier than I’ve ever been. Take care!

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