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Ditching deodorant can be a very overwhelming and a daunting task that many of us are just not ready to do. Often times deodorants that contain safe ingredients just don’t do the job. I get it. The thing is, do you really want to block one of your most powerful detox pathways? Let’s make a super simple DIY Spray Deodorant that will freshen your pits, kill bacteria and help you ditch one of the most toxic products today!

DIY Spray Deodorant with FrankincenseDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Learn more

So I went to the gym today.  I haven’t been in years-I usually do Peak 8 on my treadmill at home so going somewhere was a BIG change. It dawned on me before I went that I was going to have to do something about my outrageous B.O. since I quit deodorant a while ago. Initially, I made my own homemade deodorant but ran out and just never made more. I’m probably sounding like a crunchy hippy about now, really I’m not, just my pits are. So of course, when I create or find a winner of a beauty DIY, I’ve got to share!!

I bet you didn’t know that making your own deodorant will take only 2 minutes! My DIY Spray Deodorant with essential oils is so simple it literally takes minutes to make and dare I say, it works better then any natural, solid deodorant you might DIY or try!

This natural deodorant spray contains only natural ingredients and is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin and experience skin irritation from baking soda which is in most natural deodorants and just about every homemade deodorant recipe.

What is a Spray Deodorant?

A spray deodorant is a quick and convenient way to combat body odor throughout the day. It typically has a base of witch hazel. When you add a blend of essential oils to the witch hazel, you have a bacteria fighting powerhouse product.

You should know that a spray deodorant will not keep you dry. It is only intended to aid in bad smelling pits. It is meant to be used several times throughout the day to freshen up.

Why Not Use Store-Bought Deodorants and Antiperspirants:

Antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum is meant to block the sweat glands so you stay dry throughout the day. There are links between aluminum and breast cancer. There is also a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. While the studies are few and somewhat inconclusive, I personally would never want to apply anything meant to block detox. There is also a link between aluminum and it’s effect on estrogen. Also, aluminum has been found to accumulate in the breast tissue.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and detoxing tool. Hindering the skin’s job in any way is not a good idea if you’re on a journey to achieve good health and longevity.

Other harmful ingredients in conventional deodorants are tricolosan (classified as a pesticide by the FDA and as a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency) parabens, propylene glycol and synthetic fragrances. All of which are hormone disruptors and when used daily are detrimental to our health.

What about non-toxic deodorants like Schmidt’s, Tom’s, Native, Hello etc? While they are great alternatives to brands like Dove and Suave I find that I smell worse with natural deodorant than with none. I’ve heard many people admit this as well. This is why I prefer making a homemade spray deodorant.

For another easy, yet effective deodorant recipe check out my Pit Wipes! You might also enjoy my DIY version of Body Splash!

Essential Oil’s Stink Busting Power!

The best thing you can do to combat odor-causing bacteria is to incorporate pure essential oils. Essential oils have incredible antibacterial properties as well as antiseptic properties that help odor control on contact. Chances are, your favorite essential oils will do a killer job ridding you of stink but I’ve come up with a potent blend of lavender oil, frankincense oil and lemon oil that combine to make a powerful natural spray deodorant. 

FYI-Since this recipe has a large amount of essential oils, I do not recommend you use a plastic bottle. A glass bottle is a must. A great option is this glass fine mist spray bottle.

Frankincense and Anti Cancer Properties

This morning I recalled a post on one of my favorite blogs, Camp Wander. She made a DIY spray deodorant using just witch hazel and essential oils. As I mentioned above, I thought I’d try it and headed off to the gym. To my surprise, I could still smell the essential oils and the body odor was at a bare minimum after my workout. Not only was this so simple to make, there is so much positive research showing that Frankincense essential oil has anti cancerous properties

Sadly, these days women are getting breast cancer by the handfuls. It sure makes sense to quit the aluminum filled commercial deodorants, make your own and add Frankincense to it, right?

Frankincense is one amazing essential oil. Check out my 5 exceptional uses for Frankincense Essential Oil post!

I get my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs or Plant Therapy.

Witch Hazel Benefits:

Witch Hazel is anti bacterial and antiseptic.  It also has powerful anti inflammatory, astringent and healing properties.

I always use Thayers Witch Hazel because it is alcohol free and organic. Plus their witch hazel contains aloe vera which makes it even more beneficial. I love how there are several different scents like rose, cucumber, coconut and lavender which add to the deodorizing action of the essential oils. 

When Stopping the Use of Antiperspirants, Expect a Detox Period….

Many people are taken aback at how bad they actually stink when they stop blocking their lymph nodes under their arm and start using natural diy deodorants. You must remember that sweating is your skin’s way of detoxing the body and it is so incredibly important to not hinder our body from detoxing.

You might look into using an armpit detox mask recipe which will help pull toxins and decrease the stink. Saunas are also a fantastic way to encourage extra sweating for more detox. 

Benefits of DIY Spray Deodorant

  • Dries Fast
  • Non Toxic
  • Support Breast Health
  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn’t Stain
  • Smells Amazing!

DIY Spray Deodorant with Frankincense

DIY Spray Deodorant!

Yield: 2 ounces
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Ditching deodorant can be a very overwhelming and daunting task that many of us are just not ready to do. Often times deodorants that contain safe ingredients just don’t do the job. I get it. The thing is, do you really want to block one of your most powerful detox pathways? Let’s make a super simple DIY Spray Deodorant that will freshen your pits, kill bacteria and help you ditch one of the most toxic products today!


  • 1/4 cup witch hazel
  • 20 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 
  • 20 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil 


  • 2 ounce Glass Spray Bottle


    1. Mix all ingredients together in a glass 2 ounce spray bottle.
    2. Shake!


To Use:

Spray as often as needed! Make a smaller one and carry it around everywhere-I do! It’s a lifesaver!

Did you make this product?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Facebook

This DIY spray deodorant is such an easy recipe. Ditch the traditional deodorants and give this homemade spray deodorant a go. Try it out, if it doesn’t work, you can use it as a room or pillow spray or use it as a multi purpose gym spray!!!

xx, Jenni


DIY Spray Deodorant

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

74 thoughts on “So Simple DIY Spray Deodorant That Works!!”

  1. Jenni, thank you for sharing this recipe from Camp Wander and also sharing your coupon code for Spark Naturals. I hadn’t heard of Spark Naturals, but will check it out. I’m a bit quirky, but it struck me as quite humorous that one of your “selling points” for this DIY recipe with Frankincense was to get away from using the Aluminum based deodorants since Aluminum is known to contribute to causing Alzheimer’s disease – – – then you used an Aluminum spray bottle as the container?!? Can’t the Aluminum be leached from the container and you end up with the same problem of Aluminum in your DIY deodorant?

    1. Ha! You are observant! I don’t believe aluminum is as easily leached like plastic. Of course, the best container to use would be glass. I was so in need of a deodorant right at that moment that I used what I had. Thanks for pointing that out-I hadn’t made the connection-I will fix this post soon! Thanks for reading!!

  2. how many mls is 2 ounce? I am from Greece and don’t know the equivalent of ounce or oz in mls or grams. What is wich hazel? I can’t find it in my dictionary and I don’t know if we have it here in Greece. I can’t find liquid Castile soap too so I’m considering placing an order at amazon. I really love your blog!!!! you’ve got easy to make recipes.

    1. Hi Dina! 2 ounces is almost 60 mL. Witch Hazel is a a liquid that is commonly used for a toner/astringent. It is extracted from the bark and leaves of the witch hazel plant. It helps balance pH in the skin. Thanks for reading my blog! Good luck with your recipes!!

  3. I’m curious to know if anyone has used cinnamon bark essential oil in this recipe? I understand it has antibacterial properties, but I wonder how it plays with the other essential oils. Can it irritate the skin like peppermint essential oil does for some people?

    1. Randy-I’ve not heard of using cinnamon essential oil-It could irritate the skin, it depends on the person. It is a “hot” oil. I put it in my lip plumping lip balm because it irritates the lips and causes them to swell. Most essential oils are antibacterial like lavender and melaleuca. Thanks for sharing!

      1. I had a random question lol I know this is old and a long shot but I was wondering if you could email me your recipe for your lip plumping lip balm?

  4. Hiya! Thanks for sharing. Happy to have chanced upon this all-natural recipe.
    I’m really interested to know if this recipe stings post shaving?
    Any alternatives on “shaving days”? Anyone?? Much appreciated!

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  6. Hi! This might be a silly question, but I ordered the witch hazel extract and noticed it’s brown of color. I was wondering if this leaves stains? Because that would be a real shame….I’d love to use an all natural homemade deodorant based on my oils! Or is there an alternative, like coconut oil? Thanks, also for sharing this with us! 🙂

    1. Jette-I feel like I’ve responded to this question so if I have, sorry for the repeat! I’ve never seen witch hazel be anything but clear. I’ve also never heard of witch hazel extract. I have linked what I used in the post, check it and see if it’s different from what you have. I’m also wondering if it’s gone bad?

  7. Hi there! Made this spray deodorant and it isn’t working for me. :-(. Planning to detox then try again. Any suggestions on other uses if it doesn’t work so it’s not wasted? TIA

    1. Melanie-This recipe is a quick fix for me. I like to take it with me in my purse but it doesn’t work as well as THIS recipe. I use this one each morning and it really works well for me. You can use your spray deodorant as a toner if you’d like or do like me and carry it for a “refresher” through out the day!

  8. hey jenni! thanks for this! i have a question, can i use rose water or something other than witch hazel (which is impossible to find in brasil). i look forward to hearing from you!


  9. Hi. Your spray deodorant recipe is a 5% dilution of essential oils which is way higher than recommends for daily use. 2% dilution or lower are the rates for daily use. Any higher than 2% for daily use runs the risk of sensitization. The standard, recognized dilution chart in aromatherapy is:
    2 drops of EO per tsp (5mL or 1/6oz) of carrier oil. If your recipe was 2% for 2oz carrier, it would contain just 24 drops of essential oils.

    1. My exact thought Cameron as soon as I saw the amount of essential oil, I said no way. I have been using EOs for years and am also a registered nurse and I know when it comes to EOs less is always better.

  10. Some pro tips: Essential oils,mineral oils and high lipid oils(think coconut fat) EAT plastic (tho food frade plastic will take longer to eat through, something like 1 year) fairly quickly, and then dessiminate it onto your body when you spray or use/ingest the oils. Plastic, especially applied to the skin is absorbed into the body, and retained instead of eliminated, so slowly over time it builds up to toxic levels (this takes several years of daily use (think petroleum jelly) or up to decades for occasional use/exposure), we haven’t discovered the way to ‘chelate’ plastic from our bodies like we do with alluminum, mercury and other heavy metals through diet, so, do NOT put the essential oils version of this is a plastic bottle (and if at any time your plastic bottle starts to ‘sweat’ toss it and the contents, the plastic has already been eaten and infused into the contents).

    Glass is really the best bet here, it is non reactive and less likely to burst or spill where you carry it with you, most essential oil bottles have standard caps that you can easily attatch a spray mister to, so its easy to convert an empty glass bottle for use with this spray deordernt! The plastic tube for the spray nozel is somewhat an issue, just replace it ever few months or if you notice it start to ‘sweat’ as well!

    Alternatively don’t use essential or mineral oils in the composition or limit to 1 drop (becareful tea tree and a few other oils will eat through more than just plastic in a matter of hours sometimes!)

    Re: Essential oils are vey powerful emmolients and plastic is made of essentially lipid tissue/mineral oil, meaning it is fat soluable, meaning fatty and similar to the plastic mineral oils will eat through even fairly heavy duty plastic quickly, and ‘thin’ plastic sometimes within hours. Becareful, if it sweats or feels greasy on the outside throw it out! Skin exposure to plastic is the most dangerous as it won’t get eliminated!

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    1. Linda-Unfortunately a spray deodorant won’t help with sweating. You need something to either clog the pores or soak up the sweat to help staying dry. I do have a solid deodorant recipe that has arrowroot powder that helps with wetness but if he’s really wet during the day I’m not sure a homemade deodorant will cover it.

  12. Love ur stuff!!! Do u think I could use for th eo’s …lavender,peppermint,and lemongrass? Or lavender,lemongrass,sweet orange or even eucalyptus? I’ve never made spray deoderant before so do u have any ideas of how many drops of my eo’s listed above? Thanks

    1. Christine! Thank you! I love your suggestions minus lemongrass. Lemongrass can burn. It took me a while to discover it, but it’s a hot oil. Ditch the lemongrass and keep lavender and peppermint in my opinion!

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  14. Hi! I just found your posts abour homemade deodorant and I’m so excited to try both recipes, for spray & solid! I have one question about the solid recipe. When looking up a recipe to make my own diaper rash cream (I’m expecting baby #2 in June and want to take the all natural route), it suggested using non nano zinc oxide in place of arrow root powder because the arrow root powder might cause yeast? What are your thoughts on that, and on swapping out zinc oxide in the deodorant for the arrow root powder?

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  16. I am going to be the bad guy here. I have a curse. Grammar and misspellings jump out at me whenever I read someone’s blog.
    You said that it ” donned” on you. The correct word is “dawned”.
    I do love your recipe for deodorant though😊

  17. Hi Jenni,
    I’m relatively new on EO, a couple of years, but mostly I used them for the skin. Now I’m doing some research and have found many post on DIY creams, lotions, deodorants. I live in Mexico and used to buy my oils in Paris and there I bought a Frankincense hydrosol, I used it as a toner but found it to make feel dry my very sensitive mature skin, So I left it on the fridge. About a month ago after reading on many EO DYI deodorants, mostly solid ones, and I don’t like the creamy feeling on my under arms. I remembered the hydrosol. Voilá! what a fantastic idea for a spray deo. I poured it on a amber glass bottle with spry, added some drops of Tea Tree and Frankincense and it works incredible well. Odor it’s caused by bacteria and between this 2 EO they practically disappeared. You can add Lavender too.

  18. Thank you for this recipe!
    I just watched the documentary on Netflix called STINK and I am trying to convert all my chemical based products with natural ones, deodorant included.
    I just whipped up a batch of this and I’m excited to see how it holds up!
    I used a blue glass bottle and it’s so pretty in the bathroom compared to my typical deo!

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  20. Actually there is no definitive proof of aluminium being a factor in developing cancer. Several studies proved tot be inconclusive. On the order hand there is no reason not tot go with natural products if the do the job satisfactoraly.

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  22. Hi could you tell me if I can pour this in a roller bottle? Do I stick with witch hazel if I do or should I use jojoba oil? Thx!

    1. Chrissy-You could-I would stick to witch hazel. It has cleansing properties as well as antibacterial. Jojoba will make you so greasy and possibly stain your clothes!

  23. Hi Jennifer,

    I’ve really enjoyed this recipe, it’s so simple and effective, thank you!
    Do you use a specific kind of mister on your spray bottle? I’ve found that my normal sprayer gets stuck every few pumps. I assume it’s because a significant portion of the ingredients are oil-based as opposed to water-based, and the last product I used in my sprayer was water-based.

    Do you have any suggestions/recommendations?

    1. DJ-If anything the oil is helping the sprayer not clog as much. It might just be a faulty spray bottle. I get mine from Specialty Bottle. I’m glad you like this recipe, thank you!

  24. Hi, Love your option for natural deodorant but I’m concern about the lemon which is photosensitive. Can lemon be change for anoche oil that’s not photosensitive?

    1. Rocio-Unless you’re tanning your underarms, I wouldn’t worry about lemon in your deodorant. However, you can omit it completely or add something like Tea Tree. I have a post on photosensitivity that lists all the oils that are but it’s mainly citrus oils I leave out of my products that will set on top of skin that will see the sun.

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  26. My hubby sweats…a lot. When we go to a theme park in the summer it can really get bad. The last time we went to Busch Gardens pre-Covid, I made him some of this but added coffee essential oil instead of lemon and added a drop or two of eucalyptus for cooling. Let me tell you, we got quite a few people asking what he was wearing. LOL. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Kera-That is so interesting-I love exploring essential oil combos for the scent and I have never worked with coffee. I’m so glad this is helping him too! My man sweats so much-it’s nuts. I always tell him he’s lucky because his detox pathways are WIDE open. Mine sure aren’t!

  27. thanks for ALL your recipes! i found you a couple weeks ago and i’ve tried several recipes already.

    besides ingredients, how is this recipe different from the gym spray? is the the gym spray stronger?

    is the gym spray photosensitive?

    1. Jenn-You’re so welcome! There is very little difference. Both sprays are very strong and both contain lemon which can cause you to be photosensitive, however, this is less common then most people think and since neither are truly for the face, I feel safe adding it in. I add rosemary into the gym spray which tends to be super strong so smellwise-the gym spray definitely smells stronger.

  28. oh, and i asked about the gym spray being photosensitive because i thought your idea for using it for back acne was a great idea! and if it is what would you substitute for the lemon oil? thanks!

    1. Jenn-I would substitute lemon for tea tree if it’s being used in the hopes to clear up some acne! Tea tree, ylang ylang, frankincense, lavender and rosemary would be great!

  29. Hi Jenni,

    I chanced upon your block and is going to try this Deo spray as the OTC ones gives me itch. Do I use those witch hazel with alcohol content?

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  31. I came to this party a little late— I just discovered this post through Pinterest, as I am on a non toxic journey with personal care products. All I have to say is HOLY WOW this recipe is life changing. I tried pretty much every non toxic deodorant on the market, and despite the high cost, none of them worked for me. This recipe is so simple and I literally smell no odor after applying it once for the whole day. Thank you for saving my life (and bank account) with this recipe!!!

    1. Alex-I’m so happy to hear this! I have such a hard time finding natural deodorants too and carry this exact recipe with me everywhere. It’s just so much more effective than natural deodorants-that’s the power of essential oils! Thank you for telling me this!!

  32. This works great! Thanks so much for the recipe! I also spray magnesium oil at the same time when I spray this on my armpits and the combo works well. 🙂

    1. Daisy-For sure! You can double up on lemon or frankincense or tea tree is also a great substitute. You could even try rosemary or peppermint for a cooling effect but I’m not sure how well they’ll pair with the frankincense.

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