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DIY Hair PomadeLike I’ve said before, I’m on a mission to make all my family’s cleaning and beauty products.  I’m doing one product at a time and a friend introduced me to a recipe for DIY hair pomade by blogger Mommypotamus.  I must say, I LOVE this recipe.  Who knew I could save so much money and eliminate toxins by making my own hair pomade?? 
When I was married, my x love this recipe-he’d probably still use it if I’d continue to make it for him!  He was spending at least $20 every time he went for a hair cut so this recipe was quite the victory for us!  Plus, this is perfect for using on a baby boy!  It gives just enough hold and spike and is very gentle for a babies sensitive head.  Putting a toxic hair pomade on a soft scalp is just not a good idea!  Interested in the recipe??  Read on!

DIY Hair Pomade

2 TBSP Shea Butter (find it HERE)

3 TBSP Beeswax (find it HERE)

4 TBSP Jojoba Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Scotch Pine Essential Oil (find it HERE)

5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil (find it HERE)


1. Fill a pot half full with water.
2. Place a glass bowl with a spout in the pot.
3. Turn on stove top to medium
4. Melt Shea Butter and Beeswax
5. Mix in Jojoba Oil.
6. Remove from heat and let cool for about a minute
7. Add essential oils
8. Pour into container.
This recipe made about 3 oz.  I added Scotch Pine Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil. Rosemary is great for hair growth and shine while pine gives a woodsy, manly scent.

DIY Hair Pomade

xx, Jenni


P.S. Go HERE for more DIY hair care!


DIY Hair Pomade


Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

32 thoughts on “DIY Hair Pomade”

    1. Laura, I use jojoba because it’s actually a liquid wax. It’s a bit thicker than most carrier oils. I have made this without it and substituted a different carrier oil-it worked but if you are looking it use it for short “spiky” hair it just doesn’t have the hold. Thanks!

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  3. Hi Jenni! Could you use castor oil instead of jojoba oil for someone who wants to encourage hair growth? 😉 A product that holds the hair in place is important, but it doesn’t need to be spiky. Thanks!

  4. do you happen to have a diy scalp scrub? i have minor head psoriasis so its dry and a bit flaky. using home remedies is helping but im searching for a scalp scrub also. do you have any recipes in mind?

  5. I have bees wax and shea butter, but I didn’t know that I also NEEDED jojoba oil….
    Do I really need that for making this hair wax?
    Is there anything else I can use in replacement of it?

    To the person who has psoriasis.
    What people don’t know – is that psoriasis actually will not go away until you get rid of your candida.
    I have candida and psoriasis and it always clears up when I am trying to control what I eat, while I’m trying to get as much good bacteria as possible.
    All health basically comes down to good bacteria.

    Just thought I would leave some help as this is where the real information in this world and to give something back to the world to help other people.

  6. Hi,
    I’m looking for a shampoo and conditioner/rinse for silver hair. I have found shampoos with tea in them, but I’m afraid the tea will make my hair look discolored. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Can you add emu oil to it, if so how much? My hair is in really bad shape and won’t grow. Looking for a pomade that can help with that.

    1. Nan, I’m not sure because I’ve never worked with emu oil-I chose jojoba because it’s exactly a wax rather then an oil. You might have an oilier product if you add it but I think it’s worth a try. If you do, you can always remelt it and add more beeswax. If you want to use emu oil you should use it as a leave on conditioner. Just put it in your hair and let it sit. Then you can determine if it needs to be washed out or you can just leave it.

  8. Hi! I read your reason for using jojoba oil but we aren’t able to due to an allergy. I had a couple ideas of what other things I could use and wanted your feedback. I love using Grapeseed oil but could also use coconut instead of jojoba. My other thought was maybe I could add aloe Vera gel and/or gelatin? I found another recipe that called for these. Do you think added either of these would help with the hold since we can’t use jojoba?

    1. Brianna! Hi! I chose jojoba because it is technically a wax and I felt like it might effect the texture but jojoba oil feels nothing like a wax and I believe you could substitute grapeseed or coconut oil and come out with a great pomade. Aloe or gelatin won’t work because you would end up with a big bacteria problem and probably a texture issue as well. Hope this helps!

      1. Dear Jenni, is it possible to replace white fir EO and use any other oil that would be
        suitable for a 5-year old girl whose hair is wild and frizzy?
        Thanks a million for your precious recipes

        1. Iman-For sure-I add white fir because usually men are using this DIY and I was trying to make the scent a bit more manly! Use any essential oil you like! Lavender is always a great option plus it’s calming!

  9. What is the benefit of ingredient scotch pine? Is it purely for scent?

    Is there an alternative to scotch pine, as I can not locate.


  10. Hello! Do you use deodorized shea butter? I was wondering about its smell. If the suggested drops of essential oils mask the unrefined shea butter smell. Also, are you sure that scotch pine and rosemary essential oils are safe for kids? I want to make this for my 6 year old nephew as a much natural, cleaner hair product-I can only find unrefined shea butter- and I am sure that if I completely ommit the essential oils that it might have an unpleasant smell. So any suggestions for substituting this essential oils with something even safer? Thank you.

    1. Nicole-Hi! I’m thinking “deodorized” might have been auto corrected and it was meant to be unrefined. I like the smell of unrefined shea butter so I’m not sensitive to it or try to cover it so I can’t answer your first question. However, you are correct to question rosemary for kids. This is an old post so I’m happy you mentioned it. Rosemary is not good for kids under 10. Pine is though. I would substitute rosemary with lavender! Lavender and pine smell really great together!

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