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Maple Holistics

I’m going to admit something that is going to disappoint you-I, Jenni Raincloud use toxic, chemical filled shampoo.  I have cleaned up my skin care and body care routine.  I’ve cleaned up my cleaning products and I’ve made huge strides in cleaning up the food my family and I eat, but when it comes to hair care, I’m at a loss.  I’m LOW maintenance with hair.  I haven’t had a hair cut in months and months.  My hair is long because I just don’t care-it’s not long on purpose.  I don’t use products, I never curl my hair.  In fact, I don’t even brush it.  I wouldn’t wash it if I didn’t get greasy!  Yeah, that was probably a bit too much info. but you get the point, right?  Well, I’ve been using chemical filled shampoo for a long time now.  I have.  I admit it.  I’m so cheap plus, unless Target has something non-toxic that I can grab on the way to the frozen section then I’m out.  Target has upped their game with organic hair care and I had switched to an affordable organic line minus parabens and sulfates but it honestly tangled my hair terribly.  So when Maple Holistics wanted to send me their shampoo and conditioner, I was thrilled.

You might be wondering why I don’t DIY my hair care.  Well, I’ve tried.  I’ve researched the “no-poo” method and honestly, I’m just too vain to deal with the greasy detox phase.  I’ve worked on homemade shampoos but getting the pH correct so I don’t dry out my hair is complicated.  I do love THIS shiny hair rinse and I use coconut oil to condition but beyond that, I leave shampoo to the professionals.

Maple Holistics reached out to me a couple of months ago.  They are an amazing natural company with a focus on hair care.  They focus on a lot of dandruff issues which is the opposite of my issues so I was a little unsure if the products would be good for my oily scalp.  First off, they sent me THIS and THIS.  I love them.  The conditioner smells like vanilla and heaven and the shampoo suds up enough that I feel like I’m getting clean.  I’m very happy with both products and would suggest them in a split second.

Maple Holistics

Now let’s get to the FREE part, ok?  Here’s the deal.  Maple Holistics has begun selling on Amazon, which is awesome because all their products are PRIME and affordable!  They are aiming to increase their reviews so they are offering to send anyone who leaves them feedback via Amazon, a free product!!  Yes!!  It’s a great deal and as a person trying to advance my own natural line, I know how important reviews are for future business.  Go HERE for all the details on exactly how to get free products.

So, if you are looking for natural hair care products and will leave feedback, I would suggest trying the shampoo and conditioner I have.  I think you’ll love it too!  Other products I’m going to try are THIS and THIS!

xx, Jenni

Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the natural skin care blog, Jenni Raincloud.

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