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DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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DIY Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate dad then with something you’ve made by hand? I decided to round up my man DIYs so that maybe you’ll get some good ideas on how to honor your husband or father without having to buy something they don’t need! 

After Shave Spray:

DIY after shave spray

This recipe is very simple and goes a long way when it comes to soothing the skin after shaving! It’s a must have for any man who shaves his face. It also doubles as a toner which can be very healing, soothing and hydrating! Find full post HERE.

Beard Serum/Facial Oil:

Beard Serum DIY

A beard serum is crucial to keep beard hair tamed and conditioned. Otherwise, beard hair can look dry and unkept. If your man doesn’t have a beard, he could still benefit from this exact recipe but use it as a facial oil. A facial oil along with an after shave can really help to protect and calm the skin after shaving. I formulated this oil to absorb quickly and leave a manly scent. Get the full post HERE.

Conditioning Beard Balm:

DIY Beard Balm

A beard balm has the same purpose as a beard serum. It is meant to condition facial hair as well as moisturize the skin underneath. The only difference is that a balm is solid and better for longer, thicker beards. Get the full recipe HERE.

Shaving Cream:

DIY Shaving Cream


A shaving cream is great for men and women and helps protect the skin from irritation as well as replenish the skin after shaving. A shaving cream can also help you get a smoother, closer shave! Find the recipe HERE.

Hair Pommade:

DIY Hair Pomade


This recipe is one of my oldest recipes but also one of the best! However, I will admit, if your man needs a lot of stiffness and hold he might not be able to use this. This pomade is more for texture and smoothing. It’s a very hard balm and only a small amount is required for it to do its job. Find the recipe HERE.

Cedarwood Man Mask:

DIY Cedarwood Clay Mask

This mask was formulated with a man’s skin in mind. Not only does it smell manly, it helps to detox the pores. It’s not recommended to make it in bulk unless you add your wet ingredients only when you are needing an application, but it might be a fun way to serve your dad or husband by giving him a facial-lol! It’s a simple recipe with bentonite clay as the dry ingredient and apple cider vinegar, aloe and cedarwood essential oil as the wet ingredients. You could make 5 times the recipe and mix all your wet ingredients in a bottle, put the clay in a jar and present them as a mask for several applications. Find the recipe HERE.

Tamanu Clay Facial Oil:

DIY Oil Cleanser Recipe


Oil cleansing is one of the best things you can do if you have congested skin. This particular oil cleanser works wonders to purge the pores as well as kill bacteria. Oil cleansing does not have to be as complicated as you think either. Simply rub a small amount of this cleanser into the skin-the more massage, the more detox. Then get a hot wash cloth and thoroughly remove it. Repeat the hot wash cloth for extra detox. This cleanser contains the miracle oil for oily/acne skin, tamanu. It also contains french green clay and tea tree essential oil which both help to balance and detox the skin! Find this recipe HERE.

A Few Other DIY Ideas….

Don’t forget labels! A couple of these DIYs have printable labels that are simple, black and classy. Any of these products would benefit from easy to make yet sophisticated labels and you can print them right from your computer using the Avery template and purchasing Avery labels on Amazon. Just click on the label you want below, save to your computer, then upload to the Avery website.

Hopefully you’ve found this round up helpful! I have no clue what I’ll be doing for either my dad or my husband! Guess I better get on that!

xx, Jenni


DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

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