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Makeup Tutorials, DIYs & Product Reviews

Get loads of makeup DIYs, reviews and tutorials that will get you on the right track to a natural beauty routine!

DIY Brow Gel

DIY Eyebrow Gel

I’ve said about 587 times how much I love brows.  I like big brows (and I can not lie) but with big brows comes the need to define and tame.  Clear mascara would do the trick but I’ve yet to find a clear mascara that contains safe ingredients.  As usual, I took to Pinterest and have been experimenting with proportions… Read More »DIY Eyebrow Gel

DIY Makeup Primer

How to Make Your Own DIY Setting Spray w/ 3 Ingredients!

Make a DIY makeup setting spray in minutes with simple, pure ingredients that will not only benefit your skin, this spray will leave your skin looking dewy and healthy. Plus, this homemade setting spray smells amazing and feels so refreshing! What is a Setting Spray? A setting spray keeps your makeup in place throughout the day. It helps your makeup… Read More »How to Make Your Own DIY Setting Spray w/ 3 Ingredients!

DIY Mineral Makeup

DIY Mineral Makeup

I have used mineral makeup for at least a decade now.  When Bare Minerals came out, I was amazed at how well it covered and that it was actually good for my skin.  Now, a decade later, I realize how simple it is to make!  While I don’t really believe it’s that beneficial to my skin, I do believe it’s… Read More »DIY Mineral Makeup