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The Perfect At Home Brow Tint

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At Home Brow TintWelcome to brow week here @ Jenni Raincloud!  I can’t go any further with brow posts until I tell you about brow tint to dye your brows!  As I’ve said in past articles-brows rock my world!   One thing I figured out early is-the more hair you have to work with, the better your shape will be!   Hence my Eye Brow Serum post!  While I have dark hair, my eye brow hair tends to be light and blonde.  Dying brows is awesome for people like me and also for women trying to cover gray hair.  

When I used to work on other people’s brows, I can’t tell you how many times a good brow shaping and tint would literally transforms someone’s face.  

I use the brand Intensive to tint my brows.  I used to only be able to get it because I was an aesthetician but now, thankfully, it’s on Amazon. There is a variety of different colors for every hair color, including auburn and graphite!  I use middle brown on my very blonde mother, and brown for me. I have used other brands but I feel they did not compare to Intensive.  

Brow tinting is one of those things you can go to a salon and have someone do for you but you’ll pay way too much. You can spend just as much money buying the developer and tint and be able to use it 20+ times!  It’s a huge money and time saver.  All you need are a few tips from a pro-I can call myself that because I used to do this for a living!

I would never be able to perfect my brow shape if it weren’t for brow tinting-it really is a game changer…..

Brow Tint

Brow Tint

How to Apply Brow Tint:

  1. Mix equal parts of brow dye and developer in a small bowl. Be aware, the tint will dye anything it touches.  
  2. Apply to your brows in exactly the shape you would like your brows to be.  I like to use Q-tips, but many people prefer a mascara wand (find HERE).  The tint will dye your skin so when the dye is applied in the exact shape, it can enhance your brow shape greatly!  You can use vaseline or even chapstick to apply where you don’t want the color to ensure you don’t end up with too much dye on your skin.
  3. Leave on for 5-15 minutes.  Make sure you check your brows often.  For the color I use (brown) you can tell from the pics that the dye develops to almost a black color.  This does not mean my brows will be that dark at the time the dye develops.  Because I like my brows really bold and dark, I leave the dye on for 10-15 minutes.  Use common sense.  
  4. A lot of salons offer a double dye where they simply dye your brows 2x.  It helps them to get darker and also helps the color last longer. I double dye mine every time.  You can always determine whether you need to dye 2x after you take the first application off. 
  5. Thoroughly remove with soap and water.  If you don’t use soap, the dye can continue to darken-I know this from experience!
  6. You will most likely want to shape your brows soon after dying them-you might be surprised at how thick they look!   
  7. I find that after about 2 days of washing my face morning and night, the dye lets up a bit and comes off my skin.  *If your brows are too dark, the more you wash them, the faster they will fade.

Find the developer HERE.  Find brown dye HERE.  Middle Brown HERE.

A word of caution-It is very unusual, but some people have allergic reactions to brow tint.  If you are concerned, you can test it on your arm 24 hours before applying it to your brows.  Most likely if you aren’t sensitive to hair dye, you will be fine with brow tint.

I would advise using my links to find your brow tint-they are specifically formulated for the eye area and are safe.  Never use regular hair dye around your eyes, if it gets into your eye you will have a problem.

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xx, Jenni

P.S. I’ve noticed my links for what I use from Amazon go bad often. The brand I trust is called Intensive. It’s a professional brand that I’ve luckily found on Amazon. Go HERE for their Amazon shop.

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At Home Brow Tint

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

25 thoughts on “The Perfect At Home Brow Tint”

    1. Jennifer-if you are trying to avoid chemicals on this one, you don’t want to know the ingredients. It’s definitely less toxic then hair color but it contains Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate. None of those are good, but this is something that I can not duplicate with my own creation and it’s something you have to figure out if it’s beneficial enough to what you want to accomplish with your brows. It is for me.
      I get almost a years worth out of one tube and the developer lasts forever. I do mine 1 time a month. Hope this helps!

  1. Thanks for the quick response! Yeah, I’m trying to avoid all of the toxic chemicals, but since I have decided to stop coloring my hair and embrace the gray (eek!), I’ll have to do my eyebrows myself. Gray hair is one thing, but gray eyebrows make me look perpetually surprised…not a good look. I wonder if henna or rosemary might be a solution?

    1. I use the henna mix ALL THE TIME on my brows that I use on my hair! I put about a half a cup in a container in the freezer and re do my brows a couple times a month because it does wear off that fast, but it is a great alternative to the dyes. I usually terp my henna with tea tree oil, and I’ve just started using a castor oil/rosemary oil brow serum to regrow some over plucking as well. I do not have any grays (knock on wood) yet at 40 but my mother uses the same mix I do and it works well on hers to cover the gray. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello!

    This is so great! I love getting my brows tinted but it gets pricey! I have dark brown hair and my brows are essentially black. Will the natural brown color work? Do I just need to leave it on for a few extra minutes? Thanks!

    1. Jess, Yes, the natural brown is what they are calling brown,the natural throws me off-the longer you leave it on the darker it will be. They do have a black but I have only used it on my lashes. It’s super easy and you’ll save a lot! Just be so careful to keep it off your skin as best you can-this brand really dyes the skin.

  3. I am so confused. Just got this from Amazon. It says on the tube “not to be used on brows or lashes, as blindness may result”. ???

      1. Yes – I used your link! Anyways – I used it and it worked well and I will continue to use it – lol!

    1. Barbara-I see what you mean-it’s on my tube as well. I’m super confused-it’s specifically for brows and lashes so I can’t understand why it would be on their product! I will look more into this and possibly find another brand to suggest. I have used it for years on my brows. I have not done my lashes with this brand though. It does not drip or run so using it on the brows should be perfectly safe.

      1. Oh I used it and I will continue to use it. Heck in the past I have used salon color on my brows. I can still see! I wouldn’t use anything on my lashes.

  4. Is there an update to this recipe? or can you recommend a different brand? The links your provided are pages that are no longer found on Amazon.

    1. Karina-These links go out all the time-I don’t know why they keep changing! I just updated them. In the future-just look for the brand Intensive on Amazon or elsewhere. I’ve used other brands and they were OK but Intensive is my favorite.

  5. Just tried it tonight. I love how my brows came out. Is there a time frame when we can dye again? When I’ve had my professionally done it only last a couple of weeks it that.

  6. I have been using the “Hair for Men” Mustache and Beard dye. It is specifically for tough hair like brows. I have been using it for decades, as my lashes and brows began going naturally ‘blond’ decades ago, making me look like I have none. I’m 69 and my hair is still pretty dark, but I don’t plan to dye it anyway.

    Recently I bought Henna, after asking a MRH clerk. (I live in Eugene where they have their warehouse and their storefront).
    After I got home, noticed that their container also said not to be used on eyebrows or lashes.
    I believe it is a disclaimer that have to put on it for legal reasons.

    This has worked for me, but I may try your brand…Still wish I could find a natural product besides Henna…

    1. Carol-Interesting-My brows and lashes go blonde as well. I haven’t tried henna but would like to. Where did you find it? My brand is not natural, I think henna would be better but I wonder about the red tint of it?

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