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4 Holiday Party Makeup Looks with Pacifica!

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Pacifica Love Stoned Face paletteIt’s that time of year where holiday parties are happening and you have the excuse to change it up and look your best!  I was wandering through Ulta the other day and found the Love Stoned Natural Mineral Face Palette by Pacifica.  I had to grab it because not only is it a Jenni approved brand, it was only $21!  I knew it would be perfect for some unique holiday makeup looks that would be easy for you to recreate on your self!

pacifica eye shadow palette

Look #1-Pink Sapphire

For this look I mostly used Pink Sapphire around my entire eye. If you’d like to deepen this look you could use a base of Garnet but I found that the garnet muted the glittery shimmer of pink sapphire too much for me. I used an inner lid highlighter to help brighten the look since sometimes using pinks and reds around the eye can make you look a little sick.  My lipstick is from 100 Percent Pure and I used a cream blush from them as well.  Basically then entire look is pink.  I also used Moonstone to highlight my brow bone, above my lip, cheek bones and the bridge of the nose.  

Look #2-Emerald

This look was achieved by applying Emerald under the eye and in the inner corners. I used a peach toned blush and a warm red lipstick. I lightly used Moonstone to highlight the brow and cheek bones and above the lip. Unfortunately the lipstick I used is discontinued but I think THIS one in Hibiscus or THIS in Sonora (matte) might be a good substitute. 

Look #3-Tiger’s Eye

I love a good copper shadow and Tiger’s Eye is soooo good!  I applied it all around and under my eye.  It isn’t super pigmented so it wasn’t hard to get it to blend.  I used a peach blush and peach lipstick. To highlight I used Citrine.

Look #4-Lapis

Lapis is a lovely blue to use for any color eye.  It’s not super pigmented which makes it easier to work with if you’re a bit unsteady or gun shy.  I applied it all over my lid and brow bone as well as from the corner to middle of my lower lashes.  On top, I applied Aquamarine which gave a beautiful shimmer.  I concentrated aquamarine to the inner (upper and lower) corners to half way across my lid so I wouldn’t lighten the lapis on the outer corners of the eye.  I kept the cheeks peach and did a soft nude lip balm since the eyes are so dramatic in this look.

Pacifica Makeup Looks

Tips when using this palette:

  • I used a base of Pink Quartz all from lash line to brow for each of these looks.  It creates a neutral base to apply the shadow on.  
  • Rather than being super pigmented, these shadows are can be intensified by layering them.  
  • Citrine and Moonstone are so good in this palette.  They can and should be used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, cheek bone, brow bone, bridge of nose and above the lip.
  • These shadows are perfect for an event but they aren’t as long lasting as other shadows.
  • I’m not a huge fan of lining my eyes because it’s not flattering on me but you could use Black Tourmaline as a smokey eye liner. 
  • I didn’t use Opal but it’s a gorgeous silver and would look beautiful just swept over the lid!  
  • A quick an easy way to use the Lapis, Emerald and Amethyst is to swipe it across the lower lash line and wear your normal look on the top lid.  These colors adds a pop of fun!  

If you’re looking for what to wear, be sure to check out THIS post where I’ve scouted the cutest, most affordable party pieces from Amazon Prime!  The holidays are the time to get away with sequins after all!  

xx, Jenni


Pacifica Love Stoned Palette

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

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