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The BEST Glass Bottles for Your DIYs…Infinity Jars Review

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Infinity Jars

Imagine if there were a bottle that could replace a preservative in your homemade creams.  Imagine if you placed your DIY creams in this bottle you could rest easy that your cream would stay preserved and safe for over 6 mos. without storing it in the fridge?  Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?  I’m exciting to tell you there is such a bottle and I have found it!  Infinity Jars is a total game changer for those of us who love to make creams but hate to use a preservative!

Infinity Jars sent me a variety of different types of bottles including dropper bottles, essential oil bottles, stainless steel roller bottles and even glass roller bottles!  When I opened my shipment and started to inspect these bottles I was pleasantly shocked at their quality.  These bottle are made with European, deep violet glass.  The glass is very thick and almost impossible to see through.  These bottles are airtight, light proof and scent proof!   Right away I could understand how these bottles could preserve a product.

Infinity Jars

Infinity Jars Pigmented Glass

The secret to the jars preservation capability is the pigmented glass.  This type of glass blocks out harmful visible light rays while still permitting two beneficial light rays that are laboratory proven to preserve and extend the shelf like of products.  The violet glass concept comes from the ancient Egyptians who used it to preserve herbs and oils for centuries.  It’s amazing what the ancient Egyptians knew that we are rediscovering and putting into practice today.  Along with these jars having thick, pigmented glass-they also contain air tight lids that further help to preserve the product.

Infinity Jars conducted a 7 Month Tomato Test.  This test compared a tomato in their bottle and one in a clear glass bottle after 7 months. The tomato in the clear glass had mold and microbiological growth while Infinity Jars’ tomato showed no signs of drying out and no loss of color.  Those are extremely exciting results!!!

Many of us enjoy making lotions but hate adding a preservative.  Spending all that time and effort to make a lotion only to have it spoil after 2 weeks is just not OK, but adding a preservative compromises the natural integrity of the moisturizer!  Even by using my natural preservative of choice, there are still risks of skin irritation.  The smell also compromises the overall scent to the lotion.

Infinity Jar guarantees lotions, essential oils and even spices to be preserved for over 6 months!  Infinity Jars

Glass is known to be much safer when used to store products and food so by using these bottles and ditching the preservative, your creams can be totally safe for your skin.

These bottles are more expensive then the typical glass bottles we’re used to.  In my opinion-these bottles are well worth it when it comes to creating serums that contain oils that are very sensitive to light as well as toners and lotions.  Plus, if you are making products for yourself, I would invest in a pump for facial lotions and body lotions as well as a dropper bottle, spray bottle and a roll on.  You can safely reuse these bottles.  If you are leery of reusing pumps, droppers or sprays, Infinity Jars sales replacement lids individually.

  • Find 2 ounce pumps HERE.
  • Find 4 ounce spray bottles HERE.
  • Find 1 ounce roll-on bottles HERE.
  • Find 1 ounce dropper bottles HERE.

I’m so happy Infinity Jars reached out to me and sent me their amazing jars so I could share them with you!  They are amazing quality and will add more safety and effectiveness to your handmade products!  As I’ve stated before, I get sent lots of products but I only share the best with you and Infinity Jars definitely made the cut!  Head over to Infinity Jars’ website now for 10% off!

xx, Jenni

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infinity jars 2

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

3 thoughts on “The BEST Glass Bottles for Your DIYs…Infinity Jars Review”

  1. I’d be very interested to see an independent microbiological test about preservation claims. And it is so freaking expensive. I found other violet flame glass with much better prices when I was trying to find out about it about a year ago.They look good, however I much prefer my blue bottles as I can easily see how much is left inside. Of course if the preservation claims are true, it’d be worth considering.

  2. I have not been doing as much DIY lately. Partly out of laziness…part time job plus full time blog. And partly because I hate throwing stuff away when I haven’t used it up. So when I get back into the DIY thing, these jars totally sound like the way to go. Thanks for sharing!

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