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Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….

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Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

Copaiba oil is an essential oil you’re going to want to start using. I’m brimming over with such exciting information on this oil!  Copaiba essential oil has huge benefits for your body, mind and skin!  I’m going to tell you some mind blowing benefits of this fantastic (and affordable) essential oil as well as give you some copaiba essential oil recipes so you can enjoy it’s benefits too!  

What is Copaiba Essential Oil?

First, lets talk about some basic info. about where the oil comes from.  Copaiba oil comes from tree resin of the copaiba tree that comes from South America.  It is actually extracted directly from the trunk of the tree by tapping, similar to how rubber and maple are obtained. It is the only essential oil extracted this way!  Because of it’s vast health benefits and ability to decrease pain, animals have been known to take down a copaiba tree to drink it’s resin!

Copaiba essential oil has a mild woodsy scent and pairs well with citrus oils, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

  • Highest anti-inflammatory substance known
  • Powerful pain reliever
  • Boosts endorphins
  • When layered, increases other oil’s benefits
  • Regenerates collagen
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Has been known to fade scars

Mood Enhancer

Copaiba essential oil has extremely high levels of beta-caryophyllene.  It has been documented to contain as much as 50% where as other oils like helichyrsum and clove only have 5-12%! 

So what is Beta-caryophyllene?  BCaryophyllene is a Sesquiterpene. Sesquiterpenes have the ablity of deleting faulty information in cellular memory that can cause disease. They can cross the blood brain barrier, and play a number of vital biochemical functions in both plants and animals. 

Beta caryophyllene  interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your skin. This causes skin cells to produce beta-endorphin. Endorphins give you a sense of well being and are most commonly raised by exercise. 

Anti Inflammatory

Copaiba is potentially the highest anti-inflammatory substance known.  It has greater action than Ibuprofen or even Cortisone – but with NO SIDE EFFECTS!   Next time I get a headache, I’ll be reaching for the copaiba!

A few other benefits of copaiba that I just want to touch on are it’s ability to help with arthritis pain, urinary incontinence and congestion.  When taken orally, it has been known to help lupus, fibromyalgia, and MS.  For more information go HERE.

Another unique and interesting fact about copaiba is that it is a magnifier.  This means that when layered on top of another oil, it enhances the benefits of that oil.

An interesting fact is that copaiba essential oil was first recorded in European medicine journals in 1625!

 It is a very mild oil and can be used directly on the skin.  It’s abilities to improve skin are vast so let’s get right into that, shall we?

Skin Benefits

Copaiba Essential Oil does a world of good for all skin types.  It’s the perfect addition to your natural skin care collection. 

As I’ve mentioned several times, is a powerful anti inflammatory.  In fact, several sources claim that it can eliminate inflammation.  That’s a big claim.  Inflammation has been called the source of all bodily issues, including skin aging. 

Inflammation is our bodies immune response to something harmful.  A trauma to the skin, bacteria, infection, harmful ingredients in skin care products and many foods cause inflammation.  Inflammation is necessary for healing but when it becomes chronic, it is an issue that must be addressed by targeting the factor that is causing the inflammation and by using an anti inflammatory skin care product regularly.  

Copaiba is helpful in regenerating collagen.  It is also extremely powerful when it comes to tightening the skin! 

Many people have found that it reduces scars and stretchmarks, including smoothing out scars, not just fading the appearance. 

Copaiba is a powerful anti-fungal which, I believe, is the root of acne.  I have not tried this but I read that applying copaiba directly to a blemish (via a q-tip) will dramatically reduce the size of the blemish within a couple of hours!  Copaiba would be a wonderful addition to any DIY acne treatments due to it’s efficiency in reducing inflammation and it’s antiviral and anti fungal properties.  We all know how much inflammation comes with acne.

Copaiba is also extremely helpful with bug bites and has been known to greatly relieve discomfort from varicose veins as well as improve the appearance.

Copaiba helps speed up the healing process as well as protect the skin when applied topically.

Copaiba Essential Oil Recipes:

Nausea Relief:

Strep/Bronchitis/Croup & Congestion Balm:

Sore Muscle Massage Oil :

Asthma Inhaler:

Acne Treatment:

Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

I’m so excited to have learned all about this amazing oil!  I’ve got several DIYs up my sleeve so if you’re in need of new DIYs that will help improve your skin, find copaiba essential oil HERE.

I hope you enjoyed learning about copaiba as much as I enjoyed researching it!

xx, Jenni

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Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

12 thoughts on “Copaiba-The New Skin Care Must-Have….”

  1. Ok, you’ve convinced me! This sounds amazing! I’ve been thinking of ordering from Spark, so here’s the perfect reason. Thanks for all the info Jenni! Looking forward to your DIY’s, and love that this is safe enough to use without dilution sometimes.

  2. Copaiba has changed my life. Literally. I have fibromyalgia – a debilitating case of it, which means that for the past decade I’ve felt like I was being stretched on a rack, standing on hot nails, and having a blowtorch run over my skin, 24/7, for weeks or months at a time. Wearing clothing hurts my skin; an affectionate touch feels like a burn. There’s much more to it, but you get the gist. Like most fibro sufferers, I’ve run the gamut of what medical science has to offer. Then, a couple of months ago, I read about copaiba. I made my own roll-on containing it and a few other oils, and have learned how strong to make it and where to apply it. Result: I’ve stopped taking opioids, and I have a few blessed hours of relief at a time–more, if I don’t forget to apply it. I still have fibro, but now I can enjoy a hug, hold a grandbaby, even cook a meal again. By all means, explore what this amazing oil can do for you!

    1. This is amazing! I also have fibro and have tons of oils, but haven’t quite found a blend that works. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Thanks!!

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! My sister and I came across Copaiba a few years ago when she was looking for something that helps restore nerve cells. When we read about how incredible it is we started incorporating it right away. I still use it relatively regularly but reading what you wrote has refreshed my memory and I’m all excited about it again.
    I loved feeling your enthusiasm as I read.
    Thanks again Love!

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