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Powdered Skin Care Review by 100 Percent Pure

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Did you know that skin care can come in powdered form and all you need is water to activate it and make it a highly effective product?  I love this concept for many reasons.  One being that this type of product has a much longer shelf life because the liquid ingredient is what causes bacteria growth-take that out and you have a much more stable product.  

Another amazing benefit of powdered skin care is that it is only activated when you mix a liquid with it.  This gives these products a way more effective result!  Powdered mask don’t need the “can’t pronounce” ingredients either.  

A powdered skin care product doesn’t require fillers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives. Because of this, this type of skin care is one of the most natural ways to take care of your skin.  

One of my favorite natural beauty companies, 100 Percent Pure, has a new line of powdered skin care composed of 2 cleansers and 2 masks.  I’ve tried all 4 products and am quite impressed with all of them.  I think you’ll be impressed too so let me break down each product so you can find which ones work for your skin type.

Matcha Oat Milk Nourishing Mask

 The Matcha Oat Milk Nourishing Mask gives dry, sun-damaged skin a boost. It is full of antioxidants and polyphenols and helps balance the skin. Colloidal oatmeal locks in moisture and soothes the skin.

  • USDA certified-organic matcha
  • non-GMO
  • Farmed in Kyoto, Japan – one of the largest producing areas for the finest quality of green tea
  • Ground from the most tender green leaves into matcha powder form and purchased from Encha
  • Matcha certified by Ecocert

“Deeply nourishing, softening mask concentrated with restorative and skin-beneficial nutrients. Beta glucan-rich colloidal oats soothe and moisturize; coconut milk softens and fortifies; calendula calms; hyaluronic acid plumps skin with hydration; rice ceramides increase suppleness, and organic matcha green tea restores and protects against environmental damage.”

My Experience:

The matcha powder transforms into a creamy mask once a liquid is added.  I’ve used it several times with water and just last night I used it with aloe vera gel.  I love it with aloe because it is so healing, soothing and hydrating.  It boosts what the mask already does on its own. This mask leaves my skin incredibly smooth and soft. It generates a lot of blood flow and leaves your skin very pink for about 20 minutes after the mask. Blood flow is a great thing for radiant skin! After the redness fades, my skin looks bright and fresh. I really love this mask!

Powder Skin Care 100 Percent Pure

Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser

“Detoxifying and pore-refining powder cleanser thoroughly washes away impurities, and remineralizes the skin without stripping or dehydrating. This deeply purifying herbal cleanser unclogs and minimizes the appearance of facial pores with mineral-rich green clay, antibacterial and detoxifying herbs, and nourishing botanicals.”

My Experience:

This cleanser is really not suited for my dry skin but I’m using it anyway and loving it.  It is so refreshing and not at all drying.  I love using powder and simply adding water for a cleanser is so easy.  As you can see from the above picture, there is a bit of sudsing and I feel like my skin gets thoroughly clean.  If you are oily and/or experience clogging, I would recommend this cleanser.

Lavender Oat Milk Cleanser

“In this moisturizing cleanser, oatmeal has been ground and then boiled. This method allows the oatmeal to be easily absorbed into the skin, which enhances its effectiveness for protecting and soothing. These nourishing superpowers come from beta glucan-rich colloidal oatmeal; soothing rose petals; deeply purifying lavender; moisturizing coconut milk; restorative echinacea, and anti-inflammatory botanicals like chrysanthemum, calendula, and chamomile.

Key benefits include:

  • Proven anti-aging and reparative properties for all skin types, including sensitive skin

  • Creates a protective layer that helps retain the skin’s natural moisture

  • Helps to reduce skin inflammation, and even stimulate collagen production due to the rich beta-glucan found in oats

  • Keeps skin hydrated by forming a protective barrier that retains water to the ski”

My Experience:

This cleanser is better suited for dry skin types and smells amazing.  It has the same sudsy consistency as the Pore Detox Cleanser but has a different scent.  This cleanser is very gentle and calming and I recommend it for dry skin types.  

Powder Skin Care 100 Percent Pure

Vitamin C Mask

The Vitamin C Mask is a customizable mask that can be as thick and concentrated or as thin and gentle as you want it, making it suitable for most skin types. Made with potent natural antioxidants like vitamin C, camu camu, rosehip seed oil, vitamin B3 and turmeric, this mask is a powerhouse for beautifying the skin.

This powder mask is 100 Percent Pure’s most concentrated vitamin C treatment!

“A skin brightening treatment concentrated with vitamin C to support collagen and elastin production, for enhanced firmness and elasticity. Fruit enzymes, beet lactic acid, and fermented rice kojic acid gently peel away dullness and even skin tone, lessening the appearance of dark age spots. This revitalizing facial mask is designed to leave skin vibrant and glowing.”

My Experience:

I really like this mask-especially since it is customizable.  I like a hearty dose of Vitamin C so I make my mask thick with very little water. Since I’ve gotten this mask, I’ve started using THIS serum since it pairs so well with the mask! I’m hoping to generate collagen as well as fade sun spots. Since I’ve been using this product, my skin is clearer, brighter and smoother then it’s ever been.  
100 Percent Pure Powder Skin Care

I’ve always been very interested in powdered skin care. I’m so glad 100 Percent Pure has jumped on the bandwagon and introduced these 4 highly effective products!  I sincerely loved them all but I would have to say my favorite is the Matcha Mask. There is a visible difference in my skin each time I use it.  I would definitely give it a try!

If you are more of a DIYer, check out THIS post where I talk all about powdered skin care and give suggestions on what you can add to amp up your powders!  

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

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