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My Subtle Halloween Decor!

If you didn’t know why I’m nicknamed Jenni Raincloud, you’ll know after this post-lol! Fall/Halloween is my favorite-it’s my Christmas. I love scary movies, thunderstorms, and find beauty in strangeness. Halloween is an excuse for me to decorate extra weird and this year was no exception!  Like last year, I printed several scenes from a few of my favorite vintage… Read More »My Subtle Halloween Decor!

DIY Vitamin C Lotion

The EASY (and freshest) Way to Add Vitamin C to Your Beauty Routine!

One of my most popular skin care posts is myDIY Vitamin C Serum recipe.  Vitamin C is one of the most amazing anti aging ingredients that we all should be incorporating into our beauty routine.    The problem with Vitamin C is that when it is not in a powdered form, it is very unstable.  That means, it will go bad… Read More »The EASY (and freshest) Way to Add Vitamin C to Your Beauty Routine!

DIY Dry Skin Roll On

DIY Dry Skin Roll On

  I had originally created this DIY to remedy the dry, aging skin on the back of my hands. I thought I would roll on my formulation and let it soak in while I worked on my computer. I will admit, it’s a great idea and it works really well. However, I did not realize that I would end up… Read More »DIY Dry Skin Roll On

DIY Vitamin C Mask

DIY Vitamin C Mask

Adding vitamin C to your skin care routine is one of the best ingredients you can add to your skin care routine. Whether you are oily or dry, young or old, vitamin C can benefit your skin. Today, we’re going to make a DIY Vitamin C mask that will brighten your skin, smooth and soften and even encourage collagen production!… Read More »DIY Vitamin C Mask

DIY Cracked Heel Balm

DIY Cracked Heel Balm with Eucalyptus & Lemon

My DIY cracked heel balm recipe is an absolute must when it comes to healing heels. It’s super simple to make, smells amazing and is full of clean, nourishing ingredients! Read on to find out just how simple this DIY truly is! Heels are such a problem, especially in cold weather months!  Heck, they’re a problem in the summer too! … Read More »DIY Cracked Heel Balm with Eucalyptus & Lemon

The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotic

The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotics…

Probiotics are a common supplement that most people know they should be taking. I wanted to dive deeper into the probiotic topic because so many of us, myself included, started taking (expensive) probiotics only to see little to no improvement. Some of us even experienced and increase in symptoms with a probiotic swearing to never take one again! I have… Read More »The Gut Microbiome & Flourish Probiotics…

The Benefits of Sheet Masks and How to DIY Sheet Masks At Home!

Sheet masks have become all the rage in the Korean skin care world which has made it’s way all over the world. I reviewed 100 Percent Pure’s sheet masks and accidentally fell in love with them. I say accidentally because the sheet mask habit can get mighty expensive. So you guessed it, I’ve decided to stop splurging on this fun… Read More »The Benefits of Sheet Masks and How to DIY Sheet Masks At Home!