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White bowl of Marula oil with green plant.

Marula Oil Benefits-How to Use it for Incredible Results!

Marula oil is a light, fast absorbing oil that is suited for most skin types due to it’s fatty acid profile, it’s moisturizing properties and antioxidant properties. Marula oils is the perfect addition to your skincare routine due to how quickly it is absorbed into your skin. It’s a lightweight oil that is perfect under makeup and will deliver a… Read More »Marula Oil Benefits-How to Use it for Incredible Results!

Bowl of shea butter with a blue spoon holding more shea butter

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin-Hello, Collagen!!

The shea butter benefits for skin are vast. Raw shea butter that is unfiltered has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, is soothing to sensitive skin, encourages collagen production, has intense moisturizing properties and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Most skin types and skin conditions can benefit from shea butter. In this post you’ll learn everything you need… Read More »Shea Butter Benefits for Skin-Hello, Collagen!!

DIY Rose Petal Oatmeal Mask

  Happy Valentines Day!!  This is one of my favorite holidays.  Not because I love romance because I’m actually the most unromantic person ever.  I love a holiday that gives you an excuse to be intentional about being as girly and indulgent as possible!  I mean, it really is a very feminine holiday.  Have you ever met a man who… Read More »DIY Rose Petal Oatmeal Mask

Himalayan Salt Lamp on a pile of colorful books

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits. Why You’ll Want One in Every Room!

Himalayan salt lamps have become a common site in many homes today.  They’re affordable and pretty but did you know that they also can actually improve the quality of your health? An ancient practice called halotherapy is where large chunks of pink Himalayan salt are placed in a space with the intent to purify and cleanse the air and our… Read More »Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits. Why You’ll Want One in Every Room!

Brow Post Round Up

Brow Post Round Up!

I  believe a well shaped brow can make all the difference in someone’s appearance. Honestly, brows can make or break you. Before you opt for that eye lift, get your brows in check first. Since I used to shape other women’s brows for a living, I’ve personally seen women walk out of a waxing appointment looking years younger for under… Read More »Brow Post Round Up!