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Neal's Yard Remedies

So, first I wanted to say HELLO!  I have not posted for over 2 weeks now and am so glad to be back.  We have been remodeling our house for the last 2 mos.-actually we added a whole room on!  Needless to say, it’s been challenging to say the least to keep my head in the game and work around the endless dirt and clutter!  It’s not completely done but we are almost there so today is the day to check in with exciting news of an organic skin care company that I’m really excited about!

Most likely, if you’re keeping up with my blog, you’re on the same journey I am.  It can be a narrow and confusing road when you are trying to rid your makeup cabinet of harsh, toxic chemicals and find alternatives that are actually going to deliver results!   I have really focused on Eminence and Juice Beauty because I feel like those lines deliver results without using harsh chemicals.  I’ve been able to control my plethora of issues using both these lines.  Now, it’s time to broaden my horizons a bit and share with you a new line that is actually near and dear to me!

I may have mentioned before that I spent my high school years in London, England.  Those were the days.  I’m from Oklahoma and while we’re growing by leaps and bounds, we are no cultural mecca!  London was a place of wonder for my 15 year old self.  One of my favorite memories was roaming around Covent Garden.  Let me paint a picture for you at the risk of really dating myself.  I had The Cranberries in my headphones and Doc Martins on my feet while exploring this eclectic area.  Covent Garden was great for people watching, shopping or having tea.  That area of London was electric to me.  Tucked in a bright row of shops was Neal’s Yard Remedies.  This shop was full of curiosities for me-a modern day apothecary, it offered beauty products that promised gorgeous skin!  As a teenager I didn’t know about “natural” beauty products so little did I know this little pleasure of a shop kept their products free of chemicals, using natural ingredients and adhering to strict standards regarding animal testing, respecting our planet and sustaining natural resources.

Neal's Yard Remedies

While searching the internet for new skin care lines to try, I ran across my blast from the past, NYR.  I started reading up on the companies philosophies and reading product ingredients.  I was so pleasantly surprised to find the relatively short list of ingredients were all recognizable to me.  This company was using essential oils as well as ingredients I am working with in my own skin care line.  I was so pumped to start ordering a few products but was discouraged by the lack of products (and discounts) on Amazon.  I ended up finding out that while Neal’s Yard is popular and easily accessible in pretty much every other part of the world, it’s a different story for the US.    I started researching how I could share these products with you so that, if you were interested, you could easily purchase them.

Here is what I’ve come up with.  In order to receive a discount on products and be able to offer the products to my readers in the US, I have signed up as a “consultant”.  I wanted to explain this because I find when people come at me with words like “pyramid scheme” and “consultant”, I almost immediately tune out.  Truly and honestly, I always want to give you all the best option when it comes to purchasing products.  Amazon is usually the best way to purchase the skin care I suggest but with NYR, the selection just wasn’t there.  So, yes, I will be making a commission on anything you purchase for the Neal Yard Remedies web site.  And no, I did not sign up as a consultant to find new ways to make more money.  I think this line is so good that it’s worth me jumping through a few hoops to bring you access to some truly amazing products.   I wanted to be upfront about that.

Neal's Yard Remedies

I have chosen a few products for upcoming product review posts and when I link to them within the post (unless I find it for less on Amazon), I will be directing you to the US Neal’s Yard Remedies site.  You can buy as usual except for accepting the terms and conditions for using the NYR site.  I’ve thoroughly read through these and rest assured, you are not signing up for anything, nor are you committed to do anything but provide the correct personal info and payment info.

So, enough about all that-Let’s talk about fun stuff!!  When I signed up I was sent almost $500 worth of products to try!  Despite all the unpleasantries that go with adding on to a home, I have been elbow deep in the most beautiful body and face products!  My bathroom and body have never smelled better!  I LOVE a product line that has amazing aromatic smells.  I used to work with AVEDA and whoa, do those products have the most amazing smells.  Unfortunately, while the AVEDA line is more natural then most, it just isn’t natural enough for me.  NYR is such a great alternative to AVEDA.  They use the most pure ingredients and as a result, their products are luxurious, effective and smell heavenly.P1130338P1130295

So far I’ve been using body lotion, hand cream, body wash, bubble bath, lip balm, a hydrating mask, rose water and beauty balm.  That’s not even 1/2 of what I have!  I’m really looking forward to using their new Frankincense anti aging line-it is getting lots of exciting buzz.

Go HERE if you would like to explore all the products Neal Yard’s Remedies has to offer.  And did I mention they have a makeup line??!!

So, stay tuned for future product reviews once I really get a feel for what you all could benefit from!  Oh, and if you are familiar with this line PLEASE comment below and let me know what you think or would like to see in future posts regarding Neal’s Yard Remedies.

xx, Jenni

Sharing is caring!

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

5 thoughts on “Neals Yard Remedies….”

  1. Welcome back! I definitely missed seeing new posts from you. I have heard of Neal’s Yard but have never tried any of their products. Like you, I used Aveda years ago until I realized they were not as natural as everyone thought they were. Looking forward to your reviews!

  2. Jenni this is wonderful! Thank you for posting and welcome back. Missed seeing your amazing posts. I’ve looked at the website and I am very impressed and excited about this line. I’m even considering becoming a consultant because I only use and love natural products. It’s so funny after using only essential oils and natural carrier oils concocting mixes from your website, my daughters father asked me if I had plastic surgery!!!!! He said my forehead had no wrinkles and looked tight. I told him what I do and he just couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe he would actually think I would go under the knife (NEVER) but that just shows how good results are using pure EO’s and natural beauty products in addition to eating healthy and staying stress free as possible. My question is though if you were to set up at an event promoting these products what type of kits are available at what type of cost to promote at a booth after you’ve used the initial kit to show samples?

  3. Looks like a great line! I have one issue – a lot of products list alcohol denat as a primary ingredient. What are your thoughts on using this in skincare? I have heard conflicting info. Thanks!!

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