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Good Being June Beauty Box-Plus a GIVEAWAY!

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good being June boxIt’s already that time again!  Good Being’s June box was filled with even more awesomeness then the May box if that’s even possible!  I’m using all 5 products on a daily basis!  Plus, each product was pretty much full sized!  Let’s dig in because I think there might be some products you’ll find beneficial.

American Botanics Super C+First off, these exfoliating face pads are an excellent way to get rid of dead skin.  These are especially great in the summer when skin damage is occurring left and right with too much sun, swimming and sweat.  These pads contain vitamin C, glycolic acid and organic aloe vera.  These pads definitely do the job-I can feel a slight sting for about 5 minutes after I’ve used one and my smooth feels smooth immediately after.  Super C+ pads can be used 1-2 times a week and are such an easy way to stay on top of dead skin.  I will be repurchasing these once I’m out.  You really have to get in the habit of exfoliating.  Too much dead skin results in dull skin, fine lines and blemishes no matter what your skin type is!  American Botanics delivers spa grade results using high-performing natural ingredients and their products are affordable!  Find Super C+ HERE.

Folium Medica CorsetI’m really loving this oil.  Lord knows I love me some oils lately and I tell you-the cleavage area is so often ignored and should be treated just as well as you treat the skin on your face.  In fact, I wrote THIS post all about cleavage care!  This oil is light and smells so fresh.  I’ve been layering it on my chest since I got it.  With all the summer time fun, replenishing your skin thoroughly is such a must.  Not to mention, self breast exams are so important and an oil like this is perfect for breast massage which in turn encourages detox and lump detection.  Find Corset Oil HERE.

LipScience Volumizer

Please excuse this odd picture of me and the lip balm!  I can’t tell if it’s genius or just plain weird!  My whole point is that the LipScience plumping gloss works.  It has a beautiful shine to it but it also actually makes your lips bigger.  It contains Tripeptide-1 which helps guard against the breakdown of collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate which help enhance penetration and efficacy, producing the appearance of long-term volume-boosting and plumping effects on the lips.  Yes.  Find your own plumper HERE.Province and Apothecary Brow SerumI don’t know what’s going on with my brows.  They just seem to be thinning out and I’m having to really work on them with my brow pencil to get them looking prominent.  I have made my own brow serum but I’m happy to give this a go.  It contains Castor Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil [infused with Coffee, Burdock Root, Calendula flower, Horsetail], Broccoli Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract + Oil.  There’s quite a few ingredients that aren’t in my homemade version so I’m excited to see some good results!  Find your brow serum HERE.Zoe Organics Insect RepellentI’m loving this insect repellent.  There is just no way I will ever use DEET so using a natural product is a must.  I saw on the news that DEET was so necessary because you don’t have to reapply it very often like you would a natural product-well shoot-I’ll reapply lovely smelling essential oils every few minutes rather then poison my system with DEET once or twice a day.  Geez.  Find this insect repellent HERE.

Good Beling June Box Giveaway

I’m giving this exact box away and all you have to do to enter is follow me on Instagram, like THIS post and tag 2 friends in the comments of the Instagram post!  I’ll be choosing a winner this weekend so enter now!  This is a great box to win!

I highly recommend this box to anyone!  What I love about Good Being is that there is no fine print.  You can buy 1 box or a year’s worth of boxes.  It’s totally up to you.  Good Being has so far chosen the most amazing natural products.  I swear I’ve become a product whore.  Sorry, not sorry.  My drawers are full of amazing products that my whole family has benefited from!  Plus, probably 95% of the products that have been sent have been a substantial size.  I’m not talking samples sizes-you get a really great amount of product.  That’s why this beauty box subscription is such a good deal.  Go HERE for a FREE extra product in your first box!

xx, Jenni

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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips worked as a licensed aesthetician for over 8 years before creating the green beauty blog, Jenni Raincloud and her natural skin care line, J. Raincloud Organics. Jennifer has been blogging full time for 9 years and loves to gain and share knowledge on how to achieve beautiful skin the natural way.

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  1. Hey, Jenni!
    I’m so bummed I missed your review of our SuperC+ Skin Perfecting tonic pads that you received in the May Goodbeing box! Thanks so much for the kind words. If it’s cool, we’re going to post about it and link to the review page. If you’d like us to use another page or if you’d like to check out any of our other products, just let me know!
    American Botanics

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